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Chapter 72: Mission Failed

Mu Ran immediately stepped forward, her eyes shining. She couldn’t hold back anymore.

“Let’s go to the police station.”

Mu Ran and the young policeman: “… EXM?”

(T/N: internet slang for ‘excuse me’)

After going through all the trouble to apply for bail, she stayed home and then decided to turn herself in at the police station?

At the police station, Su Hua’s lawyer was already waiting.

She got a separate meeting room to explain the situation to the lawyer, and then Mu Ran received a notification from the station.

Su Hua was suing her, and she had gone from being an investigator to a suspect, or rather, the perpetrator.

Because Su Hua had solid evidence.

Mu Ran relied on the system, but Su Hua had one too, and her system was even more advanced. Plus, Su Hua was a hacker, someone who had once toyed with even the National Security Bureau. Could a few surveillance videos stump her?

No chance.

De’er still had some use.¬†Compared with the systems of those coquettish bitches outside, although it is a bit mentally retarded, it is still acceptable.
It was still acceptable.

“… To be honest, Host, how come I’m useless?”

And I’m not mentally retarded, okay!!

It’s not like I’m the male or female lead!

After speaking, De’er did a self-check and found that since following the host, its temper had grown bigger, and it couldn’t help but oppose the host. This wasn’t right.

Of course, the most crucial thing was that it couldn’t win.

De’er felt very unfortunate.

Tang Tan was also sued along with Mu Ran.

Su Hua suspected they had a cooperative relationship.

But in the end, due to a lack of evidence, although it was proven they had met, there was no evidence, so Tang Tan escaped unscathed.

Su Hua didn’t intend to convict him, just to disgust him.

The mastermind behind the scenes was Mu Ran, and the murderer was a man with a criminal record that Mu Ran had found. The man was sentenced to death, while Mu Ran was sentenced to life imprisonment.

“Host, you’d better not oppose Jian Hua. You’ve been caught by her now, and I’m afraid her system will devour me.”

Mu Ran was furious; she had planned for over half a month, and Su Hua had cracked it in just a few days.

But she had no choice; the opponent’s system was better than hers. Even if she bought items in the mall, the opponent could also buy corresponding items, and they might be better. So this time, she could only leave voluntarily.

Her missions had never failed before, but this was the first failure.

Each task-taker had three chances of failure, and she had now used one.

If she encountered Jian Hua on the next mission, she would definitely not let her go.

This grudge, she noted it down!

Not long after, news came of Mu Ran’s suicide in prison.

Su Hua didn’t care about it.

With her around, Mu Ran’s missions couldn’t succeed.

Because of Mu Ran’s death, Tang Tan didn’t take any further action.

Several groups of people sent by Lao Hei all died in succession.

“Host, what exactly is that bell of yours? Why doesn’t it ring usually?”

Su Hua smiled with a sinister glint in her eyes. “Because only those on the brink of death can hear the sound of the bell!”

The system was startled; it heard it too. Would it be scrapped?

Tang’s Villa.


A heavy slap landed on Tang Tan’s face.

Old Master Tang, leaning on his cane, sighed in disappointment. “How could I have such a disobedient descendant like you!”

Tang Tan didn’t speak; his eyes lowered, concealing all the complex emotions.

“Jian Hua is such a good child, and you betrayed her, making me lose face in front of my old comrades!”

Old Master Tang’s wrinkles trembled with excitement., “If you liked another girl, it would be fine, but you’re with a man, and now you’ve brought him back! Are you trying to kill me?”

“Who told you?”

Tang Tan immediately suspected Jian Hua.

“I saw it myself!”

Tang Tan pursed his lips, not saying anything more. He didn’t believe what Old Master Tang said.

After being scolded by Old Master Tang, Tang Tan couldn’t stay in the villa anymore. Thinking of Xu Chenyi in the hotel, he felt a hint of softness in his eyes.

From afar, in the hotel corridor, Tang Tan saw Xu Chenyi and Su Luo embracing at the door.

“What are you guys doing!”


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