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Chapter 86

The Soul Crossing Formation, as a grand array of sacrificing the body for the Dharma in Buddhism, possesses formidable power. Coupled with the refinement of thousands of souls sealed within Goose City for an entire year, the power of the array became even more unstoppable.

Under the golden light that filled the sky, demons and monsters throughout the city had nowhere to hide. Even their panicked wails couldn’t escape before turning into dust and shadows, disappearing without a trace.

Ning Ning stood alone in the desolate Buddhist hall, gazing around with a sense of melancholy.

In the past, Chen Lubai had brought them here while wandering the streets and alleys in the illusion.

The Lingquan Temple used to be enveloped in Buddhist light, with majestic Buddha statues and bustling crowds of worshippers. But now it was desolate and quiet, with only her left.

The flames on the altar still flickered, but the girl who had stood there before was long gone. Ning Ning looked at where she had stood before, wiping away the tears from the corners of her eyes, when she heard the footsteps of Zheng Weiqi and others behind her, without leaving a trace.

Destroying her appearance, inviting demons into her body, putting on a mask of deceit day after day, and transforming into a completely different person.

Chen Lubai was so brave; she didn’t need anyone’s pity or sympathy.

Ning Ning respected her.

With Chen Lubai’s death and the advent of the golden light, the trial of this pagoda also came to an end.

The old Goose City was no more.


This journey was fruitful for everyone.

In fact, there are many ways for cultivators to make money. However, Ning Ning and others, as disciples of the sect, rarely had the opportunity to leave the mountain.

Most of the time, they stayed in the sect to cultivate and practice, with their only source of income being the pocket money given by the Xuanxu Sword Sect every month.

But cultivating the sword, buying sword manuals, and purchasing materials for talisman-making all required money. It’s well known that cosmetics and skincare products are expensive, regardless of time or place.

If you want to maintain your appearance, you have to spend a lot of money.

This led to many disciples not making ends meet, especially the sword cultivators, who loved to cause trouble. When they practiced swordsmanship, they either cut down ancient trees on the mountain or destroyed the stone pillars in the martial arts arena. Once their violent temper erupted, they might even pick fights with others.

Repair fees, medical expenses, maintenance fees, and all kinds of expenses immediately put even more pressure on impoverished families.

But now things are different!

The reform A spring breeze blows across the land, and within the tower, there is real determination. The children have money and are finally standing up on their own two feet!

Ning Ning was no longer a little chick waiting for the sect’s relief every month. She now had the confidence even to sip tea gracefully, casually lifting the teacup and saying those elegant and mellow words, “1982, Bai Kai.”

Tian Xanzi didn’t understand the meaning of this sentence, but she often said things with inexplicable meanings, so he just thought that his disciple was tired from practicing swordsmanship and was talking nonsense to herself.

He sat on the white floor, not showing the demeanor of an aloof expert, and directly sat on the ground with his legs crossed. “Ning Ning, what brings you here specifically?”

“I, along with my senior sister and junior brother, have passed through the Goose City Demon Transformation inside the tower.”

Ning Ning said softly, “Master, since there was indeed a Goose City in history, what was its ultimate fate?”

In the illusion, she had the most contact with Chen Lubai. Later, when the illusion was broken, it was Ning Ning who witnessed the little girl throwing herself into the fire without regard for her own safety.

She had never experienced much separation or death before, and her mind still retained the innocence of a young girl. Moreover, Chen Lubai’s sacrifice was so heroic that she naturally couldn’t remain indifferent.

“Goose City?”

Tian Xanzi recalled for a moment, faintly smiling, “That level is quite difficult. You actually passed it?”

As a training ground specially opened by the Xuanxu Sword Sect for its disciples, the Floating Tower not only tests swordsmanship but also considers the mind and strategy. Among them, the Goose City Demon Transformation is undoubtedly the most challenging.

Every inner disciple and direct disciple of the sect can enter the tower, and the instance is reused in cycles. Even if someone has passed through before, other disciples can continue to participate in the challenge. However, the one who passes first will receive many rewards.

As Pei Ji said, building illusions requires a huge amount of spiritual power and usually involves using memories to blend with illusions. The Floating Tower is no exception, and most of its illusions are based on real events.

“As for the matter of Goose City, it is actually closely related to our sect.”

Seeing the little girl in front of him slightly widen her eyes, Tian Xanzi smiled mysteriously.

“At that time, during the battle between immortals and demons, every sect was too busy to spare any energy to exterminate demons in Goose City. They could only lay down a net to temporarily trap their movements. It was at that time that several disciples of the Xuanxu Sword Sect volunteered to go to Goose City to investigate.”

The scenes in the Floating Tower are all transformed from real events, so—

Ning Ning blurted out, “Did those disciples experience the same things as us?”


Tian Xanzi nodded.

“First, they fell into the maze set up by Miss Chen Lubai, and then they went out to fight demons and assist her in completing the Soul Crossing Formation.”

Pausing for a moment, he murmured as if to himself, “Strange, after so many years, I still remember her name.”



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