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Chapter 79: The Boss After Blackening

Su Hua sneered, and with a slight movement of her hand, a sword was already gripped in her hand.

“Water Arrow, Strike!”

Dozens of arrows formed from water shot straight towards Su Hua.

Su Hua smiled slightly, wielding her sword with both hands and deflecting all the attacks aside, turning them into a puddle of water.

“It’s the Evil Wind Sword.” Another bearded man watching the battle immediately recognized the sword in Su Hua’s hand.

Ordinary swords cannot deflect magical attacks unless they are made of countless crystal nuclei refined by some master craftsmen. The Evil Wind Sword wielded by Su Hua was made using crystal nuclei.

The bearded man was slightly surprised, but it quickly turned into excitement. “So, you’re the woman from yesterday’s auction. I heard you acquired quite a few good things, but unfortunately, they’re all going to be ours today.”

With that said, the two men exchanged glances. One began to chant an incantation, while the other drew a sword and lunged at Su Hua.

Magicians generally have weaker physical constitutions, and chanting spells requires time. At this moment, if there is a body-refining practitioner assisting, the cooperation of two against one magician is simply perfect.

Su Hua easily dodged the big man’s sword, while water-based attacks were already coming from the other side. Su Hua smirked, leaping upward suddenly, hooking her legs around the bearded man’s head, and then kicking him towards the water-based attack.


The bearded man let out a cry of pain.

The pain made the bearded man extremely angry, and he swung his big sword continuously at Su Hua.

Su Hua sidestepped and simultaneously waved her small hand, sending a powerful sword qi invisibly sweeping toward the big man.


The bearded man was swept to the ground by the sword qi. The other big man, seeing this, quickly cast several small spells in succession, but Su Hua dodged them all.

“You still want to steal my things.”

Su Hua snorted coldly, kicking the big man five meters away, crashing into the wall. “Who gave you the courage?”

Not Liang Jingru, for sure!

Mu Ye had already stood up without hesitation, took out a dagger, and, under the terrified gazes of the two big men, directly stabbed into the hearts of both.

A fatal blow!

“This villain is so ruthless, not even blinking an eye when killing two people.”

Su Hua retorted, “You don’t understand. This is obviously cool! What can I do? I really like the boss after blackening; it’s just too cool.”

“…”It cannot expect to be consistent with the host’s three views.

Taking out what they had on them, Mu Ye walked up to Su Hua and spat out two words: “Deal with it.”

If the bodies weren’t disposed of, once the people from the Gale Mercenary Group found out, they would surely be hunted down.

“Hey, do you have anything like corpse-disposal water or something?”

“No.” How could it have something so horrifying!

“Indeed, a rubbish system.”

Su Hua waved her hand, and the bodies of the two men disappeared immediately.

Mu Ye thought Su Hua had put the bodies in the space and didn’t ask further.

“Did they steal your gold coins yesterday?”

Mu Ye nodded. As an advanced magician, his cultivation was not high, and only a few people could easily defeat him.

“Do you want to improve your cultivation?”

Mu Ye, this villain, had been tormented in the early stages. He had no parents, abandoned in the snowy fields during the harsh winter. Luckily, he was picked up by a rural family, which allowed him to survive.

But the good times didn’t last long. At the age of five, the farmer’s family was killed, and he happened to be playing outside that day, narrowly escaping death.

After that, it was various stealing and wandering to gradually survive, and over the years, he relied only on an introductory book and self-exploration to cultivate.

With no one to guide him and no medicinal herbs, he could only rely on his own comprehension, so cultivation naturally progressed very slowly.

Living until now and experiencing all sorts of ups and downs in the world, Mu Ye’s heart could be said to have long been twisted.

Cheated, beaten, bullied—once he tried to believe in people, but the results left him deeply scarred.


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