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Chapter 249: The Male Lead Raises a Cat (66)

There was not a trace of adornment on his face; his natural advantages were fully displayed in everyone’s sight at that moment. His fair and slender hands continued to move gracefully over the piano keys. With his eyelids slightly lowered, it seemed like he was earnestly focused on something; his whole demeanor was unbelievably gentle.

Shen Mubai sat in Jiang Yiran’s arms, listening to the piece he played. It was as if the whole world had quieted down at that moment.

She seemed to forget the people in the audience and the fact that this was on stage. While quietly listening, she couldn’t help but be absorbed by Jiang Yiran’s eyes.

Though his eyes were slightly lowered, his hand movements on the keys were flawless. Even as he played, his gaze remained fixed on her, as if whispering something tender to her.

The moment of eye contact between the boy and the cat seemed frozen in time.

The students in the audience were involuntarily influenced by the piano melody. The gentle, almost tear-inducing feeling made some girls’ eyes slightly red. Until the piece was finished, some people still hadn’t fully reacted.

Sparse applause started first, then thunderous applause followed.

Amidst everyone’s gaze, Jiang Yiran perfectly took his bow with his cat.

It wasn’t until his figure disappeared from the stage that the students in the audience began to discuss, albeit belatedly.

Some girls sniffled as they spoke. “Tears were falling. How did I not realize this piano piece could be so tender? It’s the first time I’ve cried for a piece, not because of sadness, but because it’s so gentle it makes you want to cry.”

“You don’t know, halfway through the performance, I couldn’t help but cry. Jiang Yiran is really something. Normally, he’s so aloof, it’s like he’s not human, but when he’s gentle, he can steal the hearts of all the girls. How am I supposed to get married in the future?”

“Jiang Yiran is the only male god in my life. That scene just now was incredible. The boy and the cat in the time were flawless.”

“Wait, the piece dedicated to his cat; isn’t this piano piece a whisper and confession to his lover?”

“Haha, don’t think too much. Maybe this cat was given to him by someone important.”

“I can’t help but feel something’s odd, but Jiang Yiran’s playing is really beautiful. I still can’t shake off that infectious feeling. I can’t think anymore. I want to cry again. What should I do?”

“Thank goodness I recorded the audio. I won’t have to worry about staying up until three or four in the morning due to insomnia anymore.”

Even though there were more performances afterward, most of the students’ minds remained on the piano piece from earlier, savoring it for a long time.

After that day, Xu Qinglu’s days at school were not easy. The malicious act of hiding Jiang Yiran’s cat was exposed, and even the boys who previously liked her in class couldn’t help but become suspicious of her. Those girls directly distanced themselves from her, intentionally or unintentionally. Then, someone leaked information, saying they once saw Xu Qinglu feeding stray cats and dogs outside of school, but when a feral cat tried to approach her, she kicked it away.

The classmates who witnessed this were indignant, but Xu Qinglu’s friends defended her, saying that the stray cat was trying to bite her, and Xu Qinglu didn’t want to hurt it, but someone misunderstood her intentions.

Now that the truth was revealed, those boys who thought she was kind felt ashamed and now avoided Xu Qinglu whenever they saw her.



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