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Chapter 107-Part 2

Jiang Nian said, “Besides, I know you don’t like Sun Xu. What you like is just something you can snatch away. It satisfies your superiority complex, doesn’t it? If Sun Xu knew that you were actually using him and would readily abandon him in times of trouble, would he turn against you and help me, his former girlfriend, whom he once had affection for?”

“I don’t understand what you’re talking about.”

“To be precise, Sun Xu and I haven’t officially broken up yet. You are nothing but a third party meddling in our relationship. No, you’re not just a third party; you’re a third party trying to seduce Xue Hang.”

“…You’re just talking nonsense!” Wang Jingjing coldly snorted and turned to leave. As she reached the restroom door, she had a sudden idea and sent a text message to Sister Chen.

Just as Jiang Nian came out of the restroom and washed her hands, Sister Chen intercepted her. Wang Jingjing stood nearby, eagerly anticipating the scene. Sister Chen’s reason this time was still reasonable; she wanted to take Jiang Nian to meet several investors for “Spy.”

“Your career is nearly ruined now. This opportunity is rare. I still remember you. Why don’t you show some gratitude?”

Jiang Nian glanced at Wang Jingjing beside her and said, “Sister Chen, didn’t I refuse when you advised me to flatter President Meng last time? Didn’t you talk to President Meng? Did he blame me?”

Sister Chen looked uncomfortable at Jiang Nian’s words; recalling the events of that night made her both angry and resentful.

Jiang Nian couldn’t be bothered with them. If she had the time, she’d rather spend it with her benefactor.

Coincidentally, President Meng, who had had a few drinks, also arrived at the restroom. The various parties collided at the restroom entrance, and when President Meng saw Jiang Nian, his eyes lit up. Today, Jiang Nian was simple, clean, and unpretentious, almost like a college student. Having experienced numerous women, he liked the purity she exuded.

“Ah, it’s Jiang Nian! Come, come, why are you standing here? Let’s have a meal together. I happen to have some resources in my hands that I can recommend to you.”

He reached out to put his arm around Jiang Nian’s shoulders, but she sidestepped him, causing his face to fall. “What’s the matter? Aren’t you giving face?”

Jiang Nian said, “President Meng, don’t you know? Wang Jingjing and I have never gotten along. Where she is, I’m not, and where I am, she must not be.”

President Meng immediately smiled again. “Sister Chen, you took Jingjing back today. We’ll talk next time.”

Wang Jingjing’s face froze for a moment. Aside from her role not being confirmed, being driven away by President Meng so readily made her lose face, especially when she saw Jiang Nian’s triumphant look. Not being interested in President Meng was one thing, but President Meng not being interested in her was another.

Sister Chen was not too pleased either, but thinking about Jiang Nian facing trouble, she pressed Wang Jingjing’s arm, agreed, and said they would meet again.

Wang Jingjing, reluctantly led away by Sister Chen, heard Jiang Nian chuckle and say, “Don’t rush to leave. I haven’t finished speaking yet. I not only dislike Wang Jingjing, but I also dislike anyone associated with her. President Meng, I won’t disturb your enjoyment. Goodbye.”

Now, not only did Sister Chen and Wang Jingjing look unhappy, but even President Meng’s face turned dark. Looking at Jiang Nian’s unpleasant demeanor, he said, “Jiang Nian, don’t take advantage of my politeness. Give face when it’s given to you!”

Jiang Nian chuckled and was about to speak when Xue Hang walked over. He looked casual, with a slightly raised chin, exuding impatience. He asked Jiang Nian, “Why did it take so long? You made me wait. And who are these people…?”

Jiang Nian immediately showed loyalty. How could she let her benefactor be humiliated? “These are the troublemakers who came to bother me. I’m sorry; I’ll deal with them right away!”

Xue Hang, feeling a bit awkward, gave Jiang Nian a stern look. He wanted to save her face, but why did she make it seem like he needed her protection? His gaze finally fell on President Meng and the others, and he noticed the somewhat dazed expressions of Wang Jingjing and Sister Chen.

These two had dark hearts; unlike Jiang Nian, their hearts were filled with schemes and monetary interests.

Wang Jingjing, thinking of causing Jiang Nian lifelong pain by sending her to President Meng, and Sister Chen, thinking that she shouldn’t suffer alone and needed someone else to take the blame…

President Meng, who had initially had some anger, lost it the moment he saw Xue Hang. Nodding and bowing, he said, “So, Miss Jiang is here with Mr. Xue, and you didn’t mention it earlier… If I have the honor of having a drink with Mr. Xue, it would be the luck of my three lifetimes.”


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