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Chapter 246: The Male Lead Raises a Cat (63)

And Shen Mubai, at the moment she saw her face, was also very angry and quickly gave her a swipe, “Meow!”

Xu Qinglu didn’t expect it and suffered a loss. Seeing the cat about to jump out, she quickly pressed it down.

Then she tied the rope beside her into a knot and finally stuffed it into the cabinet, angrily scolding, “You little bastard, watch how I deal with you when you get back.”

Amidst a series of grumbles, the door was finally closed, and Shen Mubai continuously meowed, trying to attract someone’s attention. But it seemed like no one was around, and the students were either in the audience or preparing for their performances.

She decided to wait a little longer, absolutely not willing to exchange points until it was absolutely necessary.

After Jiang Yiran came out, a girl hurriedly shouted to him, “Classmate Jiang, over here.”

But he didn’t pay attention to her, instead looking around frantically for something and calling out a name.

Some of the girls had already noticed something was wrong with him, exchanging glances. Just then, Jiang Yiran asked them, “Did anyone see a yellow and white cat?”

After speaking, he gestured, his expression somewhat anxious.

The girls shook their heads one by one and said, “No, we were all busy preparing just now and didn’t notice anything around us.”

Seeing Jiang Yiran’s obvious distress, they couldn’t help but feel sorry for him. Even the usually cold and distant Jiang Yiran had this expression, so that cat must be very important to him.

Not getting the answer he wanted, Jiang Yiran forced himself to calm down, quickly analyzing the situation. The other person wouldn’t have left voluntarily; something must have happened.

He turned around with a dark expression, and a girl behind him shouted, “Classmate Jiang, your performance is about to start.”

At that moment, Jiang Yiran, who was preoccupied with thoughts of the cat, didn’t pay attention to her and instead asked nearby students, but still didn’t get any useful information.

Just then, a girl who had been fiddling with something suddenly looked up and said, “Oh, I remember.”

Jiang Yiran stared at her intently.

Feeling a bit embarrassed under his gaze, the girl continued, “When everyone was busy just now, I saw a girl from your class coming in without much on her hands, but when she left, it seemed like she was holding something. I didn’t see clearly… She looked a bit flustered… She’s quite pretty and seems to have some reputation at our school. I forgot her name, but I remember she had a pink bow on her head… Big eyes…”

Before she could finish, she heard a cold male voice say, “Thank you.”

Her ears burning, she looked up, but the person was already gone, leaving her puzzled.

The person beside her said, “Classmate Jiang seemed really nervous.”

“Yeah, I saw him from afar earlier, looking like he was about to devour someone, which scared me.”

“I envy that cat. I always thought classmate Jiang seemed emotionless, and I was curious if he ever smiled. I didn’t expect him to have a side we don’t know about.”

As Jiang Yiran’s performance was about to begin, Xu Qinglu couldn’t help but feel a little excited. Her eyes were fixed on the stage, and as the curtain fell and the host’s voice echoed, her eyes sparkled.

Jiang Yiran would soon be coming out, and she had imagined countless times what he would look like in formal attire. Finally, she was about to see it.



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