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Chapter 68: Cannon Fodder Constitution

“Who’s footing the bill?”

The waiter gestured with a tilt of his body and pointed, “That young lady over there.”

“Isn’t that Miss Jian?”

Xu Chenyi exclaimed in surprise. He had a deep impression of Su Hua.

Tang Tan frowned slightly; now that he knew Su Hua had money, there was no need to investigate further. The answer must have come from winning the lottery.

Moreover, Su Hua now had a company that was just as powerful as his, if not richer.

“She doesn’t need to pay for our portion.”

The waiter hesitated before replying, “Alright.”

After the waiter left, Xu Chenyi asked, “Tan, why do I feel like something’s off between you and Miss Jian?”

“If it weren’t for her, Grandpa wouldn’t have known about you.” Tang Tan’s eyes flickered with anger. “Now Grandpa is forcing me to get married, and I have to go through the trouble of finding a woman.”

Xu Chenyi lowered his head slightly, and Tang Tan quickly reassured him, “Chen, don’t worry. As long as you give me another three years, no, two years, I will definitely marry you.”


“Don’t overthink it; I love you.”

Tang Tan reached out and held Xu Chenyi’s hand on the table, and Xu Chenyi clasped his fingers back.

Tang Tan smiled, but deep down, his resentment towards the affectionate couple not far away grew stronger.

Whether it was for revenge against Su Hua or for his own selfish reasons, he had to get Mo Han.

For Tang Tan, love was love, and sex was sex; the two were not mutually exclusive.

He loved Xu Chenyi, but that didn’t stop him from being sexually interested in Mo Han’s body.

Of course, Xu Chenyi couldn’t know about these things; he was intolerant of any suspicion.

From Su Hua’s position, she couldn’t see Tang Tan, so she didn’t know that the two male leads were nearby.

After enjoying a sweet lunch together, the two held hands and returned to the company.

As soon as they returned to the company, the secretary came to report that Mr. Su was here to see her.

Mr. Su, could it be the second male lead who disappeared quickly?

“You go to the office first; I’ll go see him.”

Mo Han nodded, suppressing the unhappiness in his eyes, and returned to the office.

“Mr. Su?” When Su Hua entered the visitor’s room, she saw that the visitor was indeed the second male lead.

Su Luo stood up, and when he saw Su Hua, a flash of admiration crossed his eyes. Of course, this admiration was only for Su Hua’s beauty, as he was undoubtedly a gay man.

“Chairman Jian.”

After exchanging greetings, they both sat down.

“I understand your purpose for coming.”

Su Luo had been working on game development abroad, and this time he came to discuss cooperation with Su Hua.

In the original plot, Su Luo originally wanted to cooperate with Tang Tan, but due to his conflict with Xu Chenyi, he turned to Shengyuan Technology.

However, for some reason, Shengyuan Technology did not agree to cooperate with Su Luo.

Su Luo couldn’t make any progress in China, so he could only return to work abroad with disappointment.

“I’ll let Mr. Mo discuss business matters with you later.” Su Hua smiled slightly. “But there’s a private matter I’d like to discuss. I wonder if Mr. Su is interested?”

A hint of surprise flashed in Su Luo’s eyes, then he calmly asked, “What is it?”

“To bring down the Tang family.”

Although Su Huan wanted to bring down the Tang family, she planned to wait until the end of the year.

According to the original plot, Grandpa Tang would pass away at the end of the year, so out of humanitarianism, Su Hua didn’t want Grandpa Tang to see his company go bankrupt.

That day, the weather was fine, and the sun was shining brightly.

Mo Han suggested going out to have some fun.

Despite frequently meeting at the company, they were always in the office, so they didn’t get to enjoy the scenery outside.


Su Hua looked at Tang Tan and Xu Chenyi, who were not far away.

It was damn unfortunate; they seemed to have the constitution of cannon fodder, encountering main leads wherever they went.

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