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Chapter 67:Pay the bill on a Whim

Su Hua was playing games in the office when she received a call from Mu Ran.

“No,” Su Hua thought. Mu Ran seemed like trouble, and she wasn’t interested in meeting her.

Moreover, who was she to demand a meeting? Su Hua didn’t want to lose face by complying with her request.

“…Host, it’s mainly because you feel like you’d lose face.”

Su Hua said seriously, “I’m not that kind of person.”

“You totally are!”

Mu Ran probably didn’t expect Su Hua to hang up on her just like that, so she had to call again.

“Jian Hua, we’re both taskers; there’s no need for internal strife. Let’s meet and discuss our mission openly.”

This time, Su Hua didn’t respond at all. She simply hung up and then blocked the number.

Shortly after, another unknown number called.

Su Hua blocked it again.

Another unknown call came.

Damn, when will this end?

Watching the game screen where her character was already killed, Su Hua simply set her phone to reject calls from unknown numbers.

Mu Ran tried calling again with a new number, only to find it couldn’t get through. Frustrated, she angrily threw her phone to the ground.

What’s the use of a perfect plan if the other party doesn’t cooperate at all?

Even the seasoned Tasker Mu Ran couldn’t handle Su Hua’s unconventional approach and couldn’t help but curse.

But she wouldn’t give up!

Mu Ran’s eyes flashed with cunning and determination.

“Host, why won’t you meet Mu Ran?”

Su Hua deftly tapped her phone with her hands. “Why should I meet that idiot? Who does she think she is?”

“…Host, calling someone an idiot like that will leave you with no friends.”

I don’t need friends, thank you.

De’er forcefully changing the subject “Mu Ran might have a conspiracy. She might even want to take over me.”

“Can systems merge with each other?”

“Yeah, this way, you can upgrade without using points, but it depends on the system’s level.”

Su Hua shrugged, uninterested. “Even with a bug system like yours, she still wants it. She really is an idiot.”


Talking to the host is so exhausting. No, it doesn’t have a heart, but the system is tired.”

Log out, log out; no more appointments!

With De’er no longer bothering her, Su Hua focused on playing games and quickly won.


Su Hua put away her phone, stuffed it in her pocket, and smiled. “Off work?”

“Yeah, let’s go eat.”

“There’s a new Japanese restaurant nearby. Let’s try it.”

The two walked hand in hand past their coworkers, sparking another round of gossip.

“Director Jian and CEO Mo are such a perfect match, like a golden boy and a jade girl. I’m so envious.”

“What’s there to envy? This company belongs to Director Jian. Without her, how could CEO Mo become president?”

“You’re just jealous. CEO Mo is so handsome and treats his girlfriend so well. If I were Director Jian, I’d gladly give him the company.”

“You people are so superficial.”

Gossip about Su Hua and Mo Han never stopped in the company, but the two didn’t care.

As long as it didn’t go too far, as long as they did their job well, they didn’t mind.

“That’s all.” Mo Han handed the menu back to the waiter.

“Okay, sir, please wait a moment.”

[Ding, Random Task: Spend one hundred thousand yuan within an hour. Money has been transferred to your card. Please check.]

The waiter, about to leave, was stopped by Su Hua.

“Miss, is there anything else I can do for you?”

“I’ll pay for everyone dining here. Calculate it; I’ll pay now.”

The waiter was stunned for a moment, then concealed his surprise and said, “Yes.”

Mo Han beside her: “…”

Help! How do I change my wife’s habit of paying everything on a whim?

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