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Chapter 33: Truth—Part 2

Qi Xing slowed down his tone. “If I truly wanted to marry her, she would have become your stepmother long ago.”

Qi Huan didn’t believe it. “You said you must buy the medicine for her. You also said you have no connection with her.”

Qi Xing sighed with a bit of helplessness and patiently explained, “The Qi family only has three Level-5 martial artists, and each one is precious. If we were to lose Xu Jiahui, do you know what would happen to the Qi family? Without sufficient martial strength, no matter how good the hemostasis powder is, I wouldn’t dare to sell it. This is similar to the anonymous pharmacist’s unwillingness to show their face.”

“After many years of operation, the Qi family has indeed established a solid foundation in the Huangsha Star, and the situation is good. But given the current situation, others may not necessarily buy hemostasis powder from us.”

“If someone now wants to target the Qi family, secretly setting obstacles, the families that used to rely on the Qi family for hemostasis powder and frequently helped the Qi family settle disputes might now choose Zhao Min’s ointment, and they might just wash their hands of us.”

“The Qi family needs to get through this difficult time on its own. At this moment, the value of our own martial strength becomes especially important. Do you understand?”

“Even if you don’t like Xu Jiahui and want her to leave, it cannot be now.”

“Well, do you not like her?”

Qi Huan cautiously confirmed.

Qi Xing was lost in thought for a moment. He suddenly remembered the time when his wife made a similar careful expression when she asked him during their engagement, “Even if my health is not good, you won’t like anyone else, right?”

How did he answer that back then?

Qi Xing looked at the face so similar to his wife’s and earnestly repeated the vows he made before: “In this lifetime, I, Qi Xing, have only one wife.”

Qi Huan breathed a sigh of relief but still felt a bit uneasy. “If I don’t buy the scar-removing ointment, will Xu Jiahui hold a grudge?”

He had to step in and clean up the mess.

Qi Xing pondered for a moment and then spoke, “I’ll go ask Yun Tian for a favor, request Master Yun Gui to intervene, and remake three boxes of scar-removing ointment to give to her. However, you are not allowed to target her again, openly or in secret.”


Since his father wouldn’t marry Xu Jiahui, he felt relieved.

Qi Huan readily agreed.

In the shadows, a figure in white tightly covered her mouth, quietly retreating into a corner. Tears streamed down her face, wetting the veil.

He had no intention of marrying her, yet he never made it clear. For the sake of using her, he maintained an ambiguous relationship with her, dragging it on for years.

If she hadn’t wanted to talk to him about Qi Huan’s matters, pouring out her grievances and accidentally hearing his true feelings, it would still be sealed within him.

For him, she had done everything. Now, her appearance was ruined, and there was no way out.

Qi Xing, you are so heartless.


Yan Hao practiced martial arts for an hour, paused for a brief rest, and wiped the sweat off his forehead with a towel. He glanced at his master, who was daydreaming on the side.

Although the person was already back home, the master’s soul seemed to still be lingering in Yun’s family’s warehouse, yearning for a room full of medicinal herbs.

“You’re back to your senses.” Yan Hao poked his master’s cheek with his index finger and quickly withdrew his hand.

Secretly rubbing his thumb and index finger, he had just touched the master’s cheek, which was soft and smooth.

Tang Xin continued half-supporting her head, looking at him, and sighed, “Why aren’t you a Level-7 martial artist?”

Yan Hao’s hand, wiping sweat, paused, and he glanced at his master and said, “I’m still young; it’s normal not to be at Level 7 yet. When have you ever seen a Level-7 martial artist under thirty?”

It hasn’t happened before; you could be the first.

Suddenly, Tang Xin grabbed Yan Hao’s hand, holding it with both hands and looking into his eyes, and sincerely said, “You have to work even harder and upgrade soon.”

If Yan Hao broke through to Level 7, he could entangle Butler Su, and she could scatter medicinal powder to repel the others. At that time, other people wouldn’t be able to stop her from taking herbs from the Yun family’s warehouse.

Teasing him again, his master was truly unable to control herself.

As a loyal guard,he couldn’t directly expose her master’s actions and could only pretend not to know.

It was just that he had a good temper, allowing her master’s teasing. If it were someone else, they would have already lost their temper.

Yan Hao’s lips curled up slightly, and he casually replied, “Okay.”

Did he agree so readily?



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