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Chapter 5

The alley she ran into in a hurry was very deep, so she and the golden-winged Great Peng stayed here for such a while that no one came in.

Now that she had calmed down, she didn’t return the same way she came. Although the series of events just now had greatly affected her mood, she hadn’t forgotten that she had knocked someone out when she fell from the sky earlier, and that person seemed to be some kind of prince.

Now that she had just arrived here, in a situation where she didn’t know anything, she naturally didn’t want to provoke that prince again. So after brushing off the dust from her body, Xuanyuan Tianxin, with the golden-winged great peng, walked towards the end of the alley.

Although she was very depressed because she suddenly fell into another world, she wouldn’t be so depressed as to lose her mind. Now, besides feeding herself, the most urgent task was to figure out what kind of world she had come to.

While Xuanyuan Tianxin was walking with her head down and silently calculating her future, she ignored the constant flickering gaze of the golden-winged great peng in her arms. If she had paid attention at that moment, she would have immediately realized that this guy in her arms was hiding a lot from her.

Unfortunately, she didn’t bother to look down, which resulted in her taking many detours later on, and it took her a long time to learn the truth about some things…

The end of this quiet alley seemed to lead to the back door of a mansion. When Xuanyuan Tianxin turned the corner out of the alley, she heard the sound of children playing and laughing. Originally, she didn’t pay much attention, but after hearing a low groan, she looked over in the direction of the sound.

And with just one glance, Xuanyuan Tianxin’s delicate little face immediately darkened.

Under a big tree, there was a woman crouching with her head in her arms. Around her were three or four young children who were laughing and picking up stones from the ground, continuously throwing them at the woman. Despite the woman’s pleas, they didn’t stop laughing and mocking her.

“Fool, smiling foolishly all day, shouting for her daughter… Hahaha…”

“Fool, your daughter has been eaten by monsters long ago; she’ll never come back…”

The mocking laughter of the children continued, and the woman, who had been begging them to stop, suddenly became somewhat agitated upon hearing that her daughter had been eaten by monsters.

“Nonsense, you’re talking nonsense… My Xin’er hasn’t been eaten by monsters… no… my Xin’er hasn’t been eaten…”

Seeing the woman, who had been verbally abused, suddenly retort seemed to irritate the children. One of the boys, who seemed to be around ten years old, snorted and threw the stones in his hand at the woman again, saying, “Just a fool; if your daughter hasn’t been eaten by monsters, why would you become a fool?”

This boy seemed to be the leader among the children. After throwing the stone, he immediately called his companions and shouted, “Keep throwing; even a crazy fool dares to go out on the street; even if she didn’t scare the passersby, scaring the flowers and plants is also wrong; keep throwing at her as hard as you can.”

With these words, the remaining children immediately laughed and picked up the stones at their feet, ready to throw them at the woman again.


Seeing the children under the tree about to throw stones again, Xuanyuan Tianxin roared, quickly walked up, stood in front of the woman crouching on the ground, and then glared at the children with a stern face, saying, “At such a young age, you have such a cruel nature. If you dare to make a move again, do you believe I’ll immediately make you all full of bruises?”

Xuanyuan Tianxin’s appearance startled the children, but when they saw her expression, they hesitated. However, when they saw her gaze, they seemed to be a little afraid.

Seeing her appearance, the oldest boy’s expression darkened. “Who are you to dare to meddle in our affairs? In Daze City, no one dares to shout at my Liu family. If you continue to be nosy, do you believe I’ll beat you up too?”

With these words, Xuanyuan Tianxin’s originally gloomy face immediately turned grim. She couldn’t believe that this boy, who looked to be around ten years old, was so arrogant and presumptuous.

However, as angry as she was, she didn’t ignore what he had just said. Obviously, this young boy had some background in Daze City.

However… that was not a reason for his arrogance!

Seeing the proud and arrogant look on the boy’s face, Xuanyuan Tianxin narrowed her eyes dangerously.

If the parent doesn’t teach, the child misbehaves. Since your parents haven’t raised you properly, I don’t mind teaching you how to behave!

“Heavenly Dao’s Prophecy – with the power of words, smite them!”

Although Xuanyuan Tianxin wasn’t proficient in magic, her spiritual speaking skills are recognized by everyone in the family. Even though she is not a qualified exorcist, she is a very excellent and talented spiritual speaker.

She didn’t inherit much spiritual energy from the Dragon Clan of exorcists, but her spiritual speaking skill was the strongest among all the descendants of the Dragon Clan.

After Xuanyuan Tianxin’s words, a strange scene unfolded.

All of a sudden, with a flash of golden light in her eyes, all the small stones on the ground floated up into the air. Then, in the frightened eyes of the children, these floating stones seemed to act consciously, and all flew towards the children.

With this barrage of stones, the children were immediately covered in bruises, and the previously arrogant boy was now looking at her with a hint of fear, holding his head where a large bump had formed, exclaiming, “Tianyu Master! You’re a Tianyu Master!”

Tianyu Master?

Xuanyuan Tianxin frowned. Looking at the children whose expressions had changed drastically, she couldn’t quite understand.

What on earth was a Tianyu Master?

However, her confusion remained unanswered, because after the boy said ‘Tianyu Master’, the children immediately turned and ran away.

Watching the fleeing children, Xuanyuan Tianxin blinked in confusion, then turned to look at the woman who had been crouching on the ground with her head in her arms. With a softened gaze, she said softly, “It’s okay; they’re all gone. Don’t be afraid…”

Perhaps it was because Xuanyuan Tianxin’s gentle voice made the woman feel safe. The woman, who had been crouching with her head in her arms, finally trembled and lifted her dirty face. But when the woman saw Xuanyuan Tianxin’s face, her eyes suddenly lit up, and she quickly threw herself into Xuanyuan Tianxin’s arms.

“Xin’er…Mother’s Xin’er…Mother knew that you were still alive. They all said that you were eaten by monsters. Those bad guys are all liars…” ”


Xuanyuan Tianxin was caught off guard by her sudden embrace and stumbled, almost sitting down on the ground. However, after hearing the woman’s words, her delicate and beautiful face was immediately covered with black lines.


Although it sounded somewhat like her name, Auntie… you really mistook me for someone else!






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