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Chapter 109-Part 2

Jiang Nian said, “I don’t have any demands. I just want an explanation and an apology from Wang Jingjing. Not only did she snatch my boyfriend, but she also deliberately tried to ruin me. Now that everything has been exposed, she’s facing the consequences of her own actions. Although she will be punished, I can’t just let go of the suffering I endured because of her. I want an explanation and an apology.”

Sister Chen replied, “An apology is necessary. Wang Jingjing and Sun Xu are both in the company now. I’ll immediately arrange for them to come and apologize to you in person!”

Jiang Nian shook her head and said, “Don’t bother. I can already imagine how insincere they’ll be in person. Just let them apologize on Weibo. Didn’t Wang Jingjing post a forgiving message to me before? She was so emotional and pleading for forgiveness. I believe she can still plead for my forgiveness just as passionately.”

Sister Chen was in a dilemma. Apologizing privately was one thing; they could even kneel down if necessary. But once they publicly apologized, it would almost be an admission of guilt. That would only escalate the situation, and it would be difficult for Wang Jingjing to quietly exit the industry while public attention was still high. Of course, Sister Chen’s concern wasn’t whether Wang Jingjing could continue her career or not, but if she couldn’t, it would mean a significant loss of income for her.

Jiang Nian said, “Let me see Wang Jingjing’s Weibo first before we talk again.”

She hung up the phone abruptly, ignoring Sister Chen’s thoughts.

Jiang Nian was determined not to let Wang Jingjing recover. Even if she could win the lawsuit eventually, it would take too long. By then, the public interest would have waned, and she didn’t have time to waste on Wang Jingjing. She would not procrastinate. As for Sun Xu, perhaps he didn’t know the full extent of Wang Jingjing’s actions, but his attitude before and after the incident was disgusting. He shared some responsibility for the harm inflicted on the original owner in her past life.

Jiang Nian didn’t want Sun Xu to take it easy. Nowadays, the public’s tolerance for cheating men is quite high. If Sun Xu’s reputation took a hit and his popularity plummeted, he could still make a comeback after some time. Who would remember that Sun Xu was a scumbag?

However, Wang Jingjing was selfish and opportunistic. Her attempts to flirt with Xue Hang several times showed that she was not a virtuous woman. Sun Xu couldn’t satisfy her, and now, to protect herself, who knew if she would drag Sun Xu down with her? Jiang Nian was waiting for this pair of despicable individuals to turn against each other.

As expected, Sister Chen had a solution. In less than two days, Wang Jingjing’s apology video was posted on Weibo. She was dressed in black, appearing even more fragile, and crying with tearful eyes. She said she was young and naive and didn’t intend to harm Jiang Nian intentionally, but things got out of hand, and she couldn’t control it anymore. She hoped Jiang Nian could forgive her momentary foolishness and give her a chance to repent.

Not a word was mentioned about Sun Xu.

Jiang Nian smiled but didn’t respond. She noticed many comments criticizing Wang Jingjing, saying she was manipulative. They pointed out that she was playing the victim again, just like before when she garnered sympathy to attack Jiang Nian. Now, she was attributing her mistakes to her young age, which was quite cunning.

After Wang Jingjing posted the video, Sister Chen immediately called Jiang Nian. Jiang Nian answered, saying, “Is this your sincerity? I didn’t see it.”

Before Sister Chen could explain, Jiang Nian hung up the phone directly.

In any case, Jiang Nian wouldn’t renew her contract with New Star Entertainment. She was considering Universal Entertainment, as their conditions were suitable. She didn’t expect to return to the entertainment industry after such a long time. She used to be a renowned director. Many top celebrities would send her gifts just to be cast in her films. Unfortunately, her glory days were gone, leaving her feeling hopeless.

While Jiang Nian was busy negotiating with Universal Entertainment, she received a rare phone call from Xue Hang. She was genuinely surprised because he had politely declined her advances last time. Jiang Nian respected her benefactor’s decision, so she reluctantly let go of the opportunity. Why was he calling her now?



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