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Chapter 74: Fantasy Plane

After scanning around and finding nothing, she said, “Congratulations, host, on completing the mission. Please check the mission panel.”

Name: Su Hua

Gender: Female

Points: 320,200

Missions completed: 2

Items: None

Su Hua looked at her points and felt that the road ahead was long and arduous.

【Do you wish to teleport?】


Damn, I’m not done with you!

Before falling into darkness, these words flashed through Su Hua’s mind.


It felt as if her whole body was being torn apart. Su Hua couldn’t control herself, and the most unbearable thing was the foul stench of corpses reaching her nose, making her extremely uncomfortable.

“De’er, give me medicine.”

“Ten thousand points.”

“One thousand.”

“Do you want it?”

Su Hua smiled. “Then I’ll save myself.”

“Five thousand, not a point less.”

“It’s too late.”

Su Hua found a pill from her space and struggled to swallow it.

The pill dissolved in her mouth, and soon Su Hua felt strength returning to her body, although she was still in excruciating pain.

After feeding herself several more pills, Su Hua finally got up.

“Holy shit! Is this actually a mass grave?”

“Damn, it stinks!”

Su Hua had no mood to appreciate the stinking corpses all over the place. She hurriedly took out an aircraft and flew upward.

Cherish life and stay away from mass graves.


Suddenly, several thunderbolts fell from the sky, frightening Su Hua into quickly jumping off the aircraft and pulling out a shield to fend off the thunderbolts.

After the three thunderbolts passed, Su Hua pointed at the sky and cursed, “Heavely Dao, you little bitch, what’s wrong with using an aircraft!”


The thunder sounded again, but this time it didn’t strike down.

“Host, why are you even cursing Heavenly Dao?”

“What are you cowardly about? Go and argue with it, I’ll cover you up.”

De’er: “…” If it had the courage, it wouldn’t be so afraid of the host.

#Why does my host have so many hang-ups? She even dares to curse at Heavenly Dao.#

Su Hua was exhausted from being tossed around, so she exhaled and took stock of her surroundings.

She had entered a forest, where it was eerily quiet. After confirming there was no one around multiple times, Su Hua finally sat down under a big tree to receive the plot.

This was a fantasy plane.

The female protagonist, Meng Yunxin, was a modern-day special agent. After dying suddenly, she transmigrated into the body of the useless seventh young lady of the Meng family, thus embarking on a journey of leveling up and showing off.

Along the way, not only did she have various cheats, but she also encountered the powerful male lead, Long Ao, who accompanied and protected her throughout. In the end, the two of them lived a happy life together.

Half a month later.

At the Crimson Feather Auction.

Downstairs was packed with people, and every seat was taken.

“There are quite a few good things at this month’s auction.”

“Yeah, I hope to bid for the Evil Wind Sword.”

“I heard that representatives from the four major families will all be here today. It’ll be difficult to bid for the Evil Wind Sword.”

“They say they’ve come for the finale item.”

“I wonder what the finale item of this month is?”

“Who are the people in that room?”

“That should be the backstage boss of Crimson Feather. Surprisingly, they’re here today too.”

In the second-floor VIP room of the Crimson Feather Auction, Su Hua was leisurely eating snacks.

The steward stood respectfully in front of her and said, “Miss Yao, the auction is about to begin. I’ll go out to host it first. If you need anything, you can call the attendants outside.”

“Go ahead.”

Su Hua waved her hand indifferently, continuing to enjoy the snacks in front of her. They were delicious.

The steward, seeing Su Hua’s expression as if she hadn’t eaten snacks in eight hundred years, quietly withdrew.

“Servants, attend to her well.”

The servant bowed respectfully and said, “Yes.”

Before long, lamps were lit outside the door of the box on the second floor, indicating that there were people inside.

As the steward took the stage, everyone quieted down. After briefly explaining the auction process, he announced the start of the bidding.

“The first item up for auction is a seventh-level Bright Fire Crystal Core, with a starting bid of ten thousand gold coins. Bidding starts now.”

“A seventh-level crystal core! The first item up for auction is already so impressive.”

“It’s starting at ten thousand gold coins. I guess today we’ll just have to watch.”

Some were discussing, while others had already begun bidding.

“Eleven thousand gold coins.”

“Fifteen thousand gold coins.”

The market price of a seventh-level Bright Fire Crystal Core was around thirty thousand gold coins, so these people were not in a rush to raise the price.

“Sixteen thousand gold coins.”

“Fifty thousand gold coins.”

Suddenly, a melodious female voice rang out in the hall.


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