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Chapter 36-Part 2

He always felt that what one did for others was secondary. The most important thing was to clearly inform that person of what you did for them.

Doing something sneakily, hoping for others to discover it on their own, usually has a very low chance of being noticed. Hence, the return on such actions was also low.

Being explicit was different.

Although it might not match the surprise of discovering it oneself, it could express basic goodwill. It told the other person, “I am making an effort for you.”

The former had uncertain returns, but each success was greatly appreciated; the latter cast a wide net with less gratitude but had its own advantages and disadvantages.

Compared to too much uncertainty, Qi Xing preferred solutions with strong certainty.

Xu Jiahui pretended to be pleasantly surprised, eagerly stepping forward to take the medicine box and saying joyfully, “Thank you, Master, for the gift of medicine.”

Qi Xing waved his hand casually, saying, “You have worked hard for me, so this is what you deserve.”

Deserve? Xu Jiahui struggled to restrain herself. What she deserved was scar-removing ointment from Master Yun Gui, not some pharmacist named Jiang.

If he really wanted to show her favor, he should’ve given Qi Huan a good lesson, at least keeping him in bed for three days.

Now he wanted to buy her goodwill? Dream on.

Xu Jiahui lowered her head, feigning submission. Only by doing so could she conceal the disgust she couldn’t suppress in her eyes from Qi Xing.

After a pause, Qi Xing became serious and slowly spoke, “I need you to do something.”

Damn it! Xu Jiahui cursed inwardly. Just give her a little favor, and immediately he wants to make use of her.

Xu Jiahui really wanted to directly curse the scumbag in front of her, but then she felt like her past self had been out of her mind. How could she have been so single-mindedly thinking that Qi Xing trusted her because he entrusted most of the important matters to her?


Xu Jiahui reminded herself in her heart, suppressing a belly full of dissatisfaction with supreme determination, and softly said, “Please, Master, give your orders.”

“The anonymous pharmacist must be eliminated,” Qi Xing stated directly, decisively adding, “She has a male bodyguard, right? Go see him privately, bribe him, and pull him into our camp. Men all want things like money, power, and beautiful women. Talk to him; as long as it’s not excessive, he’ll agree to everything.”

At this critical moment, Qi Xing demonstrated extraordinary courage.

The more he thought about Yun Tian’s attitude, the more uneasy he became, so he decided to decisively deal with the anonymous pharmacist.

However, Xu Jiahui couldn’t feel Qi Xing’s masculinity at all.

In her mind, there was only one thought: I wasn’t the only fool.

Just a few days ago, she had tried to win over the male bodyguard, only to be forced to swallow a bellyful of dog food.

Going to them again… did she feel that the dog food she had eaten wasn’t enough, so she needed another two kilograms?

Xu Jiahui’s face was expressionless. Every time she thought of what the male bodyguard had said—”I go along with her in everything; I listen to her in everything”—she couldn’t help but feel liver pain, stomach acidity, bitterness in her mouth, and a faint ache in her knees, feeling unwell all over.

Maybe they weren’t master and servant at all, but a couple. They were just enjoying playing the game of pretending!

Xu Jiahui hesitated. “I’m afraid I can’t do it. The last two times I dealt with them, I directly threatened to break the woman’s legs and said that since the man is so handsome, I’d directly send him to a special place to entertain guests. I’ve already offended them badly. If I go, I’m afraid the male bodyguard will hold a grudge. Even if he’s interested in the conditions, he wouldn’t want to agree to me.”

Xu Jiahui made up nonsense earnestly. She had never said such things to the male bodyguard, but she just didn’t want to go eat dog food.

Anyway, no one would expose her lies.

Send them to a special place to entertain guests… Qi Xing couldn’t help but twitch his mouth.

With that kind of remark, it would be difficult for any man to forget and impossible to forgive.

Qi Xing pondered for a moment and made the decision, “Let Wang Feng go instead. Both of them are fifth-level martial artists; even if negotiations fail, he can still escape.”

Xu Jiahui nodded.

“Makes sense.”

As for the fact that the male bodyguard was already sixth-level, why should she tell Qi Xing? It would be best if Wang Feng went and didn’t come back; then the Qi family would lose a helper.

Qi Xing added, “I have some business to attend to in the next few days and will need to go out often. You stay at home and take care of things.”

Xu Jiahui was stunned, then delighted.

With Qi Xing going out continuously and Wang Feng going to win over the male bodyguard, there would only be her, a fifth-level martial artist, left in the Qi family! Wouldn’t that mean she could do whatever she wanted?

She thought for a moment, and it made sense. Qi Xing probably thought she still harbored a deep admiration for him and would swear to defend the Qi family to the death. No wonder he left so confidently.

Xu Jiahui said solemnly, “You can rest assured of going out; I’m here.”

Qi Xing sighed lightly. “I can only trust you. There are some matters at home; please take on more responsibilities.”

Xu Jiahui not only was not touched, but her anger surged upward. It was clear that he had no intention towards her, yet he displayed such an attitude and said such words to her.

She clenched her teeth and smiled.

“Everything is under my control.”

“Oh right,” Xu Jiahui changed the subject, “I happen to have something to discuss with Wang Feng. Let me pass on a message for you.”

Qi Xing felt secretly pleased. This woman indeed loved him very much and was eager to help him with something.

He decided to take advantage of the situation and nodded, saying, “I’ll trouble you to run an errand.”

Xu Jiahui smiled shyly.

She thought to herself, How could it be troublesome? After Qi Xing left, she would go to see Wang Feng specifically, informing him to immediately go out and find the male bodyguard.

With both fifth-level martial artists leaving at the same time, only she would remain in the Qi family.

This was the only way to ensure that everything went smoothly!








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