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Chapter 233: The Male Lead Raises a Cat (50)

Jiang Yiran looked at her with deep eyes and said, “There’s one more thing.” As soon as he finished speaking, with no discernible emotion on his face, he said to the nearby shop assistant, “Please select a set of comfortable underwear for her. Thank you.”

The shop assistant was slightly taken aback, then smiled and asked, “Sure, what size does the young lady wear?”

After mumbling a size, Shen Mubai turned as red as a lobster, feeling so ashamed she wished she could crawl into a hole. Why did she forget about this?

After the shop assistant left, she felt the atmosphere become tense, unable to help but stare at her toes, silently counting in her mind.

A large hand covered her soft hair, gently rubbing it as Jiang Yiran whispered, “I’m here.”

His cool, magnetic voice carried a hint of affectionate indulgence.

Shen Mubai’s ears turned red, as if she could drip blood. She thought this might be the most embarrassing moment of her life.

When she came out, Shen Mubai felt the atmosphere was strange. She looked down at her dress, then stared blankly at the male lead and asked, “…Is it ugly?”

Jiang Yiran’s eyes flickered slightly. “It’s very beautiful.”

The shop assistant, with an admiring gaze, smiled and said, “It’s very pretty. You’re already good-looking, and with these clothes, even more so.”

Her words were sincere. The girl had fair skin and chubby cheeks like a baby’s, but her bright black and white eyes were undeniably cute. It reminded her of her own little kitten at home, making her heart melt.

Shen Mubai twirled in front of the mirror. The sky blue floral dress had a youthful vibe, especially paired with her smooth black hair. It suited her well.

In the end, Jiang Yiran helped pick out several sets of clothes and a few pairs of shoes.

She casually glanced at the price tags and was surprised. After hesitating, she pulled the male lead aside. “It seems a bit expensive… and I don’t need to buy so much…” she thought. This could buy many meals of crayfish.

Jiang Yiran calmly patted her head and nodded. “The fabric is comfortable.”

Shen Mubai wasn’t mainly concerned about the cost; she didn’t know when she might turn back into a cat. But seeing the expression on his face, she swallowed her words.

In addition to clothes, Jiang Yiran also helped her purchase some daily necessities before returning to the residence.

It was nearing noon, and Jiang Yiran was preparing lunch in the kitchen. Shen Mubai, who wanted to help, was pushed out by him and could only lie on the sofa, waiting for food.

She comfortably snuggled into the sofa, feeling delighted at being taken care of by her “cat owner.”

For lunch, they had shredded potatoes in sour and spicy sauce, Kung Pao chicken, and fish soup. Shen Mubai held a bowl of rice, looking blissful as she ate.

Just as the atmosphere was pleasant, the doorbell rang.


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