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Chapter 87

So, in the real history that occurred, Chen Lubai succeeded.

Ning Ning breathed a sigh of relief, but there was still some sadness in her heart. She took a sip of water and continued to ask, “Master, what happened to that old locust tree?”

“Under the Soul Crossing Formation, evil demons are sure to be eliminated.”

Tian Xanzi paused, his voice softening a bit.

“From the moment it agreed to assist Chen Lubai, it had already understood the final outcome. You don’t need to be too sad; it was their choice without regret, avenging their grievances without leaving any regrets. Moreover, with karma binding and the cycles of reincarnation, there will always be a time to reunite.”

Ning Ning remained silent for a while before speaking in a muffled voice, “The disciples who volunteered to go to Goose City back then… are they still in Xuanxu now?”

Tian Xanzi chuckled softly.

“Didn’t expect that, did you?”

He said, “The one who saw through the illusion and assisted Chen Lubai in completing the Soul Crossing Formation back then—hey, it’s your eldest senior brother, Meng Jue.”

“No, no!”

The small courtyard was tranquil, but suddenly, a female voice sounded as if she had gone mad, startling a flock of birds: “Is this question something a human can solve? Meng Jue, did you specifically choose a difficult question to deceive me?”

Then came a gentle and soothing, slightly helpless laughter from a young man’s voice: “Junior sister, this is a test question from two years ago. Before attempting the question, you need to first understand the intentions of the elder who set it.”

“What intentions could he possibly have? He just wants me to fail!”

Ning Ning was taken aback by the sound and lightly knocked on the door.

After the Goose City checkpoint, although they had obtained many treasures, they were too exhausted at the time and had no spare energy to distribute the treasures. So, they agreed to discuss it today.

Hearing the sound from the room… it seemed that the senior sister was preparing for an exam.

Zheng Weiqi in the room had long been dizzy from the test questions. Now, upon hearing the knock on the door, she knew it was Ning Ning and the others coming. She felt rejuvenated, as if seeing the light in the darkness, and she sat up with a start, smiling and asking where the guests came from. “Come in!”

Ning Ning pushed the door open and entered, followed by Pei Ji and He Zhizhou.

Inside the room, besides Zheng Weiqi, there was also a young man in white clothes, as elegant as jade.

He was the eldest senior brother, Meng Jue.

Meng Jue was exceptionally talented, excelling in both scholarly and martial pursuits. If Tian Xanzi were to choose the most reassuring disciple, nine out of ten times it would be him—

For some reason, since Meng Jue, the four disciples he recruited afterward were one stranger than the other, He had thought that this child would be the glory of the sect, but unexpectedly, he reached his peak.

Perhaps it was true what they said: “Meeting you drained me of all my luck.”

Among Tian Xanzi’s disciples, Ning Ning had the least contact with this eldest senior brother. After all, he was either practicing swordsmanship in seclusion or going down the mountain to subdue demons all day long, rarely showing his face or interacting with others, let alone getting to know them deeply.

Meng Jue was slender and tall, with eyes like bright stars. The saying “jade among stones, green among pines” couldn’t be more fitting for him. Moreover, the corners of his thin lips often held a smile, making people feel a sense of closeness.

—If you ignore the fact that this person is an out-and-out black heart lotus, he even smiles when he kills people.

Ning Ning couldn’t help but think that it seemed that in the next plot point, the eldest senior brother would join the main group.

And her meticulously planned death-defying schemes would escalate, and the more ruthless she became, the more miserable she would be retaliated against by Meng Jue in the future.

It was so infuriating. Was this the fate of the vicious supporting female character?

He Zhizhou was casual and greeted them openly: “Senior sister Zheng, are you still preparing for the academy’s literary exam?”

The second disciple of Tian Xanzi’s sect had long been famous throughout the entire sect. In simpler terms, while others were going through “five years of high school, three years of mock exams,” she managed to “survive fifty years of high school, thirty years of mock exams” without getting tainted, and stubbornly became a “student” even when her former classmates were now her teachers.

It was quite embarrassing.

“Since everyone is here today, how can I bury my nose in books? Come, sit down! You rarely see Meng Jue, right?”

Zheng Weiqi was overjoyed to see a savior and could temporarily escape from the incessant chatter of her eldest senior brother. She happily exclaimed, “Come, chat with the eldest senior brother!”

Meng Jue’s expression remained unchanged, and there was a smile in his sword-like eyebrows and star-like eyes. He nodded at them and said, “The Ten Methods Assembly is coming soon. I wonder how everyone is preparing?”

Sure enough, he was a study god; he brought up this matter as soon as he opened his mouth.

The Ten Methods Assembly was the next important plot point in the original story.







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