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Chapter 64

Chen Yaoguang probably never imagined that one day, in a certain moment of inadvertence, in a completely unexpected way, he would suffer such humiliation in public.

Despite being young, he had already endured too much.

Ning Ning and He Zhizhou exchanged a glance from across the room, politely asking Young Master Chen, “Young Master Chen, do you need each of us to repeat the actions we just performed?”

Chen Yaoguang:…

Get out of here! Do you need me to repeat it again? Don’t you have it on your mind?

But he was, after all, a refined scholar. Struggling to restrain the curses choking him, he forced a smile and said, “No need.”

Then he willingly stepped aside, making way for an entrance into the room. His gaze wandered, falling upon the sheathed long swords.

Very well, these people all had swords at their waists.

So, these were the legendary swordsmen, indeed extraordinary and worthy of their reputation.

Ning Ning thanked him and walked slowly into the room filled with the scent of herbs.

There were no lights in the room, and in the misty rainy weather, it unavoidably appeared somewhat dim. The mist that entered through the broken door swirled around the incense burner; the cold air thickened, silence pervaded, and darkness quietly spread, giving rise to an unreal feeling akin to a dream.

The intricately carved wooden bed was covered in layers of deep shadows, with bamboo shadows swaying outside the window. Occasionally, a few faint rays of light seeped through the cracks, gradually illuminating the scene on the bed.

She saw a woman with a pale face.

At first, she only saw a profile from afar. In the dimly lit room, the woman’s fair skin gleamed like jade.

The darkness outlined her cloud-like, scattered long hair, the straight and delicate bridge of her nose, and her thin lips like paper. Even Ningning couldn’t help but admire the beauty.

Unfortunately, the woman’s complexion was as terrible as her husband’s, but unlike him, the young lady of the Chen family had a feverish flush on her face, as if the twilight glow had quietly stolen onto her forehead and cheeks.

Chen Lubai had told them that the young lady was named “Zhao Yunluo,” truly living up to her name.

Sensing someone entering the room, Zhao Yunluo, exhausted, opened her eyes slightly and turned her head slightly away from the pillow.

Her eyes were clouded with pain and fatigue, devoid of any vitality, as if two pure black glass beads had been casually placed on her face.

When she saw the sudden intruder, she coughed lightly, her tone devoid of any emotion. “Are you here to exorcise demons?”

Zhao Yunluo appeared gentle and polite, so He Zhizhou restrained his previous careless demeanor and smiled awkwardly. “Madam is mistaken. We’ve only heard that strange things often happen in the mansion, so we came to investigate and see if there’s anything suspicious.”

“The suspicious thing in the Chen Mansion—isn’t it me?”

She wasn’t even angry; her tone carried a hint of weariness as she lowered her long lashes. “Young Master need not conceal it; I am aware.”

“This matter is still inconclusive; we have not determined that Madam is the demon.”

Ning Ning quickly stepped forward to mediate. “But rumors are rife. If Madam wishes to clear her name, please cooperate more.”

Upon hearing this, Chen Yaoguang strode to the bedside, blocking Zhao Yunluo with his body, still impatient. “My wife is unwell today and may not be able to provide you with any clues.”

“It’s fine, husband.”

Unexpectedly, it was Zhao Yunluo herself who responded to him, barely propping herself up from the bed and sitting up against the headboard. She coughed again, the sickly flush on her cheeks becoming more pronounced. “It’s better to dispel misunderstandings sooner. If you have anything you want to know, please speak frankly.”

Zhao Yunluo’s cooperation was beyond Ning Ning’s expectations.

Beside her, Chen Lubai snorted softly and whispered to her, “This demon is pretending to be innocent again! Does she think that by pretending to be harmless, no one will suspect her?”

He Zhizhou didn’t hear this remark. He was already feeling a slight fondness for this gentle and courteous young lady. “Madam, have you ever been to the well late at night?”

“I’ve been afraid of the dark since I was young.”

Covering her chest with a slight frown, Zhao Yunluo’s tone was somewhat vague due to her weakness. “My husband knows this. I dare not sleep alone at night, so how could I, as the rumors say, go to the well alone?”

Chen Lubai snorted again. “It’s my sister-in-law who’s afraid of the dark, not you.”

He Zhizhou pondered for a moment before continuing, “Then why did Madam fall seriously ill after the Taoists performed the ritual?”

This question brought a brief silence.

Zhao Yunluo looked uncomfortable, hesitating before speaking again. “I don’t know about this either. Everything was fine after the ritual that day, but unexpectedly, I woke up in the middle of the night coughing up blood, and since then… cough! Since then, my condition has worsened, and my husband has also fallen ill with the same symptoms, his health deteriorating by the day.”

“However,” seeing the woman on the bed coughing up blood again, He Zhizhou’s tone softened. “Madam, have you noticed anything unusual around you recently? Perhaps—”

“That’s enough!”

Chen Yaoguang gently wiped away the blood from her lips, glaring at He Zhizhou with a deep voice. “My wife is seriously ill and cannot withstand such questioning. Why do you repeatedly harm her like this? What is your intention!”

“Why… why are you scolding me?”


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