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Chapter 35-part 2

What’s even more absurd is that such a big trouble was actually provoked by her own initiative.

Xu Jiahui felt dizzy at this fact.

Lust clouds reason. It’s all because she was obsessed with Qi Xing!

“When I try to talk nicely, you refuse to listen. Only when I use violence do you obey?” Tang Xin’s expression turned stern, full of impatience.

Physically and mentally exhausted, Xu Jiahui opened her eyes with a determination to face death. Before she could even look at the mirror, she couldn’t help but cry out, “Wow—”

Betrayal by someone she loved, the threat of death, the psychological pressure of disfigurement—all these things converged, and Xu Jiahui couldn’t bear it anymore.

Tang Xin patted Xu Jiahui’s shoulder. “I know you’re very happy, crying tears of joy, but you don’t have to cry like this.”

Tears of joy? Xu Jiahui trembled her lips, shaking with anger, wanting to curse out loud.

Could anyone cry tears of joy because their face was disfigured?

One shouldn’t be shameless to this extent.

A wave of resentment surged in Xu Jiahui’s mind as she began to calculate. If she exerted all her strength to break free and recklessly rushed forward, what were the chances of killing the unnamed pharmacist?

She didn’t even want to consider the consequences of killing the unnamed pharmacist.

Killed by someone?

Xu Jiahui gave a bitter smile. Well, an eye for an eye.

Meanwhile, Tang Xin continued incessantly, “Don’t admire me too much! If too many people admire me, I’ll be annoyed. Actually, curing your face is just a trivial matter, so don’t worry too much about it.”

Curing her face?

Xu Jiahui was stunned at the words, ceasing her struggles and letting out a couple of sobs. Slowly, very slowly, she turned her head towards the mirror.

After she had recovered, she only looked in the mirror once. After that, no matter how long it had been, she couldn’t forget what she had seen in the reflection.

She remembered vividly that there were a total of thirty-three scars on her face, large and small. She even remembered the position and length of each scar.

Even in her dreams, she would repeatedly experience the act of looking in the mirror.

Xu Jiahui shifted her gaze to the mirror and was amazed to find that the scars where the unnamed pharmacist had applied the ointment had faded and shortened.

“Scar removal cream?” Xu Jiahui’s voice was hoarse, but she couldn’t hide her excitement, tears still staining her face.

“Yes, I made it myself,” Tang Xin admitted.

Scar removal cream made by the unnamed pharmacist? Xu Jiahui’s heart burned with excitement. A pharmacist capable of producing a hemostatic powder with such potent effects would surely be able to cure her face!

Moreover, she had just witnessed the effectiveness of the ointment. With just one application, the visible results were astonishing. Even the scar removal cream from the renowned Master Yun Gui might not be as effective.

“What do you want me to do? Just name it,” Xu Jiahui said eagerly, abandoning her previous lifeless demeanor.

Tang Xin flashed her usual smile.

Yan Hao couldn’t help but tremble at the sight of his master’s smile. It seemed that whenever his master smiled like that, someone would inevitably have a stroke of bad luck.

“I want Qi’s family to be unhappy,” Tang Xin said slowly.

Seeing Qi’s family unhappy made her happy.

Xu Jiahui pondered the words in her heart and couldn’t help but say, “That’s too vague. Can you be more specific?”

To please the unnamed pharmacist, Xu Jiahui hesitated for a moment and added, “The divine doctor might not know, but Qi Xing originally warned me privately that if he couldn’t catch you alive, he’d rather kill you on the spot.”

Before, she might have agonized over it. But now, she didn’t care about Qi Xing’s life or death.

“I know, I could guess that would be his attitude,” Tang Xin said indifferently, smiling playfully. “I just want to see Qi’s family in trouble. I don’t care about anything else.”

“How far do I have to go before you’ll give me the ointment?” Xu Jiahui asked anxiously.

Tang Xin waved her finger casually. “No, no, no. To be precise, it depends on your performance to determine how many boxes of ointment I’ll give you.”

After a moment’s thought, she added a hint: “If you want the scars on your face to heal, three boxes of scar removal cream are enough. If you beat up Qi Huan, inflict serious injuries, and make him bedridden for ten days or half a month, I’ll give you one box.”

Just one box? Wasn’t it supposed to cure her?




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