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Chapter 107-Part 1

Jiang Nian sat down in front of Xue Hang. Although Xue Hang’s mind was racing, he remained calm on the surface. He even called the waiter to order a dessert and a fruit drink for Jiang Nian. Jiang Nian, of course, appreciated the gesture, as it was a treat from her benefactor. She ate everything meticulously, savoring each bite.

Xue Hang couldn’t help but feel a headache watching her eat. Despite being wealthy and having treated people to many meals, he found it difficult to bear watching Jiang Nian eat. She had already eaten a lot earlier, and now, despite feeling obliged to eat what he had ordered, he sensed her reluctance, especially when he noticed a glimmer in her eyes. He raised his hand and tactfully said, “Aren’t girls afraid of gaining weight from eating too many sweets?”

Jiang Nian patted her stomach. “Not afraid at all. In this world, even in despair, one must eat when the opportunity arises.”

Xue Hang coughed, “You should still eat less.”

She listened to the words of her benefactor and responded, “Oh, okay.”

She put down the small spoon, finding it puzzling that her benefactor would buy her food and then ask her to eat less.

Xue Hang: “!!!”

In this world, being a good person is truly difficult. He helplessly looked at Jiang Nian, rubbed his forehead, and smiled.

Wang Jingjing, sister Chen, President Meng, and several other film investors dined together. It was a plan orchestrated by Sister Chen to give Wang Jingjing an opportunity. The industry has been unusually active lately, aiming to secure a role in director Tang Feng’s new film. Tang Feng, a renowned director, had put a lot of effort into his latest masterpiece after a four-year hiatus. The lead roles were already assigned to veteran actors with solid acting skills. However, there were still several supporting roles available. Sister Chen hoped that by associating Wang Jingjing with Tang Feng’s film, her status and popularity would rise significantly.

Unaware of Xue Hang and Jiang Nian sitting under the window in the lobby, they booked a private room for their dinner.

Wang Jingjing had put a lot of effort into securing a role in Tang Feng’s new film. She knew from her past life that Tang Feng’s film “Spy” had not only been a box office success but also won numerous awards. One of the roles even received the Best Supporting Actress award. While Wang Jingjing had gained fame, she lacked a defining work to prove her acting skills.

Participating in such gatherings inevitably led to some unspeakable situations, especially with someone like President Meng, who was known for his lecherous behavior. Wang Jingjing, having dodged a few inappropriate advances, finally found a moment of respite when she excused herself to the restroom. Disgusted but determined, she knew that once she secured a role, she wouldn’t give these men a second glance.

As Wang Jingjing touched up her makeup, she unexpectedly spotted Jiang Nian. Without any makeup, wearing a white T-shirt and shorts with her hair tied up, she looked plain, almost like roadside weeds, lacking any eye-catching features. Wang Jingjing sneered and commented, “Jiang Nian, long time no see. I wondered why I hadn’t seen you lately. It turns out you’re hiding here. You know, our past issues were already resolved. If you hadn’t posted that on Weibo and gone to the police station to change the narrative, causing trouble for the company and losing all your endorsement deals to me, which makes me have had such a hard time… By the way, Sister Chen mentioned earlier that she was worried about you, afraid you couldn’t handle it. You should give her a call; after all, you’ve worked together for many years, and the bond is still there.”

Jiang Nian glanced at her and said, “I have to hide. There are too many barking dogs on the road. What if one bites me?”

Wang Jingjing said, “Jiang Nian, why do you have to mock me like this? We all know that what you’re doing is in vain. No matter how much you stir things up, do you think anyone will believe your words? Will Ah Xu testify for you? In the end, you’ll be the one suffering!”

Jiang Nian smiled helplessly and said, “The world is already full of darkness. Sacrificing a bit for justice and truth to prevent people from being deceived by the false images you create is nothing. The world is beautiful because there are people who uphold conscience. But someone as ruthless as you wouldn’t understand.”

Wang Jingjing was left speechless, her face alternating between pale and blushing.

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