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Chapter 71: It’s All About Money

The news of Mo Han becoming a suspect in the Mountain Villa murder case was leaked by someone, causing a sudden drop in the stock price of Jian Mo Technology.

However, the directors in the meeting room remained very calm.

Why were they calm?

Because our chairman is wealthy!

It’s all about money!

Everyone: Money is everything.

Indeed, it’s impressive!

They called the chairman, who, following her usual style, bought up the stocks at a high price, regardless of their fall.

After Su Hua compensated for the money owed for the assault, she arranged for a lawyer to bail out Mo Han.

“Miss Jian, I’m sorry, but there’s concrete evidence proving that Mo Han is the culprit in this murder case, so bail cannot be granted,” Mu Ran said politely, though she was secretly pleased.

Su Hua frowned and called the chief.

Soon after, Mu Ran received a call.

“Chief, why?”

Although Mu Ran argued logically, the higher authorities had the final say, and Mo Han was released on bail.

Mu Ran said indignantly, “Miss Jian, although Mo Han has been bailed out by you, our people will still keep an eye on him 24/7 to prevent him from fleeing.”

“Whatever,” Su Hua said indifferently.

Su Hua left with Mo Han, and Mu Ran, feeling uneasy, decided to personally accompany them, followed by the young policeman.

She wanted to see how Mo Han would turn the tables this time.

“This must be the work of that little bitch, Mu Ran. I’ve heard that their resentment system employs any means necessary to achieve its goals, but I didn’t expect it to be true,” De’er said angrily.

Su Hua chuckled. “You even know about ‘little bitch’?”

“Host, my learning ability is very strong. I know all the current popular internet slang.”

“Impressive, my system.”

De’er proudly said, “Of course.”

Wait, Host, I’m discussing Mo Han’s matter with you!

“My dear, are you okay?”

Mo Han shook his head, his black eyes devoid of any light, only endless abyss, darkness, and evil intertwining continuously, ultimately settling into tranquility.

He just wanted to live a good life; why did life always elude him?

Su Hua frowned in worry; Mo Han would become the antagonist BOSS, not only because of the painful experiences he had endured but also because his thoughts were different from ordinary people’s, constantly teetering on the edge of darkness.

“I have a way.”

Mo Han turned to look at her; the sunlight fell directly on her face, making her fair skin appear translucent; long eyelashes cast a small fan-shaped shadow; a slight curve at the corner of her mouth; confidence and worry in her eyes.

Since she appeared in his world, sunlight seemed to have penetrated his dark and silent heart.

He tightened his grip on her hand, wanting to say that he would handle it.

But the firm gaze in her eyes made him suppress the restlessness in his heart.

Back home, Su Hua went straight to the study with her computer, and Mo Han didn’t disturb her, focusing on cooking.

There were many surveillance videos in the villa and even more around it. Soon, Su Hua found a useful video that captured the man’s face directly.

Su Hua smirked slightly and began to hack into the surveillance videos of the police station and Mu Ran’s home.

De’er: “…”

The host is too powerful; it’s time to accumulate points for an upgrade and scan the host again.

Mu Ran and the young policeman had been squatting at Su Hua’s house for several days. They initially thought Su Hua would investigate, gather evidence, or at least help Mo Han escape, but she did none of that.

She stayed home for three days straight, leaving them outside, enduring poor meals and sleepless nights, feeling tense, and fearing that Su Hua would slip away at any moment.

Su Hua gave two words to Mu Ran’s behavior: mentally retarded.

Until the fourth day.

The door finally opened.


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