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Chapter 111-Part 1

Jiang Nian almost fell, but she landed in Xue Hang’s arms at just the right moment. This unexpected incident startled everyone present, and for a moment, they all looked at Jiang Nian and Xue Hang with various thoughts in their minds.

Not to mention Jia Ping; even Xue Hang’s assistant couldn’t help but cover her eyes, preparing for Jiang Nian to be thrown out. The photographers, lighting technicians, and makeup artists were naturally also prepared to watch the show with their seats ready.

After all, Xue Hang was known for being aloof from women and emotions. It was said that even a company begging for an opportunity in front of him couldn’t move him in the slightest.

Moreover, there were quite a few people who tried to throw themselves at Xue Hang. Those who fared better would receive a cold reception and be permanently blacklisted by Xue Hang. Those who fared worse would be thrown out on the spot with a warning to “keep theirdignity.”  After all, such incidentshaved happened before. A few years ago, a certain actress received similar treatment while filming a promotional video, which became a hot topic in the industry.

As time went on, no one dared to play tricks in front of Xue Hang, and even if they did, they didn’t dare to be too blatant.

Unexpectedly, there was such a bold move!

Who didn’t know that Xue Hang hated people who played tricks on him the most? Perhaps Jiang Nian’s move was meant to assert her identity and gain better benefits and status for herself. She had just praised Xue Hang to the heavens in public, but then turned around and used seduction tactics. What a cunning move indeed!

And this tactic happened to be what Xue Hang hated the most.

Thinking like this, the looks of pity and sympathy in the eyes of others towards Jiang Nian became apparent. Didn’t Xue Hang’s expression, which was a mix of shock and speechlessness, indicate that he didn’t expect to help Jiang Nian only to be used by her, and now he was angry!

Just when they thought Xue Hang would throw Jiang Nian out, Xue Hang’s attitude surprised everyone greatly!

He held her, neither throwing her out nor stepping back, nor showing any indifference or impatience. He stiffened his body and unexpectedly found the girl’s body to be soft, with a delicate waist and a fragility to her. Leaning against him, he could smell a faint scent, somewhat cold and somewhat warm. He frowned, trying to recall if he had ever encountered this perfume before. He lowered his head and saw strands of ink-colored hair scattered on the girl’s round and fair shoulders and on her translucent skin like gelatinous jade…

He cleared his throat lightly, helped Jiang Nian stand steadily, and calmly said, “Are you okay? Not hurt, right?”

Jiang Nian moved her feet and shook her head gratefully, saying, “No, I’m not hurt. Thank you, Mr. Xue, for saving me once again.”

Everyone was dumbfounded. “…Ahem?!”

The assistant had already rescued Jiang Nian’s skirt from being trapped under the chair. The skirt was quite sturdy and, surprisingly, not torn apart. Of course, it was also fortunate that Jiang Nian wasn’t wearing a strapless dress; otherwise, if it had been pulled like before, the dress would have definitely fallen off, which would have been true “throwing oneself at someone.” She would have caused quite a stir in the entertainment industry.

Xue Hang gave a reserved acknowledgment, his hands back in his pockets, and said with a seemingly indifferent yet slightly reproachful tone, “Why so careless? Pay attention to where you’re going.”

Jiang Nian nodded earnestly and said, “Okay, I understand.”

Xue Hang smiled slightly. This silly girl seemed very obedient. Of course, if only her thoughts were as obedient as her actions.

Jia Ping, the assistant, the photographer, and others: “……!!!”

…This was simply a miracle!

Jia Ping couldn’t help but want to give a thumbs up, thinking to himself that Jiang Nian was indeed amazing. She actually made Xue Hang act like this! Not to mention the assistant, who was also utterly surprised. Wasn’t it supposed to be Jiang Nian unilaterally seducing, and yet their boss seemed to be waiting for an opportunity to flirt too? The expressions of the photographers, lighting technicians, and others who looked at Jiang Nian changed drastically, suddenly becoming much warmer.

Since Xue Hang’s arrival temporarily halted the shooting, the photographer allowed for a brief break, and Jia Ping asked the assistant to buy coffee and desserts.

While the makeup artist was touching up Jiang Nian’s makeup, Xue Hang sat on the side, crossing his legs and placing his hands on his knees, tilting his head slightly as he calmly watched Jiang Nian.

Jiang Nian rolled her eyes at him and said, “Mr. Xue, rest assured, I will work hard and shoot well; I won’t let you down.”

Xue Hang raised an eyebrow slightly, looking calm and composed, which made the makeup artist, who was trying to lower her presence as much as possible, tremble slightly.

Xue Hang didn’t stay long either. After drinking a cup of coffee, he left with his assistant once Jiang Nian started shooting again. As Xue Hang left, everyone in the studio breathed a sigh of relief and gathered in small groups to discuss quietly.

“Do you think there’s something going on between Mr. Xue and Jiang Nian?”

“It seems like it, but also not. And look, except for Xue Hang helping Jiang Nian up after she fell earlier, there hasn’t been any intimate behavior afterward. It seems quite normal.”

“But when has Mr. Xue ever shown such concern for a female star? I think there’s something going on!”

Not to mention these outsiders, even Jia Ping couldn’t help but ask Jiang Nian privately about her relationship with Xue Hang. “I was quite surprised that Mr. Xue came to visit your set today. Do you really have nothing with Mr. Xue…?”

Jiang Nian said earnestly, “What I said today to the public wasn’t just polite words to shut others up. For me, Mr. Xue is truly a very good person. I don’t want all the messy things around me to affect him. Big Brother Jia, if there are any rumors about Mr. Xue because of me, please help explain. I don’t want to cause him unnecessary trouble. Good people deserve good rewards.”

Jia Ping felt assured. It seemed that there was really nothing between Jiang Nian and Xue Hang; at most, they were close friends who appreciated each other. At least Jiang Nian didn’t seem to have any special feelings.

Meanwhile, back in his office, after dealing with a few business matters, Xue Hang’s assistant pointed at his chest in surprise and said, “Mr. Xue, your clothes…”

Xue Hang glanced at him, then looked down. It turned out that at some point, there was a faint lipstick mark on his white shirt, right at his chest.

It should have been left at that time, and he hadn’t noticed it all this time.

Suddenly, he remembered Jiang Nian’s lips… kissing his chest… He felt a tingling sensation in his scalp, his ears felt hot, and his breathing became heavier.

The assistant knew that although Xue Hang didn’t have a severe case of cleanliness obsession, he still liked cleanliness. Moreover, having a woman’s lipstick mark on his clothes was not appropriate at all. He immediately said, “Mr. Xue, you should take off your shirt; I’ll have someone send it for cleaning.”

Xue Hang waved his hand coldly. “That’s enough; you can leave.”

The assistant replied, “Then I’ll put the shirt aside; I’ll come to pick it up later.”

After the assistant left, Xue Hang looked at the shirt and could still faintly smell the light fragrance from the girl’s body.

After completing the promotional video for Xue’s, Jiang Nian went to the film and television city to shoot the new drama “Before Dawn.”

This was a period drama set in the Republic of China era, where Jiang Nian played the female lead role, while the male lead role was played by the renowned actor Xiao Qian, known as the Emperor of Hundred Flowers. Although the supporting male roles didn’t have a huge fan base, they were also talented actors.

Jia Ping said that the director of this drama was quite stubborn, originally feeling a bit emotional about having Jiang Nian as the female lead, but after seeing the Weibo posts she made and the interview video from that day, he changed his mind. He said Jiang Nian had the resilience and determination of the female protagonist, Song Chengcheng.

Jiang Nian thought this was a good opportunity to prove herself. She would let the director know that not only did she have the resilience and determination of the female lead, Song Chengcheng, but she also had formidable combat skills!

As one of the underground workers, Song Chengcheng disguised herself as a teacher. She appeared weak, but in reality, she had undergone some special training, and fighting was no problem for her. Jiang Nian was adept at fighting; she could be said to have no match in the world!

(T/N: Special personnel who worked inside the enemy for a long time during the war.)

Full of confidence, Jiang Nian entered the crew, imagining a bright future. As she became more and more famous and earned more and more money, would the big golden become less?






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