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Chapter 234: The Male Lead Raises a Cat (51)

Jiang Yiran stood up and said to her, “I’ll go see.”

Shen Mubai, however, was very curious. During her time at the male lead’s house, besides the maid who came for regular cleaning and the delivery boy who brought fresh ingredients every day, hardly anyone else would come.

Outside the door, Xu Qinglu took a deep breath after ringing the doorbell. She was both nervous and excited as she waited. When the door was opened from the inside, she revealed a sweet smile. “Classmate Jiang Yiran.”

Maintaining her usual cold demeanor, the visitor showed no surprise in her eyes and simply asked, “What’s the matter?”

Xu Qinglu had dressed up before coming, even applying some light makeup. Knowing her own advantages, she didn’t show any signs of losing composure in the face of the unchanged attitude from the other side. Instead, she expressed a perfectly timed concern as she looked at the boy she had admired for so long. “I heard you took sick leave from school. Is it serious?”

She felt a little embarrassed and tucked a stray hair behind her ear. “The teacher and classmates are worried about you. Since I’m closer to you, I came to check on you.”

Jiang Yiran replied calmly, “Just a slight cold.”

Seeing that he didn’t invite her in to sit, Xu Qinglu couldn’t help but glance inside. What she saw stunned her.

A beautiful girl in a sky blue dress was also looking this way. When their eyes met, a tall figure suddenly blocked her view. “Do you have any other business?”

Seeing Jiang Yiran suddenly become much colder, Xu Qinglu felt both aggrieved and resentful. She didn’t know who the girl was, but she had discovered from snooping on records before that he was an only child. The appearance of this girl at Jiang Yiran’s house couldn’t be easily dismissed as a relative or anything, especially considering Jiang Yiran’s unusually caring attitude towards her.

Biting her lip with a slightly hurt expression in her eyes, Xu Qinglu forced a smile. “Is that classmate Jiang’s relative? She looks really cute.”

She still held on to a bit of hope and expectation.

Jiang Yiran didn’t respond to her words, simply saying, “Classmate Xu.”

That gaze, as if seeing through her innermost thoughts, made Xu Qinglu feel extremely embarrassed and awkward. But she couldn’t show it, so she maintained her smile and said, “Since classmate Jiang seems to be fine, I’ll go back first. See you tomorrow.”

As she turned away, the pleasant expression on her face completely crumbled, leaving only a twisted look.

In the living room, Shen Mubai wasn’t interested in their conversation because she knew that no matter how others approached the male lead, they would only hit a wall.

As expected, not even two minutes later, Jiang Yiran had closed the door and returned.

Shen Mubai happily picked up a piece of fish and brought it to her mouth. With her eyes squinted in contentment, she thought, It’s better to be oneself after all, with no reservations about what to eat.

In the afternoon, Jiang Yiran went to class. Before leaving, he left a series of instructions, such as not allowing binge eating, not sneaking out, not eating too much cold food, and not opening the door for strangers no matter what they said.



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