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Chapter 245: The Male Lead Raises a Cat (62)

Jiang Yiran lowered his head slightly and looked at her.

“Today is the school anniversary.”

Shen Mubai widened her eyes, looking at him.

After saying this, Jiang Yiran didn’t speak again but walked towards a place until he stopped in front of a changing room.

A girl in the distance hurried over when she saw him, handing over the suit in her hands. “Classmate Jiang Yiran, there are still two performances before it’s your turn.”

Jiang Yiran took the suit, nodded lightly, and said, “Thank you.”

The girl’s face blushed slightly. After saying,

“You’re welcome,” she hurriedly left.

The suit seemed to be custom-made, as it looked quite new.

After receiving the suit, Jiang Yiran not only didn’t let go of her but also took her into the changing room with him.

Shen Mubai noticed that several girls who had been paying attention to them had subtle expressions on their faces, then they exchanged glances and communicated something.

She instantly felt a deep sense of shame.

While Jiang Yiran was taking off his clothes, she quietly slipped out of the backpack when he wasn’t paying attention and then crawled out through the gap under the door.

It’s said that a cat’s body is made of water, which was a piece of cake for Shen Mubai. After coming out, the slight sense of shame lessened a bit. Originally, she wanted to wait for the cat litter officer at the door, but smelling the scent of dried fish, she couldn’t help but look around.

Her body involuntarily moved forward for a distance. The smell of dried fish became stronger and stronger. Shen Mubai hesitated, then decided to turn around and leave. After all, if the cat litter officer didn’t find her when he came out, he would be angry.

An angry, cat litter officer was particularly hard to appease.

Just as she was about to turn around and leave, a shadow fell behind her, and then she was trapped in a sack, caught off guard.

After achieving her goal, Xu Qinglu hurriedly restrained the struggling cat, preventing it from making any noise. Then she hurriedly walked towards a secluded place and finally stuffed the things in her hands into a cabinet.

This place was rarely visited by students, just like teachers.

Xu Qinglu learned from several girls that Jiang Yiran had brought his cat today, so she impulsively had a wicked idea. She didn’t know why she did it. It’s just that whenever she thought of Jiang Yiran’s tenderness only towards that girl and the cat she gave him, she felt a strong sense of resentment.

She tried to please him several times, trying to find a chance to get close to Jiang Yiran through this cat, but she hit a wall everywhere.

Did she hate Jiang Yiran? Of course, she did, but she loved him more.

So she brought this cat here just to retaliate against Jiang Yiran. You don’t want to spare me a second glance? Then I’ll hide your cat, causing discord between you and your girlfriend. No matter how good your relationship is, there will be a gap because of this incident, right?

The beloved cat given by the loved one disappeared under his own nose, causing self-blame and guilt, leading to emotional changes due to the other’s disappointment.

Xu Qinglu smiled triumphantly. It would be her time to shine soon.

Even if Jiang Yiran didn’t like her anymore, he couldn’t bear to reject her repeatedly.

The cat in her hand kept struggling in the sack. Suddenly, a picture flashed through Xu Qinglu’s mind. She hesitated, slowly opened the pocket, glanced at the cat inside, and finally widened her eyes slightly.

Because she found that the Chinese domestic cat in front of her was the same one she had encountered at the beginning, no wonder she always felt a bit familiar.


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