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Chapter 37-Part 1

The next day, Qi Xing did indeed leave early, as he said.

Xu Jiahui immediately followed the plan and went to inform Wang Feng, claiming that the master had ordered him to go to the male guard beside the unnamed pharmacist and told him where to find the person.

As Xu Jiahui spoke, she couldn’t help but feel relieved.

She had secretly made deals with the unnamed pharmacist and specially arranged that every noon, the unnamed pharmacist would sit in a dessert shop for half an hour. Going to the agreed-upon dessert shop on time would enable one to find the person.

She carefully told Wang Feng the address and time, even personally handing Wang Feng over to the hands of a Level Six martial artist.

Wang Feng didn’t think much and readily agreed. He was well aware of Xu Jiahui’s position in the Qi family. Although she didn’t hold real power, she was considered Qi Xing’s confidante, and he didn’t doubt her at all.

In fact, he even actively discussed with Xu Jiahui, “If the other party makes outrageous demands, I’ll bring back his requests and let the master decide. What do you think?”

Xu Jiahui smiled charmingly and praised, “Good idea.”

But in her heart, she sneered, not to mention whether you can come back after encountering a Level Six martial artist. Even if you could come back, by then the Qi family would have ceased to exist on this planet.

Xu Jiahui smiled as she watched Wang Feng leave. After making sure he was out of sight, she turned and headed straight for Qi Huan’s room.

She had already planned every step countless times in her mind.

First, she would deal with Qi Huan.

Qi Huan was the flesh and blood born to Qi Xing’s beloved woman.

She figured Qi Xing would deeply feel the pain and despair upon seeing his son tortured to death by her, just like she felt when she discovered she had been betrayed by Qi Xing.

The second target were the pharmacists nurtured by the Qi family since childhood.

They were adopted and taught by Qi Xing from a young age, receiving unified training. They were not only loyal to Qi Xing but also had excellent medical skills and pharmaceutical expertise.

Although they couldn’t leave the Qi family for the rest of their lives after seeing the Qi family’s prescriptions, the Qi family provided them with good food and drink, as well as personal attendants, making their lives extremely comfortable.

If it weren’t for this group of people, Qi Xing wouldn’t be able to produce and sell such large quantities of medicine without resting for twenty-four hours a day.

If she had spare time, she planned to clean up the shopkeeper and staff of the main store. They were all Qi Xing’s trusted aides, loyal and dedicated.

Xu Jiahui reviewed the plan again, confirming that there were no problems, and couldn’t help but smile even more happily.

Without his beloved son, without a group of pharmacists, and without capable subordinates, Qi Xing would surely be furious and hate her to the core when he returned.

Thinking of the scene after success, Xu Jiahui became even more delighted.

She wanted Qi Xing to be torn apart by pain and plunged into endless despair.


While Wang Feng was peeking around outside the dessert shop, Yan Hao was chatting with his master.

To say they were chatting together, most of the time it was Tang Xin who was talking.

“For days, I’ve been to every pharmacy on the planet, and I’ve walked through them all, but I haven’t found any useful herbs.”

“They dare to boast one by one. How can they claim that the herbs in their pharmacy are the most comprehensive on the whole planet? If they’re so comprehensive, why does Yun Tian have some that they don’t sell?”

“They’re all liars, every single one of them.”

Tang Xin took a big, fierce bite of chocolate pie. Only sweets could soothe her melancholy at the moment.

Yan Hao chuckled, about to say something, when he suddenly frowned and looked in one direction.

Tang Xin was still lowering her head, earnestly eating chocolate pie.

Yan Hao paused for a moment, then stood up.

“Eating chocolate pie makes you thirsty; I’ll go buy you a drink.”

“I want hot cocoa.” Tang Xin ordered without hesitation.

Yan Hao sighed inwardly. Wouldn’t drinking more make her even more thirsty?

“Alright, I’ll go buy it.”

Tang Xin propped her head up with her left hand, quietly watching Yan Hao leave.

Did he really think she hadn’t noticed his strange behavior? Seeing how smoothly he handled Xu Jiahui last time and gave quite good answers, she decided to trust him this time.

She hoped he wouldn’t let her down.


Wang Feng originally thought Xu Jiahui had received false information. After all, the unnamed pharmacist was good at hiding, and if her whereabouts were easily known, she would likely encounter trouble soon.

With the spirit of being able to fulfill his duty even with a wasted trip, he happily set out.

Unexpectedly, as soon as he found the dessert shop, he saw a man and a woman, two black figures, sitting straight at the entrance of the dessert shop, facing the street.

Wang Feng was a bit speechless; he had seen boldness before, but never this bold.

No wonder when he asked Xu Jiahui; he didn’t recognize the faces, and black clothes were basic. How would he know which two people they were? Xu Jiahui looked constipated and said, with a deep tone, “When you arrive at the dessert shop, scan the crowd. If you see the real owner, you will naturally know that the two you’re looking for are them.”

He surveyed the surroundings, feeling that the reason the two were so calm must be because there were a large number of people nearby lying in ambush.

“Something wrong?”

Yan Hao asked coldly. His constant scrutiny and furtive glances made him uncomfortable; he couldn’t shake the feeling that the person in front of him wasn’t a good guy.

Wang Feng was suddenly startled, alarm bells ringing loudly. When did this person get in front of him?

He was just about to be cautious when suddenly he realized, wasn’t he here specifically to persuade this person to betray his master? Now that the master and servant were separated, wasn’t this an excellent opportunity to persuade him?

“I’m Wang Feng, from the Qi family. I’ve come this time to discuss some business with you.”

Wang Feng showed a confident smile.

No matter when or where, mentioning the Qi family’s name would always earn special treatment from people.

And it proved to be true.

As soon as it was known he was from the Qi family, Yan Hao’s face became even colder, almost freezing.


If he didn’t think the master might be interested, Yan Hao really wanted to just slap this guy in front of him.

He was intrigued.

Wang Feng smiled even more smugly.

Of course, money, fame, power, beautiful women—how many men in the world wouldn’t be interested in these things?

“As long as you’re willing to serve the Qi family from now on, money, fame, power, beautiful women… whatever you want, the Qi family will provide.”




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