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Chapter 35: The Ball- Light and Shadow

Noah firmly took Fiene’s hand.

“Fiene, can you run?”

“A little. But I’m sorry. I still lack confidence!”

As she replied, Fiene felt her body float lightly.

She was lifted up by Noah.

Noah dashed through the crowded venue.

“Wait a moment!”

Muge shouted loudly, causing them to attract a lot of attention.

Then a gentleman intervened.

“Miss, what’s wrong?”

It was Ed who spoke to Muge.

Muge, without realizing he was the second prince, gave him a rude once-over.

“It’s fine. I’ll dance with you.”

Muge’s voice reached them.

Muge seemed to have lost interest in Fiene. She probably never had much confidence to begin with.

“Oh, Noah-sama, it seems we are okay now. Ed-sama helped us.”

“It seems so. I forcefully invited you. It’s the least I can do.”

The two of them escaped to the garden.

“Noah-sama, I’m fine now. Please put me down.”

Fiene, feeling embarrassed, asked Noah.

“Ah, yes. You barely noticed.”

Saying so, Noah put Fiene down.

“Sister, you’re still playing around as usual.”

Fiene murmured.

“Hmph, she’s incorrigible. And she’s like a poisonous mushroom growing behind the research building, glaring at everything.”

Fiene burst out laughing at Noah’s sharp tongue.

“Hehe, Noah-sama, you’ve changed. Sister is popular with the gentlemen, you know.”

Fiene said while laughing.

“But with that attitude, she won’t settle any engagements. She won’t be chosen as a wife.”


“Men also have the right to choose.”


Fiene was surprised by Noah’s harsh words. However, she couldn’t muster the will to defend Muge.

“Anyway, Fiene, do you have any wishes? Something you can only do at the ball.”

Fiene looked up at Noah.

“There’s no one here. Noah-sama, please take off your mask.”

“Hmph, I don’t mind if there are people around for your wish.”

Saying so, Noah took off his mask, revealing his usual expressionless face.

“I’m relieved. If I can’t see Noah-sama’s expression, it feels like you’re a different person, and it makes me uneasy.”

“You’ve changed. Or have you gotten used to this face?”

He asked in a blunt tone.

“Hehe, I love Noah-sama’s face. When I look at it, I feel at ease.”

“W-what are you saying!”

Noah blushed instantly and tried to put on his mask again.

“No, you can’t. Noah-sama, I still have one more request.”

Fiene gently stopped him.

“You’ve become quite selfish.”

Fiene chuckled at Noah’s words.

“Didn’t you say I should become greedy, Noah-sama?”

“Greedy? That’s a bit different.”

He looked at Fiene with exasperation.

“I came to the ball, so I want to learn one more dance. Dancing is fun, isn’t it?”

“Understood. Let’s return to the venue then,” Noah said, intending to lead Fiene back to the venue without putting on his mask. Doing so would likely make him stand out even more. He was always so accommodating.

“Noah-sama, that’s not it. I want to learn here,” Fiene said.


“Because I might step on your feet, and besides, can’t you hear the music from the venue?”

From the garden, they could hear the music played by the orchestra, illuminated by the brilliant lights from the venue.

“Indeed. Is this song okay?”

“Yes, I’ll give it a try.” Fiene nodded.

“Don’t be so stiff. Fiene, you already have the basics. Just sway your body to the music,” Noah advised.

“Huh? Is it that simple?”

“It’s important for you to feel enjoyment.”

“I see.”

If that’s what Noah said, Fiene obediently agreed.

Afterward, the two of them quietly enjoyed dancing in the garden at night.

Once again, another joyful memory with him was etched in Fiene’s heart.

Around dawn, Muge returned home. She had missed her chance with a gracefully charming man and was in a bad mood.

Furthermore, there was a platinum blonde woman at the venue, like Fiene. She had thought about approaching her, but she was also taken away by a tall man.

“It’s hopeless. This masquerade ball…”

Normally, she would have instructed the maids to prepare a bath, but they didn’t respond to her calls, and it would be troublesome if it got out that she went to the ball.

She had at least told the coachman to keep it quiet.

Feeling like it hadn’t been much of a distraction, Muge changed her clothes and sat at the vanity, combing her hair.

Suddenly, there was a loud explosion, and Muge was thrown by the blast.

She might have lost consciousness for a moment. When she woke up, the room was partially destroyed. Muge was dumbfounded.

As she slowly surveyed the devastation in the room, she noticed blood-stained glass shards scattered beside her.

Drops of blood fell on the floor.

Fearfully touching her own cheek, she felt a slimy sensation along with sharp pain.

“Ouch! No way… This is… a dream, right?”

Trembling, Muge muttered.

She remembered last night when she witnessed Maggie not taking her suppressants.


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