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Chapter 36-Part 1

Went out for a stroll, ate a lot of skewered barbecue, drank a big cup of beverage, successfully won over the core of the Qi family, clearly understood the intention of the guard, and the achievements were indeed fruitful.

However, Tang Xin couldn’t be happy.

Her original goal of going out—to buy the treasure of the town pharmacy—was not achieved.

After inquiring at several pharmacies, when she mentioned the town pharmacy treasure, the pharmacy staff laughed, thinking she was joking.

Some even simply handed her popular pharmacy products, taking the opportunity to promote them.

Tang Xin looked expressionless at this person. Does your family have hundreds of pieces of treasure? Does she look foolish?

Yan Hao walked behind his master like a shadow, silently following.

After wandering for most of the day, Tang Xin had to admit that the Huangsha Star was indeed worthy of its name, and there were no precious herbs at all.

She even disguised herself and sneaked into the Qi family’s shop.

However, while there were ordinary herbs, none caught her eye.

Tang Xin muttered to herself: Could it be that only the Yun family has precious medicinal materials on the entire planet?

She made up her mind to spend some time and visit all the pharmacies on Huangsha Star, one by one.

On the other side, Xu Jiahui hid alone in her room, locked the door, looked around several times to make sure there were no problems, and carefully took out a box of ointment from her pocket.

Opening the box, she revealed a look of obsession. This was the scar-removing ointment made by the anonymous pharmacist!

Xu Jiahui first dug out some ointment with her fingers, then took off her veil.

Although she knew there were scars on her face, when she witnessed them in the mirror with her own eyes, she couldn’t help but shudder.

Xu Jiahui took a deep breath and steadied herself.

She told herself that soon her face would be healed. Very soon.

Xu Jiahui applied the ointment to the scar that had been treated by the anonymous pharmacist, applying a thick layer. She didn’t apply the ointment to the other scars.

Although the ointment seemed to be effective and the effects were very good, she couldn’t shake off her guard.

Who knows if what the anonymous pharmacist used and what was given to her were the same ointment?

Five days later, Xu Jiahui looked at herself in the mirror, trembling as she touched her cheek.

The once fierce and rough scar had disappeared, replaced by intact, clean, and delicate skin.

Xu Jiahui brought the mirror closer, her eyes fixed on it, carefully examining every detail.

The skin in the mirror was smooth and delicate, just like before.

Xu Jiahui finally felt relieved. The ointment had no side effects, and the treatment effect was remarkable. She could definitely heal her face!

However… she glanced at the ointment box, and nearly a third of the ointment had been used up.

During the five days, fearing that the ointment might not work, she applied a thick layer to the wound every time.

After the scar disappeared, she worried that there might be marks left on her face, so she applied more for another day.

Now, after carefully examining her face, she found no problems, and Xu Jiahui finally felt relieved.

As for the ointment not being enough?

Xu Jiahui smiled and said to herself, “Just a few boxes of scar-removing ointment. The anonymous pharmacist said she’d give it, so it’s not a big deal. It’s clear that what’s important to me is trivial to others. As long as I deal a heavy blow to the Qi family, why would the anonymous pharmacist refuse to give me the medicine?”

She covered most of her face with a veil, staring obsessively at the fragment of intact skin in the mirror, unable to move her eyes away for a long time.

In the study, Qi Xing was restless and anxious.

These days, he had tried to inquire with Yun Tian several times, asking when Master Yun Gui could come out of seclusion, but Yun Tian casually brushed him off each time.

Something was wrong; this was definitely not the attitude of someone asking for help.

Qi Xing keenly sensed a problem.

The only reasonable explanation he could think of was that Yun Tian had learned of the existence of the anonymous pharmacist and intended to curry favor with her. Therefore, Yun Tian was unwilling to associate with him because he and the anonymous pharmacist were at odds.

At the thought of this possibility, Qi Xing’s face suddenly darkened.

Yun Tian always kept to himself, quietly recuperating, and acted extremely low-key. Therefore, not many people on Huangsha Star knew about the Yun family. But among the upper class, anyone with a bit of insight knew not to provoke the Yun family.

Not to mention, the strongest people on Huangsha Star were in the Yun family, carrying out Yun Tian’s orders.

If Yun Tian decided to please the anonymous pharmacist…

Qi Xing couldn’t help but start feeling anxious, getting up and pacing back and forth.

After a few rounds, he stopped and made up his mind, calling Xu Jiahui to the study for discussion using the communication device.

Upon receiving the message, Xu Jiahui felt no joy at all, only numbness.

Before entering the study, she took a deep breath, exhaled, inhaled, and exhaled. After confirming that her emotions had calmed down and she wouldn’t reveal anything suspicious, she knocked on the door.

“Come in,” came Qi Xing’s voice from behind the door.

Although Xu Jiahui’s rationality told her not to overthink at this moment and that the best approach was to clear her mind, she couldn’t control her emotions. She couldn’t help but think, if it were in the past, being summoned by Qi Xing alone, how happy she would have been.

Shaking her head, Xu Jiahui cleared her eyes and opened the door, striding into the study.

Qi Xing saw her come in, showing a gentle smile, and took out a medicine box, placing it on the table. “These days, I’ve asked the Yun family for medicine again, but unfortunately, Master Yun Gui is still in seclusion, so I don’t know when he’ll appear. Therefore, I asked pharmacist Jiang from the Lan family for scar-removing ointment, and he did a decent job. Take it and give it a try. If it works well, I’ll ask for more.”

Qi Xing had a reason for saying this.




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