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Chapter 69: Finding the Murderer

“We’ll start by getting a room.”

Su Hua and Mohan came to a tourist resort in Jiangcheng, where the scenery was picturesque and there were many outdoor activities such as mountain climbing, exploration, fruit picking, and golf. There were options for both high-end and down-to-earth activities.

Of course, this resort was mainly frequented by the upper class.

Because the expenses were too high.

After getting a room, Su Hua saw Tang Tan and Xu Chenyi across from them.


They could even book a room across from us. The plot is truly amazing.

[Ding, side quest: find the murderer; reward: ten points.]

“WTF? Hey, explain to me clearly: What murderer are we supposed to find?”

“You have to find it yourself.”

“Damn, could you at least tell me what case it is?”

“Host, you’ll figure it out.”

Damn, you have changed; you are no longer the same dog you used to be.


It hasn’t changed!

Not at all!

If it changes, it’s because the host forces it to!

Wait, is this the point?

It’s not a dog! Not a dog, okay?

It’s a wise and mighty system, okay?

Disconnect, disconnect.

Su Hua didn’t bother with the offline system anymore, as she didn’t want to do any hidden tasks anyway.


Host, you can’t do this; I’ll report you.

“Aren’t you offline?”

De’er pretended to be dead.

“Jian Hua.”

Tang Tan spoke first, casually glancing at Mo Han behind Su Hua, a hint of darkness passing through his eyes.

“What are you doing here?”

Su Hua looked at him as if he were an idiot. “I came because I wanted to. This resort isn’t yours, so why do you care so much!”



Xu Chenyi gently pulled on his sleeve, shaking his head at him.

Jian Hua gave him a bad feeling. His intuition told him not to let Tang Tan confront her.

Tang Tan warned Jian Hua with a glance, then entered the room with Xu Chenyi.

Su Hua pulled Mo Han along. He kept his head down, emitting a bad vibe all over, lost in thought.

“Mo Han,” Su Hua called softly, “don’t worry, I’ll make sure you get revenge.”

Su Hua knew why Mo Han’s blackening value had never reached zero.

“Yeah, I trust you.”

Mo Han tightly held her hand. She was the one who pulled him out of the darkness.

During their two days at the resort, Su Hua tried to avoid Tang Tan as much as possible and had a great time with Mo Han.

this morning.

As soon as Su Hua and Mo Han went out, they noticed that everyone in the resort looked uneasy.

Following the crowd, Su Hua saw a police cordon set up in the orchard.

“What’s going on?” Su Hua grabbed a nearby person.

The person she grabbed was a girl who, upon hearing Su Hua’s question, immediately said, “Two girls died; it’s so scary; they say they were raped.”

A murder? The murderer?

It looks like they’re waiting for her here.

“Hey, I’m here to do a mission. Why do I have to solve a case?”

De’er continued to play dead.

The dog’s business hadn’t passed yet, and it refused to talk to the host.

Su Hua squeezed to the front and saw several familiar faces: Tang Tan, Xu Chenyi, and Mu Ran, whom she hadn’t seen in a long time.

Mu Ran also saw Su Hua, her eyes flickering, and she came out of the cordon, saying, “The resort is temporarily restricted from going out. Everyone present must stay and make a statement.”

“Ah, finally got the time to come and play, but ended up with this stuff. What bad  luck”The girl complained to Su Hua.

“Who found the bodies?”

The girl pointed directly at two men not far away. “Hey, it’s those two handsome guys; they’re really handsome.”

Su Hua nodded. She had just seen two policemen taking statements from Tang Tan and Xu Chenyi, so she guessed they were the first to find the bodies.

“Hiss.” Su Hua turned to Mo Han.

“What’s wrong?”

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