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Chapter 108-Part 3

When Xue Hang saw Jiang Nian, he smiled faintly and gestured, “Come in.”

Jiang Nian’s appearance stunned Zhou Zhi, Zeng Kai, and Zhao Cheng. Despite losing money, they couldn’t help but greet Jiang Nian with curious eyes, showing a face full of interest.

Xue Hang stood up, pushed the mahjong table, and said, “You guys continue playing. Jiang Nian and I are going to have dinner.”

Zhou Zhi immediately said, “I’m also hungry. Let’s eat together!”

Zeng Kai and Zhao Cheng nodded repeatedly, expressing their desire to join the meal.

Jiang Nian secretly checked her purse, thinking that the benefactor’s friends were naturally her friends too. With the benefactor being so generous and wealthy, he probably wouldn’t let her pay the bill…

Xue Hang twitched his lips and rubbed his forehead, feeling a headache as he went to eat with a bunch of flatworms.

In fact, he rarely got close to girls like this. Since the accident in his sophomore year that gave him the ability to hear others’ thoughts, he didn’t like being close to crowds and especially disliked strangers approaching him. Among those people, at least ninety-nine out of a hundred had ulterior motives.

Initially, he was uncomfortable with this ability, even becoming irritable and quick-tempered. He no longer trusted human nature.

However, after some thought, he realized that his family background and status had originally destined him to be surrounded by countless conspiracies. With his special ability, although he saw the ugliness of human nature, he could better guard against those who harbored ill intentions toward him.

Over the years, he gradually got used to it.

But because of this, there were rarely women around him. Jiang Nian was one of the few. That’s why Zhou Zhi and the others were so surprised, bombarding Jiang Nian with questions about whether she had a boyfriend and how she knew Young Master Xue.

Xue Hang listened with a creased brow and kicked them away one by one, saying, “Alright, go away if you have nothing to do.”

Seeing Jiang Nian standing on the side, smiling slightly, made him feel that the lamp in her heart, occupied by despair, seemed to have lit up a little. Thinking about today’s news, he was happy for her but also worried.

Jiang Nian’s eyes were too direct and explicit when looking at him. Every time she glanced at him, the lamp on her head seemed to shine even brighter…

This made Xue Hang worried that Jiang Nian might see him as a lifesaver and develop feelings for him. What would he do, then?

Zhou Zhi kept asking Jiang Nian questions, not only about her boyfriend but also how she got to know Young Master Xue. Young Master Xue was not a good person. He was greedy for money and didn’t care about brotherly love, winning all their family assets, and so on.

Jiang Nian was even more delighted, taking the opportunity to defend Xue Hao: “Young Master Xue is really nice. When no one believed me, only he believed in me, spoke up for me, and helped me… You guys are fortunate but unaware of it.”

After saying that, she looked at Xue Hang with particularly bright eyes, conveying that a good person with a big thigh would never be wrong!

“…………Oh.” 🙂

Upon hearing these words, Xue Hang couldn’t help but become even more worried. Wouldn’t it be normal for her to rely on him, considering he’s the one who helped and believed in her?

Xue Hang felt that he might need to keep a distance from Jiang Nian, or else…

So, after dinner, Xue Hang specifically told Jiang Nian that helping her was just a small effort, and she shouldn’t pay too much attention to it.

He mentioned that he would be very busy in the future, and meetings might be challenging.

Regardless of any difficulties, the most important thing was to rely on herself… Before he could finish his words, he felt the lamp in Jiang Nian’s heart extinguish with a click.

Her expression seemed even more desperate than before!

Xue Hang: ……..Wait, he didn’t say anything yet???

Jiang Nian: ……..As expected, indeed, the benefactor’s big thigh is not reliable. In this despairing world, only the big gold is her true love!

Xue Hang: ……..


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