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Chapter 35-part 3

Xu Jiahui felt a bit overwhelmed. If she really beat up Qi Huan, there would be no chance for another attempt.

This meant that if she wanted enough ointment, she had to plan carefully and make a big move all at once.

But, come to think of it, wasn’t this a good thing?

Qi Xing promised to help her cure her face, so she might as well use the entire Qi family to help her.

Seizing this opportunity, delivering a heavy blow to Qi Xing that he would never forget, and earning enough ointment for herself to break away from the Qi family forever.

As for Qi Xing’s possible retaliation afterward, Xu Jiahui’s face twisted into a sinister smile. She would plan an action big enough to bring down the Qi family, leaving Qi Xing unable to turn the tables.

Since Qi Xing refused to love her, she would use all her strength to hate him.

Anyway, he would remember her for a lifetime.

“I promise,” Xu Jiahui said, looking deeply at the woman in front of her. “I just hope you won’t go back on your word.”

Tang Xin raised an eyebrow and threw the box of scar removal cream to Xu Jiahui. “I’ve always been true to my word, but I doubt you’ll believe me. Consider this box as a deposit; it’s free for you.”

Xu Jiahui took the box. “Aren’t you afraid I’ll take it and do nothing?”

Tang Xin laughed, seeming to find the statement very amusing, and said meaningfully, “Once you see the healed part of your face in the mirror after using the ointment, you won’t be able to stop.”

Xu Jiahui wanted to argue, but she just smiled bitterly and said nothing.

She knew what the other person said was true.

Xu Jiahui held the ointment in her hands and left happily.

Yan Hao sighed lightly as he watched her figure walk away.

At the beginning of the fight, Xu Jiahui wanted to persuade him to turn against his master. But after chatting with his master for a while, she ended up persuading herself.

Was it Xu Jiahui’s lack of determination, or was his master’s persuasive power too strong?

Meanwhile, Tang Xin looked at Yan Hao with a “young man, you have a bright future; I believe in you” expression, patting his shoulder and praising, “Well done.”

Yan Hao felt a little uneasy about the praise.

He only used force to intimidate the opponent, but his master corrupted the opponent mentally and successfully made Xu Jiahui turn against them.

“I didn’t expect you to give her scar removal cream,” he said. Initially, he thought his master would poison Xu Jiahui for easier control.

Tang Xin smiled proudly. “Because I didn’t know if what she said was true or not. What if she admired Qi Xing wholeheartedly and, because her face was ruined, developed suicidal thoughts? What if she would rather die than see the Qi family in danger? In such a case, it would be easy for her and Qi Xing to join forces against us.”

“But giving her scar removal cream is different. Knowing that her face can be restored, she will inevitably have more thoughts for her own benefit. Even if she hasn’t completely broken ties with Qi Xing, the likelihood of her being swayed by the scar removal cream is high.”

“Everything is calculated perfectly; it’s just the way I am,” Tang Xin concluded.

Yan Hao smiled knowingly.

“Then, as the all-knowing and all-powerful master, could you please tell me where the skewers you bought are?”

Tang Xin’s smile froze, and her face fell.

She had heard from the stall owner that Yan Hao met with a woman in white and thought he was up to something behind her back, which made her angry.

In order to teach the two a lesson with the powdered medicine, she needed to free up her hands.

Reluctant to waste the delicious skewers and drinks, she ate all the skewers and drank all the drinks by herself, and then casually joined the fray.

…Why did it sound a bit like being well-fed and idle, finding someone to fight for no reason?

Tang Xin was baffled.

Seeing the master huffing and puffing for a while without being able to speak, Yan Hao found it amusing.

He said seriously, “Since the master was busy rushing over to save me and didn’t have time to buy skewers, let’s go buy them together.”

Tang Xin’s eyes lit up, finding this excuse brilliant.

She pretended and said, “That’s right, I was very worried about you. How could I have the mood to buy food?”

With that, she took the lead and walked ahead, thinking to herself, This person is simply the best bodyguard of the century! If there’s a chance to meet him again, she must find a way to keep him by her side. It would be too unfair to herself otherwise.




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