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Chapter 88

Unlike the previous Xiao Chongshan Secret Realm, although the Ten Methods Assembly also gathered elite disciples from various sects, compared to Xiao Chongshan, where only Golden Core cultivators and below participated and the goal was solely to search for spiritual treasures, this event appeared much more formal and stringent.

At the time, elite disciples from various sects would all gather, and after multiple selections, they would finally compete on the stage to determine the outcome. It was a real, serious battle where there was no room for favoritism or holding back.

The original body had used many tricks against Pei Ji in order to win, leading to a complete escalation of conflicts.

Ning Ning felt another pang in her heart.

Zheng Weiqi glared at him.

“Why are you always talking about these things?”

Then she turned her head, grinned, and said, “Since junior brother and sister have come to my courtyard, why not let me show you my treasures!”

When she said “treasures,” they were actually items that couldn’t be sold. After saying this, she left the wooden table and swiftly approached a pear wood box, skillfully opening it.

Sunlight lazily strolled in through the window, and Ning Ning saw the dust dancing in the light on top of the box.

“Unsellable items, mostly clothing.”

Zheng Weiqi said with a sorrowful expression, covering her mouth as she sighed, “It’s a pity that no one is willing to wear them. Even if I want to see how these clothes look on those children, it’s an unattainable hope.”

With that expression and that tone, she resembled an old mother who couldn’t marry off her daughter.

He Zhizhou was the most enthusiastic about this kind of thing and took a step forward without hesitation.

“Don’t worry, we are here!”

Zheng Weiqi lowered her gaze, still covering her mouth with her sleeve. “Really? But they’re not liked, and they don’t look good…”

“I definitely won’t mind!”

Zheng Weiqi glanced at him faintly.

For some reason, He Zhizhou felt a chill in his heart, vaguely feeling that something was wrong.

So Zheng Weiqi turned away without saying a word.

When she turned back, she was holding several pieces of clothing in her hand—red, pink, green, and flowery—but not a single one that anyone could wear.

And He Zhizhou seemed to have noticed.

These are all damn women’s clothes.

He finally understood why Zheng Weiqi had covered her mouth with her sleeve when she was trying to hook him.

This woman… she was laughing maniacally!

But this venomous woman with a scorpion’s heart still laughed innocently, “Well, thank you all very much.”

He Zhizhou: “Heh heh.”

He Zhizhou: “I think—”

“Among fellow disciples, there’s no need for excessive thanks.”

Before he could finish speaking, he heard Meng Jue beside him speak up. His voice was as gentle as a breeze under clear moonlight, refined and easy-going, “Let us try on these clothes.”

He Zhizhou: ?

No way, Senior Meng, have you lost your mind from studying too much? These are women’s clothes! Women’s clothes!

He really wanted to refuse, but then he heard Meng Jue’s voice again, “As Junior Brother He just said, we will definitely not mind.”

You’re ruthless.

He Zhizhou took a deep breath, forcing out a smile uglier than crying, “Yes, haha.”

Once he agreed, everyone in the room turned to Pei Ji.

The taciturn young man was like a lamb entering a wolf’s den. Even if he held his sword with a cold face, he couldn’t escape the fate of being a lamb to be slaughtered.

“Junior Brother…” Zheng Weiqi started.

Pei Ji glanced at her, then looked at Ning Ning’s expectant expression.

He tightened his grip on the sword, lowered his head, and replied, “Hmm.”

So Ning Ning, Pei Ji, Meng Jue, and He Zhizhou entered a small room in the courtyard, while Zheng Weiqi patiently waited in the room.

He Zhizhou was the first to come out.

He was wearing a light pink wide-sleeved Moonlight skirt, with many folds in the long skirt. As he moved lightly, it seemed like the faint moonlight swayed with the wind, exuding a light and elegant demeanor with every step.

Zheng Weiqi desperately suppressed the urge to burst out laughing. In order not to let He Zhizhou notice the corners of her mouth lifting, she stood up on a handstand right then and there.

When you can’t help but smile, if you can do a handstand, your lips, which were supposed to curl upwards, will turn downward.

There’s logic to it; you can’t deny it.

— What nonsense! This isn’t even considered a good idea ! Who gave you the courage to laugh so freely after doing a handstand!

He Zhizhou just wanted to give this venomous woman a blow with his sword when suddenly a sound of a door being pushed open brushed past his ears, causing him to subconsciously turn his head.

Ning Ning and Meng Jue didn’t know what they were dawdling about, but the second person to come out was actually Pei Ji.

He obviously didn’t understand how to wear women’s clothing properly, and his light blue Flowing Immortal skirt was worn crookedly.

However, his appearance was excellent. Even though he was wearing women’s clothing improperly, he still exuded a seductive charm, his neck as white as flawless jade.

Pei Ji had no expression on his face, and wearing women’s clothing made him look like he was ready to kill.

After the two of them came out of the room, Ning Ning and Meng Jue simultaneously pushed open the door. He Zhizhou wanted to see how the stunning Senior Brother Meng looked in women’s clothing, but to his surprise, he eagerly turned his head—

Why didn’t you two bastards change your clothes at all? ! !

He Zhizhou heard something crack.

He felt dizzy and seemed to ask, “Senior Brother Meng, your clothes…”




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