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Chapter 65

He Zhizhou stiffened his neck and put on a straight face, speaking in the most righteous tone while saying the most cowardly words: “Even if I did harm your wife, you should go harm my wife too, so we can both clear our debts. There’s always a source for grievances and debts, understand?”

God damn it, there’s always a source for grievances and debts.

What kind of genius logic is this?

Chen Yaoguang was exasperated and didn’t want to have any more dealings with this person. He immediately issued an order for him to leave: “My wife is unwell; since you’ve seen her as you wish, please leave.”

He said it decisively, and the delicate woman in his arms was too fragile. Even someone as shameless as He Zhizhou couldn’t find an excuse to stay.

Amidst the silent room, a clear voice suddenly sounded from the corner.

Ning Ning took a few steps forward, a hint of a mysterious smile playing on her lips as she took out a small bottle from her bag. “After Brother He has finished asking, I still have a magical item here. Before we left the mountain, Master specially gave me this bottle of demon-repelling water, claiming that if it’s applied to the skin, it feels the same as cold water to humans, but if it touches demons or monsters, it will feel like being burned by fire, causing unbearable pain.”

Except for Pei Ji, the other two who entered the floating towers looked completely puzzled.

They had never heard of this “demon-repelling water” before. If such a treasure really existed, I’m afraid all the demon hunters in the world would rush to get it.

After all, encountering strange occurrences and simply sprinkling a bottle of it would ensure the appearance of demons and monsters.

Chen Yaoguang also looked puzzled and glanced at his wife without a word, hearing Ning Ning’s calm voice in his ear: “The demon-repelling water is very precious. I’ll put a drop on the back of the young lady’s hand to see her reaction. What do you think?”

Zhao Yunluo glanced at her husband, seeming to have made some decision, and nodded.

So Ning Ning walked forward with the bottle.

She moved quickly, the scent of medicine on her nose becoming stronger, and a few wisps of white smoke rose, covering her jet-black, long eyelashes.

Chen Yaoguang suddenly reached out his right hand and said in a deep voice, “My wife can’t have contact with outsiders. Let me handle the application of the medicine.”

Ning Ning nodded and handed him the bottle.

In the instant their hands were exchanged, perhaps obscured by the mist, their movements appeared to briefly misalign. A fraction of a second, but when Ningning let go, Chen Yaoguang hadn’t yet tightened his grip on the bottle. The small, round white bottle rolled down, and grayish-white liquid gushed out, splashing onto Chen Yaoguang’s hand.

There was a crisp sound.

The bottle containing the demon-repelling water suddenly shattered.

“Master Chen!”

Ning Ning was shocked. “Are you okay?”

“This water is only effective against demons, so it’s harmless to me.”

Chen Yaoguang calmly wiped away the water stains and looked at the mess on the ground. “I’m sorry, but it seems the demon-repelling water…”

“It’s alright. master said that this is a shortcut that is useless in cultivation. Maybe breaking it now is Heaven’s way of telling me to study diligently and stop relying on tricks.”

Ning Ning didn’t mind. She bent down to pick up the broken bottle, but another slender arm suddenly appeared in front of her.

Pei Ji had walked up silently, emotionless, as he helped her pick up the round bottle of the demon-repelling water.

The appearance of the demon-repelling water was extremely peculiar. It was originally a shallow grayish-white liquid, but it seemed to be boiling like hot water, forming one round bubble after another.

Truly a treasure of the immortal realm, completely different from the ordinary water of the mortal world.

As Ning Ning had said, even though the black-clothed youth had touched the liquid, he showed no reaction at all, as if he had only touched ordinary cold water, nothing special.

“The demon-repelling water is useless now. It seems we need to discuss our plans.”

Ning Ning glanced at Pei Ji. “Then we’ll take our leave first. Take care, both of you.”


“I’m so angry, I’m so angry!”

As they left Chen Yaoguang’s courtyard and sat down in the reception hall, Chen Lubai began to rant incessantly. “Truly worthy of being a demoness, she actually deceived my brother round and round!”

After a while, she widened his eyes and looked at Ning Ning. “Miss Ning, in my opinion, my brother must have intentionally broken your demon-repelling water—maybe he knew it was a demon long ago, but he’s been protecting her all along!”

“This is not entirely impossible!”


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