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Chapter 78: Mother-Son Relationship

The next day.

Recruitment at Xuanyun Academy continued.

Su Hua slept until late in the morning before getting up to have breakfast downstairs.

There were already quite a few people in the inn’s hall, so Su Hua casually chose a corner seat.

“Did any talented students appear at Xuanyun yesterday?”

“No, their qualifications are not even as good as the previous batch. Speaking of which, weren’t you going to the auction yesterday? Did you get the Evil Wind Sword?”

“Sigh, don’t mention it. Yesterday, a young and beautiful woman appeared at the auction, and she bought up everything except the main items.”

“Is she that rich?”

“Yeah, I calculated it; it’s up to two million gold coins.”

“I heard she’s not from the four major families?”

“No, the people from the four major families were there too, but not in the same private room. We don’t know which hidden family she’s from.”

Su Hua ate breakfast and listened to the gossip. As the creator of gossip, Su Hua was very satisfied.

Suddenly, someone sat opposite her. Su Hua raised her eyebrows in surprise.

Mu Ye was dressed the same as yesterday, speaking briefly, “Eat.”

“Eat, is this enough for you?”

Mu Ye shook his head.

Su Hua ordered some snacks for him again.

“Weren’t you afraid of me yesterday? Why did you come back today?”

“Don’t know.”

Su Hua smiled. She knew that the person in front of her had a blackening value of over a hundred, not a good guy.

After breakfast, Mu Ye reached out and said, “Money.”

Wow, this boss is amazing, refreshing my worldview again.

Host, don’t you like this shameless type?

Can’t I like it and still complain a bit?

“…” Let’s just quietly be a good beauty system.

“There were over a thousand gold coins there yesterday, and you’ve already spent them all so quickly?”

Mu Ye withdrew his hand, got up, and was about to leave.

“Stop right there.” Damn, I really owe you again.

Su Hua took out another purse and said, “Here, take it, but no stealing.”

Mu Ye took it without a word of thanks and left the inn directly.

Su Hua watched his back for a while before muttering, “Am I his mother now?”

De’er silently complained. Isn’t this just raising a son?

Ignoring Mu Ye’s matters, Su Hua went to Xuanyun Academy in a very good mood. Today, the female lead was going to show off, and she wanted to watch the show.

“Host, our task is Mu Ye.” De’er reminded again.

Su Hua didn’t care. “What’s the rush, Anyway, the blackening value is already one hundred; take it slow; it’s more important to watch the show first.”

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Su Hua still didn’t get to see Meng Yunxin’s show-off face. On the way, she encountered Mu Ye again.

He was lying on the ground, still tightly holding the purse Su Hua had just given him.


Hearing the voice, the three immediately looked towards the person at the entrance of the alley.

A girl was wearing a light green dress with delicate features and fair skin. At this moment, there was a hint of anger in her eyes, making her look even more lively and attractive.

The fragmented sunlight fell, scattered around her, for a moment, as if a fairy accidentally fell into this mundane world.

“Little girl, I advise you not to meddle.”

A big man stood up, exuding a menacing aura. “We are members of the Gale Mercenary Group; hurry up and get lost!”

The girl’s anger dissipated from her face, her eyes slightly narrowed, with a hint of mockery. “What if I don’t leave?”

“If you don’t leave, don’t blame us for being impolite.”

The big man’s mouth moved slightly; he was already starting to chant a spell.


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