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Chapter 229: The Male Lead Raises a Cat (46)

In the evening, as usual, she slept with the cat litter officer. Before going to bed, she played with the cat teaser for a while.

Of course, Jiang Yiran teased her for a while at first, until she was almost about to get angry, and then let her claws hook onto the cat teaser.

Shen Mubai held the cat teaser in her mouth, rolled to the side, and happily started playing, completely forgetting about her cat litter officer.

When she remembered, it was five minutes later. She looked at the clearly unhappy cat litter officer, feeling a bit uneasy. The whole cat was at a loss, stiffening in place and staring at each other for a while. She was the first to surrender, tilting her head and trying to act cute. “Meow~”

Innocent expression, innocent eyes.

Unfortunately, it had no effect. The other party sat there, his gaze fixed on her, showing no emotion on his face.

Shen Mubai was frightened and walked up to the cat litter officer obediently with the beige cat teasing stick in her mouth, then put it in his hand and licked the skin flatteringly. “Meow~” Here you go.

Jiang Yiran ignored the cat-teasing stick and picked her up directly. He stared at her for a moment, with a hint of ambiguity in his tone, saying, “Is that how much you like it? So much that you can forget even me?”

Shen Mubai felt guilty. It’s not like she really liked it, just a little less than she liked him… um… just a little bit.

The cat litter officer was in a bad mood. She still tried to please him by rubbing against his hand, then acting coquettishly.

Her wet eyes stared at the other, looking pitiful.

Jiang Yiran rubbed her head with an inexplicable tone, “I want to rub the belly.”

The plain words sounded as simple as saying we had dinner today, but Shen Mubai widened her eyes, staring blankly at the other.

Jiang Yiran lowered her eyelids slightly. “Is it not allowed?”

Although the beautiful youth under the light was covered in a soft glow, there was no extra expression on his fair face. A faint shadow under his eyelids added a touch of inexplicable melancholy to the whole person.

Shen Mubai softened. Though exposing her belly was embarrassing, for the sake of pleasing her cat litter officer, she could accept it.

So she gritted her teeth and decided to temporarily abandon her dignity, lying on the bed and revealing her soft, white, and tender belly.

Jiang Yiran’s gaze fell on the cat’s soft belly. He slightly curved his lips, then extended his slender, fair hand to gently stroke them. “Hmm, very soft.”

His tone was flat, as if stating a fact. But to Shen Mubai’s ears, it only added to her embarrassment, making her emit a soft meow.

Fortunately, Jiang Yiran didn’t embarrass her too much, just rubbing for a while before retracting his hand.

Shen Mubai quickly turned over, feeling relieved when she noticed the other’s obvious delight.

So, don’t guess the mood of the cat litter officer. No matter how much you guess, you won’t know why he suddenly got angry.

As usual, he gave a goodnight kiss, and Shen Mubai responded by licking the other’s chin and saying, “Meow~” Goodnight, goodnight, cat litter officer.

Lying in the other’s arms and smelling that refreshing scent, Shen Mubai fell asleep peacefully.

The warm feeling was just right for comfort in the early morning. She turned over drowsily and buried herself back in the cat litter officer’s embrace.


Shen Mubai slowly opened her eyes, realizing something was off with the touch. What met her eyes was the sturdy chest of the other.


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