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Chapter 80: Enrollment

So the first time they met, Mu Ye would steal Su Hua’s money.

For Su Hua’s advances, he would accept them all.

After all, he had nothing much to lose, and he wouldn’t get hurt again because he wouldn’t believe anyone would be good to him.


Mu Ye coldly uttered two words, feeling somewhat uncomfortable inside.

He didn’t hope that the girl opposite him would also have a purpose in approaching him because she made him feel comfortable and want to get closer.

Su Hua smiled and pointed at him with her finger. “You; I want you.”

Mu Ye frowned, feeling his heartbeat skip a beat. He quickly adjusted his breathing and nodded. “Okay.”

Many years later, Mu Ye recalled the way the girl pointed at him and couldn’t help but feel grateful that he had nodded inadvertently back then.

“Okay, does that mean you agree?”


“Then let’s go.”

The warm and soft hand of the girl held his cold big hand, and although he instinctively wanted to pull away, he found himself held even tighter by the girl.

The warmth in that hand made him reluctant to let go.

He could only hold onto his heart and not let himself sink.

When Su Hua reached the gate of the academy, the female protagonist had already finished testing, and everyone around was discussing Meng Yunxin’s talent.

Just as she was about to step into the academy, she felt a tug on her hand. Su Hua turned and asked, “What’s wrong?”


Su Hua’s leg-hair translation went online: I am a dark magician; I can’t enter the Xuanyun Academy.

“I forgot about this.”

Su Hua took out a bracelet from her space and put it on him, saying, “Now it’s okay. The magic you release will be light magic.”

Mu Ye initially learned dark magic because he felt very dark himself and also because dark magic made one powerful faster. However, over the years, he had not mastered it, so his level had remained stagnant.

Su Hua was a grand mage, while Mu Ye was a senior mage. Although his level was slightly lower, it still met the enrollment requirements of the academy. After paying the tuition fee, the two successfully became students at Xuanyun.


Su Hua’s leg hair translation went online again: Why come to the academy to study?

“To improve cultivation.”

Su Hua felt for the first time that people in this world could understand each other without words; otherwise, how could she always guess what Mu Ye was saying.

Xuanyun Academy’s dormitories consisted of rooms for two, four, and six people. Su Hua was wealthy, so naturally, she arranged for them to stay in a room for two.

It was a pity that men and women couldn’t share rooms, which was really conservative.

De’er silently complained. Throughout history, were there any dormitories in schools where men and women could live together?

Fortunately, their dormitory building was not far away—just across the street, a hundred meters away.

Because of Mu Ye’s appearance, they attracted many curious glances. Su Hua pulled him along and said, “Let’s go buy clothes and daily necessities now.”

“Okay.” Mu Ye looked at her, always holding his hand, feeling strange emotions surging within him.

“Meng Yunxin, don’t think that just because you can practice now, Prince Hao will no longer divorce you. Let me tell you, Hao Wang likes our Chu Chu.”

(T/N: I made a mistake before; it is supposed to be Prince Hao, not King Hao.)

Meng Yunxin looked at Cao Shiling and Meng Yunchu on the opposite side, a cold smile playing at the corner of her mouth.

A round-faced girl beside her immediately retorted, “Whether Prince Hao breaks off the engagement or not is none of your business.”

“What we say has nothing to do with you.”


Meng Yunchu pulled her, “Don’t be like this. After all, Yunxin is the future princess. You’re being rude.”

Cao Shiling disregarded her.

“I’m stating facts. Besides being the legitimate daughter of the Meng family, what else does Meng Yunxin have? In terms of cultivation, temperament, and level, she’s not as good as you!”


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