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Chapter 71

The little sprouts all exclaimed in unison.

With Zheng Weiqi’s strength in the Nascent Soul stage, she naturally couldn’t exert herself as much as usual when practicing swordsmanship. With the word “dance” added to “sword dance,” it naturally brought a sense of performative entertainment.

They saw the long sword drawn, cutting off a continuous strand of sunlight. As the sword style began, a swift wind appeared, and amidst the fluttering white shirt, the sword shadow depicted an elegant white light in the sky like a swimming dragon.

Zheng Weiqi deliberately restrained most of her strength. Compared to the expected sharpness of the sword style, there was more of a casual and unrestrained freedom. Coupled with her extremely light and fast footwork, ordinary people could only see the continuous flashing of the sword light, unable to discern her movements.

Several clusters of willow catkins floated by on the street, their pale shadows almost merging with the air. Amidst the ethereal and unpredictable, they were accurately and effortlessly cut straight by the sword with a burst of spiritual energy, breaking into tiny white tufts resembling dandelion seeds.

After Zheng Weiqi finished her sword dance and sheathed her sword, she lifted her lips confidently and smiled, “How was that?”

“I know!”

A child raised his hand, his eyes shining brightly, and said, “Sister is imitating poking a hedgehog in the melon patch! Up and down, poking away, just like that!”

A little girl next to him immediately retorted, “No way! Clearly, it’s a monkey climbing a mountain!”

Zheng Weiqi:…

Zheng Weiqi silently took a step back, expressionless, just wanting to bash her head against tofu and die.

Zheng Weiqi’s sword dance ended not very peacefully. When she finished her performance, the gazes of a group of children all converged on Ning Ning.

Regardless of age or gender, everyone is fond of beautiful people and things. Ning Ning’s appearance was particularly outstanding in Goose City, immediately attracting the attention of the children.

She felt a bit nervous being looked at like that, thinking that there were no pianos or violins here; singing and dancing were really embarrassing, and if she danced with a sword like a normal swordsman, she probably wouldn’t escape the same fate as Zheng Weiqi.

She had already prepared her lines for after they finished watching: “Wow! Why is there a snake twitching and convulsing!”

Or maybe: “Wow! A bedsheet floating in the wind!”

Let her off.

The eyes of those children were full of envy as they looked at her. Ning Ning felt embarrassed to refuse, so after a moment of contemplation, she finally had a bright idea and smiled, “Sister will perform a special skill for you all!”

Led by Chen Yueming, the little sprouts all stared expectantly with widened eyes.

Then they saw that very beautiful sister draw a long sword from her waist and point the tip of the sword towards herself.

Ning Ning remained calm and even smiled at them. “Watch closely now!”

Without any guard, without any concern, she appeared in the world of these little rascals like this, bringing surprise and joy.

They were still just children, but they endured a visual impact that was incongruous with their age.

They saw the fairy sister’s expression suddenly turn serious, smiling as she slowly pushed the long sword into her mouth.

Ning Ning smirked upwards.

This was her special skill.

So pure and unpretentious, it carried the 5,000 years of Chinese civilization, standing tall in the long history, both down-to-earth and representing the unique skills of swordsmen. As long as it exists in the martial world, there will be legends of it everywhere.

—Swallowing swords is the most powerful!

She was quite satisfied with her performance, but the children, who had never even seen a long sword up close since birth, didn’t quite feel the same.

Their eyes were wide, their mouths gaping, resembling the hanging ghosts from horror stories; their gaze was fixed on them.

That expression, as if boldly declaring to the world, “I just swallowed a sword, and soon I’ll start devouring children,”

The three fellow disciples beside her also had various expressions.

The part of the long sword exposed outside was getting shorter and shorter. Since they were facing Ning Ning, the children couldn’t see the scene at the back of her head. But without a doubt, it must have been stabbed until blood flowed, turning her head into a blood-red tofu pudding.

What did they do wrong to deserve such a chaotic fate from the hammer of destiny?

The scene in the alley paused for a moment, like a movie stuttering.

Then there was a wave of crying “wahs.”

Seeing the situation turning bad, He Zhizhou quickly held Ning Ning back, plastering a smile on his face that was about to overflow, oily enough to cook a feast.

“I used to be a courtesan.”

He lowered his voice, determined: “I can definitely coax these little rascals; don’t worry.”

Whenever he appeared, trouble followed. Zheng Weiqi felt a chill down her spine.

The children wailed loudly, like several toilets flushing together.

He Zhizhou’s smile remained unchanged: “Don’t cry, babies; let Gege sing you a song.”

He received no response, but he wasn’t annoyed. Instead, he poised himself and lightly parted his lips, emitting a familiar melody from his throat.

“Snowflakes flutter; the north wind whistles. The world is vast and boundless—”

He Zhizhou performed without selling himself; this was his specialty. Every time he finished, the audience below would erupt in applause and cheers.

He sang with warmth and dedication, using his spiritual power to transform into small halos the size of goose feathers, aiming to comfort the crying children.

The halos were as white as snow, drifting down from his hands, resembling Elsa building castles. As they fell to the ground, they shattered into dazzling white lights, like sparks.

As a result, the children cried even harder.

Some were so scared that they vomited all over the ground.

Some crawled on the ground using both hands and feet.

Some buried their faces in piles of dirt, only their bodies trembling uncontrollably.

Some neighbors couldn’t bear to watch anymore and shouted loudly, “What’s going on in the alley?!”

Chen Yueming was out of breath, almost crying amidst the group of crawling children. “Sister killed herself, and brother is burning paper money and singing funeral songs for her!”




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