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Chapter 32: Yun Tian-Part 1

As Tang Xin walked, she found herself back at the auction venue and couldn’t help but stop.

Seeing her hesitation, Butler Su smiled and said, “Miss Tang, rest assured. To facilitate the gathering of manpower, the auction venue itself is located within the Yun family.”

“Where is your master?”

“He is recuperating in the back mountains.”

Butler Su casually pointed in a certain direction, and Tang Xin looked over. It was a bamboo forest with fresh air and an elegant environment, a good place for recuperation.

Tang Xin felt a bit relieved.

Difficulties and miscellaneous illnesses are fine, but she  afraid that Butler Su might just use this as an excuse to coax her over.

Continuing forward, not long after, a bamboo house came into view.

Butler Su asked them to wait for a moment, ascended the steps, and in front of the door, he half-bowed and respectfully informed, “Master, Miss Tang has arrived.”

Tang Xin watched Butler Su’s back and considered the possibility of a surprise attack.

Turning her head, she signaled to Yan Hao, who shook his head and formed words with his mouth silently: “Fight,” “not,” “worth,” “it,” win”,”consider,” “low.”

Can’t even win a surprise attack; what’s the use of keeping you!

Just as Tang Xin was about to glare in anger, she suddenly remembered that Yan Hao had been with her through thick and thin, facing difficulties together. In an instant, her heart softened.

Forget it… forget it…Forget it. After all, that old man is roughly three times Yan Hao’s age. It’s understandable that his strength is a bit higher.

Tang Xin comforted herself. Compared to ordinary people, her personal guards were still quite capable.

“Cough, cough—” A violent cough echoed from the bamboo house.

After a while, a gentle male voice spoke, “Please come in, Miss Tang.”

“Miss Tang, please follow me,” Butler Su turned and said,.

Tang Xin followed him into the house.

Upon entering the room, Tang Xin couldn’t help but sniff the air, recognizing that scent…

A young man in his early twenties was reclining in a lounge chair, his face gentle. He spoke softly, “My name is Yun Tian. I apologize; I should have personally greeted the pharmacist, but due to my health condition, I am unable to move freely. Please forgive my rudeness.”

Tang Xin, without any hesitation, found a chair and sat down, straightforwardly asking, “No need to apologize. Anyway, I may not be able to cure you.”

It’s not that she may not be able to cure him; she definitely won’t cure him because she doesn’t want to.

Tang Xin was not in a good mood, recalling the frustrating years when she was defenseless.

Back then, although she was skilled in medicine, her reputation wasn’t enough to qualify for federal protection, and her self-defense medicinal powder wasn’t of high grade. Many wealthy households with sick family members would learn of her existence and, without asking, would directly kidnap her to their homes.

After the kidnapping, they would swiftly apologize, saying all the right words, but how many of them truly felt guilty? The next time they needed medical treatment, they would disregard her wishes and continue to bring her to their homes.

Tang Xin always detested such behavior, even feeling that those people deserved not to be cured! Seeking medical help with such an attitude made it seem like she owed them something.

“If you do your best, that’s enough.” Yun Tian smiled and extended his left hand.

Tang Xin walked over, pulse-checked, examined Yun Tian’s complexion, and showed a thoughtful expression.

With a drawn-out tone, she said, “Oh.”

Butler Su looked hopeful, as if seeing a glimmer of hope, and eagerly asked, “How is it?”

Tang Xin looked over expressionlessly and said, “I cannot cure.”

Butler Su’s smile froze on his face. “This is urgent, Miss Tang; please don’t joke with me.”

Tang Xin shrugged. “Not joking. After checking the pulse, I confirmed that I couldn’t cure him, so I just said, ‘oh.'”

Butler Su stood silent on the side.

Tang Xin acted as if she hadn’t seen him, bluntly asking, “The examination is done. Can I leave now?”

Yun Tian smiled faintly. “I heard that the Qi family has recently upset Miss Tang?”

Tang Xin’s internal alarm bells rang loudly, but her face remained calm as she replied, “There is such a thing.”


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