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Chapter 47-Part 3

“Do high school students need beauty sleep?” Ji Ran laughed.

Shen Zhi paused, then simply sat down on the sofa next to her. When he sat down, the sofa visibly sank, causing Ji Ran’s body to sway.

He turned to look at her, somewhat helplessly saying, “Then what do you want to do?”

The girl’s eyes shifted slightly; her curled, long eyelashes pressed densely against her eyelids, fluttering back and forth like little fans. Finally, she whispered, “How about we do homework? I haven’t finished my weekend assignments yet.”

Shen Zhi: “…”

In the end, the two of them sat cross-legged on the living room carpet, side by side at the coffee table, with several assignments spread out in a row.

Ji Ran turned to look at his paper and found that he hadn’t done much yet, which relieved her. “I’m definitely going to finish before you,” she sighed in relief.

“How about we make a bet?” The girl lifted her chin slightly, revealing a slender and white neck.

Under the light, it glowed faintly, faintly enticing his gaze.

Shen Zhi looked at her and took a deep breath.

Very good….on a Friday night, he was sitting next to the girl he liked, and then they did homework together. If this got out, it would probably move all the teachers at 4th Middle School to tears.

The premise was that the teachers would believe they were actually doing homework.

But regardless of whether others believed it or not, Shen Zhi did. Because as soon as the girl next to him finished speaking, she took a pen and started writing on her paper.

What else could Shen Zhi do but join her?

Fortunately, they were both the kind of people who could focus on their own tasks. Once they agreed to do homework together, they really did it together.

Ji Ran’s mood wasn’t as chaotic as before at this moment.

Instead, the more she wrote, the more relaxed she felt—so relaxed that she couldn’t help but start doodling on the paper.

It must be said that Pei Yuan’s training for her was truly comprehensive; she had even learned drawing. Later, during university, she briefly dabbled in manga to relax.

She had a Japanese classmate in America whose biggest dream was to become a manga artist.

But Ji Ran found it strange. She thought the best manga in the world was in Japan, so she didn’t understand why this classmate had crossed the ocean to come to America.

As she was lost in thought, the tip of the pen had already begun to sketch on the paper.

Soon, a chibi character appeared vividly on the paper.

Ji Ran looked at the chibi character and couldn’t help but smile.

It was only when Shen Zhi heard her laughter that he turned to look. With one glance, he saw the chibi character she had drawn on the paper, which was quite cute.

Until Ji Ran’s gaze met his, she blinked and said softly, “Does it look like you?”

Shen Zhi looked carefully for a while and then sighed. “Are you sure it’s me?”

“Not at all?”

Ji Ran felt like she had captured his essence, so she brought the paper between them and pointed to the little figure drawn on it with the cap of her pen. “Look at the eyes; don’t they resemble the way you squint when you’re angry, and also the mouth…”

The girl spoke particularly earnestly, and Shen Zhi looked down at her slightly moving pink lips.

Ji Ran’s lips were particularly beautiful—the kind that had a slightly raised upper lip peak, soft and plump—probably what people called cupid’s bow lips. At this moment, because she had just finished drinking water, her lips were moist, radiating a soft pink color.

Especially pretty.

Suddenly, there was a gust of wind outside the window, the kind that brushed against the glass, accompanied by a sharp whistling sound.

Shen Zhi suddenly suppressed the thoughts in his heart.

She had followed him back with such trust; he couldn’t betray that trust.

At this moment, Shen Zhi felt like he was probably a saint reincarnated, able to resist the urge to kiss her even in such a moment.

But he just wanted to hear her laugh happily and to see her relaxed and carefree.

Even doing nothing was the greatest happiness for him.

Because the person he liked was right by his side.

Ji Ran didn’t know when she fell asleep, but when she woke up, it was already dawn outside. She turned her head and glanced at the particularly unfamiliar bedroom.

Clearly, it was a man’s room, with the whole room decorated in black, white, and gray tones.

There wasn’t much of that lightness typical of a teenage boy’s room; it was particularly austere.

For a moment, Ji Ran finally connected the current Shen Zhi with the aloof man from ten years later. At least the decoration style of this room was similar to what Shen Zhi would like in ten years.

She lay in bed without immediately getting up, just looking out the window. Although the curtains were thick, a few strands of morning light still seeped in.

They had actually finished all their homework before going to bed last night.

Two people, a boy and a girl, sitting together, actually doing homework—it was hard to believe anyone would buy that.

Shen Zhi let her fool around, watching her draw all sorts of chaotic chibi characters and patiently listening to her chatter. In fact, she had noticed the fleeting impulse in his eyes.

But in the end, he chose to quietly listen to her.

At that moment, Ji Ran understood that if there was someone in this world worth her eternal trust, it must be him.

When she came out of the bedroom bathroom after washing up, she happened to run into Shen Zhi coming back from outside. She looked at him, feeling a little strange. “You’re leaving so early?”

“Because I thought someone would be awake and would want breakfast.” Shen Zhi lifted the bag in his hand.

At that time, the takeaway industry wasn’t as developed as it would be in the future.

So Shen Zhi went out to buy breakfast himself.

Apart from occasionally boiling hot water, his kitchen was practically useless. Fortunately, the takeaway he brought back came with all the utensils they needed.

So the two of them sat down at the table.

Ji Ran reached out to help unpack the food and said as she did, “It’s still inconvenient now; you even have to go out to buy takeout.”

“So how can it be convenient? Call and order?” Shen Zhi asked.

Some restaurants now offer phone orders.


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