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Chapter 32: Yun Tian-Part 2

“If Miss Tang can cure my illness, I can help Miss Tang get rid of things or people that make her unhappy.”

Yun Tian’s smile remained unchanged, and his tone was natural, as if chatting about the weather.

“That sounds pretty good.”

Tang Xin shrugged, showing a helpless expression.

“But I can’t cure you. Otherwise, I would ask you to help me get rid of annoying flies.”

She picked up the worn-out excuse again, putting on a serious face. “Actually, if you have carefully inquired, you should know that the formula I obtained was accidentally taken from an ancient prescription. I only know how to formulate hemostatic ointment.”

Behind her, Yan Hao couldn’t help but reveal a look of reluctance. The master was still using such a clumsy excuse.

“Or maybe Miss Tang has exceptionally good luck and can find a way to treat me in the ancient texts?”

Yun Tian couldn’t help but cough a couple of times, not showing anger. He instructed, “Butler Su, take Miss Tang to the warehouse, let her browse around, and then send her back.”

Butler Su hesitated for a moment before responding, “Yes.”

Warehouse? What warehouse?

Tang Xin couldn’t help but wonder as she followed Butler Su out of the bamboo house, making several turns and entering a small building.

Just as she entered, she was instantly surprised. Those grasses pressed down by ice—weren’t they Starry Sky Grass?

Tang Xin’s lips trembled slightly; how could this thing appear here!

Starry Sky Grass grew in extremely cold places, growing only one centimeter a year and taking ten years to mature.

Forget about the barren Huangsha Star; even on fertile planets, their quantity was extremely limited. Yet now, eight Starry Sky Grasses were neatly arranged in front of her!

Starry Sky Grass was famous not only for its long growth cycle and demanding growth environment, but more importantly, it was the main material for gene purification agents!

According to her research in her previous life, the different gene levels in humans were due to the varying amounts of impurities in gene fragments. Taking gene purification agents could wash away the impurities in gene fragments and increase gene levels.

After she created gene purification agents, she received countless praises. It was because of this that the Federation awarded her a special contribution award and started to protect her.

Unfortunately, the quantity of Starry Sky Grass was extremely limited, with at most a dozen on a planet, most of them still in a growing state. In more common situations, planets didn’t produce Starry Sky Grass at all.

As a result, the finished products of the gene purification agents she made were very few.

She didn’t like to practice martial arts, so she kept some of the gene purification agents for her friendly family and gave the rest to the Federation.

The Federation almost treated her like a goddess.

From then on, she lived a beautiful life with a strong background, arrogance, and powerful support.

Apart from the main ingredient, Starry Sky Grass, other medicinal herbs for gene purification agents were not rare.

Tang Xin calculated frantically in her mind. One Starry Sky Grass could produce two bottles of gene purification agents. With eight Starry Sky Grasses, even if she occasionally failed, she could make at least ten bottles of gene purification agent!

Tang Xin casually glanced around the room. There were many other tempting materials, but unlike Starry Sky Grass, none gave her such a strong shock.

Butler Su leisurely guided them around the room. “The Yun family has many precious medicinal herbs. If Miss Tang can cure my master, all these herbs can be gifted to you.”

Tang Xin exerted immense willpower, making an effort to restrain herself from reaching for the herbs, let alone secretly putting the saliva-inducing herbs into her spatial storage. If she were caught stealing herbs by a seventh-level martial artist and got chopped, it would be a huge loss for her.

She needed to figure out a suitable way to get those herbs. Tang Xin felt anxious.

To compromise for the herbs, go and heal Yun Tian? Tang Xin quickly dismissed this weak idea. It was too spineless.

After rejecting several ideas, Tang Xin became irritable and couldn’t help but complain to Butler Su. Why couldn’t they just seek medical help normally?

Just bring some herbs casually, and she will surely follow. There was no need to be so conflicted like now.

Forced to come here, even the most precious herbs couldn’t heal the trauma in her heart at this moment!

Yan Hao caught sight of his master desperately swallowing saliva, staring eagerly at a certain spot, finding it inexplicably amusing. He took a few quick and silent steps to stand between the master and Butler Su, preventing Butler Su from turning around and discovering his master’s thirsty gaze.

After touring the warehouse, Butler Su turned around. Tang Xin remained calm, even with an ethereal demeanor, exuding a subtle air of superiority.

“I hope Miss Tang will read more ancient texts and try to find a way to treat my master.”

If it were before, Tang Xin would have given a definitive assurance in a positive tone, then promptly forgotten about it once she returned home. However, things are different now…


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