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Chapter 33: Truth—Part 3

Tang Xin rarely felt embarrassed and reluctantly released her hand.

Yesterday, she took a look at Yun’s family warehouse. There were many precious herbs, but unfortunately, there were no materials for making poison medicine. Otherwise, she would have definitely taken some casually.

Once she formulated a powder that even Level-7 martial artists couldn’t resist, she could stroll around the Huangsha Star. At that time, with her identity as a divine doctor revealed, people would come to her with money and herbs, seeking her treatment and medicine.

Unlike now, when she had someone pressuring her, she always had some reservations about her actions.

However, Tang Xin thought about it and found it reasonable.

Yun Tian had an inherent illness from birth and needed to recuperate peacefully. He would surely bring medicinal herbs to nourish his body.

As for bringing raw materials for making poison medicine? Unless he intended to try the “fight poison with poison” approach….

Yun Tian’s foundation was already weak, and if the attempt failed, he could die at any time.

Looking at Yun Tian’s appearance, Tang Xin felt that he didn’t seem like someone foolish. She estimated that there were no hidden items in the warehouse.

Because she couldn’t produce a powder that posed a threat to Level-7 martial artists, she kept bothering Yan Hao, forcing him to reach Level 7 quickly.

Tang Xin’s face burned with embarrassment, feeling somewhat uneasy. If she couldn’t defeat a Level-7, she forced Yan Hao to confront a Level-7 head-on.

Wasn’t this behavior a bit shameless?

Fortunately, Yan Hao seemed accustomed to her dominance and didn’t resent it.

Tang Xin got up and thought, “It’s useless to daydream. It’s better to change something and make more medicinal meals for him.”.

For the past half-month, Yan Hao has never complained. He finished every medicinal dish, leaving nothing behind.

Tang Xin questioned herself; if it were her, she would have gone crazy a long time ago.

If he got tired of it, didn’t want to eat, or wanted to switch to normal meals for a couple of days,he would definitely say so.

However, Yan Hao had never uttered such words.

Although he rarely spoke and seemed to lack presence, he was indeed making gradual efforts to become stronger.

For several consecutive days, Yan Hao diligently practiced martial arts. He knew well that only by becoming stronger could he protect his master.

Tang Xin, on the other hand, sometimes stared blankly, sometimes watched him practice, sometimes stared blankly again, and the cycle continued.

Suddenly, the communicator rang.

Tang Xin picked up the communicator and saw two messages.

One was a notification of funds received on the federal card, and the other was a message from Zhao Min with just a few words: “Two-thirds of the net profit from the store has been transferred. Please accept.”

“What happened?”

Yan Hao happened to be resting and walked over when he heard the sound.

Tang Xin smiled with a hint of playfulness and said, “It’s Zhao Min. He said he transferred two-thirds of the net profit from the store to me.”

That persistent guy again.

Yan Hao calmly said, “He knows the current situation.”

“Otherwise, why would he say he’s a gambler? He doesn’t have much cash on hand, but he’s willing to give me two-thirds of the net profit. Anyone would be moved.”

Tang Xin sighed, “Great wisdom appears foolish; this is true cleverness.”

Exchanging a little money for a big relationship, Zhao Min’s business acumen was farsighted.

“He is well aware that the pharmacy’s prosperity is thanks to the hemostasis ointment. If he upsets the master, the master could easily give away the formula, and his business would collapse. Although the master said not to divide the profit, just to ruin the Qi family, he voluntarily sent the money over as a goodwill gesture.”

Analyzing the situation, Yan Hao secretly despised Zhao Min’s cunning.

“He might have lied about the net profit and sent less money.” Yan Hao maliciously speculated.

Tang Xin said seriously, “If you want to save money, wouldn’t it be better not to mention this at all? He can earn more, and I won’t expose him. Since he has decided to please me, he won’t play clever tricks in the details. Besides, I just estimated, and the amount is almost the same.”

Zhao’s pharmacy sells around four hundred boxes of hemostasis ointment every day, not to mention the detoxifying medicine, and she can roughly calculate the sales revenue.

Zhao Min’s payment is even a bit more than her calculated result, probably due to the good sales of the detoxifying medicine.

Yan Hao looked up at the sky. Of course, he knew Zhao Min wouldn’t do such a foolish thing, but having this awareness didn’t prevent him from intentionally smearing Zhao Min.

As for the reason, well, Zhao Min’s inscrutable scheming made him detestable.

With money in hand and confidence in her heart, Tang Xin felt relaxed looking at the string of numbers on the federal card.

She immediately decided, “Let’s go on a shopping spree!”

Yun’s family has precious herbs, and maybe other pharmacies have some treasures too! What if they’re lucky and come across something valuable?

Isn’t it because she felt sorry for him for working so hard on consecutive days of martial arts practice?

Yan Hao’s lips curled into a faint, ambiguous smile.

Stubborn words, soft-hearted actions, and a discrepancy between words and thoughts.


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