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Chapter 237: The Male Lead Raises a Cat (54)

When Shen Mubai woke up in the morning, she found herself nestled in the arms of her cat owner. Seizing the opportunity while he was still asleep, she nervously slipped out of his embrace. Then she quickly turned over and pretended to be asleep.

After she went through this series of motions, Jiang Yiran, who had been asleep, opened his eyes, which were clear and carried a faint, almost imperceptible smile.

Shen Mubai, feigning sleep, was oblivious to this. It wasn’t until more than two minutes later, after the rustling sound of the cat owner getting up to change clothes ceased, that she slowly opened her eyes, stretched lazily, and turned over.

“Good morning…cat lit…,”.

Shen Mubai, who almost spilled the beans, quickly stopped.

Jiang Yiran raised an eyebrow slightly but didn’t say anything. Instead, he said to the girl on the bed, “Get up and brush your teeth.”

During breakfast, Shen Mubai glanced over at the person opposite her again and again.

Jiang Yiran naturally noticed her sneaky glances but remained calm, eating his meal with a composed demeanor, his movements unhurried.

Finally, it was Shen Mubai who spoke first. “You don’t have classes tomorrow, do you?”

Jiang Yiran lifted his eyelids slightly and gave a faint “Mm.”

Shen Mubai’s eyes lit up, and she looked at him with eager anticipation. “Shall we go eat crayfish tomorrow?”

Jiang Yiran set down his utensils, wiped his lips gracefully with a napkin, and replied, “Okay.”

Shen Mubai nervously stared at him, her mind full of thoughts about crayfish. She was practically drooling but was unsure if the cat owner would refuse.

Just when she was feeling a little dejected, a cold, indifferent voice came from across the table: “Sure.”

Shen Mubai suddenly lifted her head, foolishly revealing a smile. In her heart, she thought, “The cat litter officer is so good to me.”

Sunday soon arrived, and Jiang Yiran took his transformed cat to eat crayfish.

To be precise, he peeled the crayfish while Shen Mubai was in charge of eating.

The couple at the next table had a quarrel because of this. The woman said, “Look at other people’s boyfriends peeling crayfish for their girlfriends. What about you? You’re always playing with your phone. Do you even care about me anymore?”

The man quickly put down his phone, peeled a crayfish, and handed it to her, saying, “Darling, have some crayfish.”

The woman retorted, “Eat it yourself. You’re not handsome, nor are you considerate. What use are you?”

The man glanced discontentedly at the table the woman had been staring at, feeling indignant.

Okay, maybe he wasn’t as handsome as the other guy, but she wasn’t as pretty as the other guy’s girlfriend either. However, he dared not say this out loud and could only silently grumble in his heart.

As for the two people who were the subject of their dispute, one peeled crayfish with a calm expression, neither fast nor slow, unexpectedly keeping pace with the girl across from him in eating crayfish. The other happily ate crayfish, paying no attention to the dispute at the next table. After all, being misunderstood wasn’t a rare occurrence for them.

The spicy crayfish at this restaurant was authentic, and despite her mouth being on fire, Shen Mubai couldn’t stop eating.

Perhaps because she was in human form, Jiang Yiran didn’t restrict her too much. Instead, he pushed a cup of ice water toward her. “Have some water,” he said.

Shen Mubai took a sip of the ice water and realized that the male lead hadn’t eaten any. Feeling somewhat embarrassed, she peeled a crayfish herself and handed it to him. “You should eat too,” she said.

Jiang Yiran’s gaze fell on her hand. Instead of reaching out to take it, he lowered his head slightly and bit into the crayfish.



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