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Chapter 109-Part 1

After finishing the meal, Xue Hang felt a headache coming on.

Not for anything else, just because Jiang Nian looked at him with a pitiful and disappointed gaze. Although she seemed quite sad, her heart was in turmoil. However, she didn’t say anything to him, accepting her fate with a sense of grievance, turning her sorrow into appetite, and quietly eating two bowls of rice!

And in her mind, she had already listed the benefits of the big golden (referring to gold) one by one. It was dazzling and shiny, could be exchanged for money when poor, used as jewelry when wealthy, and could even be molded into beads to playfully tell others that she was a wealthy person, attracting countless envious glances… Anyway, as far as Jiang Nian was concerned, the big golden was the most reliable thing in the world!

The more she thought about it, the more spirited she became. Even if she was full of despair, she still said seriously to him, “Kind sir, you’re right. I will stand up on my own!”

Xue Hang: “…………”

Of course, this was the best outcome, but why did he feel something was off?

He just didn’t want to give Jiang Nian unwarranted hope, and he didn’t want her to plunge into another extreme! What Xue Hang cared more about was that after Jiang Nian seemed to see a glimmer of hope with him, she fell into deep despair again because of his rejection, and she shifted her affections, thinking that the big golden was the best.

Although Xue Hang didn’t really believe in true love in this world, he believed that there must be genuine feelings somewhere.

Xue Hang felt a bit sorry. Perhaps he should have waited for some time before telling Jiang Nian about this, at least until her situation stabilized. This way, her heart might have felt better. However, it was too late for regrets now.

In the following days, Xue Hang learned that although there were many news articles about Jiang Nian online, the tone was no longer as overwhelmingly negative as before. Instead, there was more sympathy. On the other hand, Sun Xu and Wang Jingjing were not doing well. They were now facing the backlash that Jiang Nian had experienced initially. This situation was, of course, good. Jiang Nian no longer needed to hide, and she wouldn’t be misunderstood by the public anymore. She could continue working in the entertainment industry.

The drama crew of “Love in the City” went through ups and downs. Just half a month after the start of filming, the lead actress physically assaulted the supporting actress, causing a stir online. Countless netizens flooded the official Weibo accounts of “Love in the City,” the screenwriter, producers, directors, main cast, and supporting cast, jointly boycotting Jiang Nian. They stated that they wouldn’t accept a TV drama featuring someone with Jiang Nian’s questionable character. Under public pressure, they had to replace Jiang Nian with Wang Jingjing as the lead actress.

However, Wang Jingjing got injured and needed time to recover. The entire crew of “Love in the City” waited for her. Unexpectedly, before her return, both Wang Jingjing and Sun Xu were involved in a scandal. The victims became the offenders, and once again, numerous netizens rallied against them. This time, it turned into a boycott against Wang Jingjing!

This infuriated the director and producers of “Love in the City.” Privately, they held a meeting to discuss whether to bring Jiang Nian back. After all, it was just a misunderstanding.

Meanwhile, New Star Entertainment was also frustrated. Due to the previous incident involving Jiang Nian, who was the main target of the online boycott, would she be welcomed into the company?

To make their position clear, they had already issued a statement stating that they had terminated their contract with Jiang Nian. Even though it was only the third year of the five-year management contract, they had terminated it. In contrast, they signed a special management contract with Wang Jingjing.

Now, Wang Jingjing was in trouble, and Sun Xu was implicated as well. Endorsement brands and scriptwriters were demanding contract cancellations and compensation for breaches of contract.

Jiang Nian, who had been abandoned by them, unexpectedly turned the tables and became the biggest winner!

“Where’s Sister Chen? She was the one who had been guiding Jiang Nian before and knew her better. Let her contact Jiang Nian, see if Jiang Nian is willing to come back, and inquire if she has any demands. If she agrees, try to fulfill them as much as possible.”

When Sister Chen received the order, she was quite reluctant and felt very aggrieved. The only consolation was that she was smart. Despite the friction with Jiang Nian, she hadn’t openly torn her face with her. Now, she had to go find Jiang Nian, pretend as if nothing had happened before, and see if she could mend things.

Sister Chen found out that Jiang Nian was staying at a hotel, but she didn’t know the room number. She tried calling Jiang Nian, and, unexpectedly, the previously unreachable phone finally connected at this moment!

Jiang Nian’s voice came through the phone: “Sister Chen, do you need something?”

Sister Chen adjusted her mood, smiled, and said, “Jiang Nian, it turns out it was just a misunderstanding before. We misunderstood you. We’re sorry about that. The company asked me to find you, hoping to continue our previous cooperation. If you have any requirements, feel free to mention them.”

Since the scandal involving Wang Jingjing and Sun Xu erupted, Jiang Nian, who was wrongly accused, couldn’t receive any invitations from management companies.

But now, she hadn’t accepted any, and she was waiting for New Star Entertainment to come knocking again. Jiang Nian knew that Wang Jingjing, riding on the momentum of trampling on her, signed a five-year management contract with New Star Entertainment. And to compensate the injured Wang Jingjing, they naturally gave her a lot of preferential treatment. Now that Wang Jingjing had completely failed and implicated Sun Xu as well, causing significant losses to New Star Entertainment, they naturally wouldn’t be willing to let go so easily.

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