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Chapter 81: A Tree Stands Out in the Forest, and the Wind Will Destroy It

Meng Yunchu looked apologetically at Meng Yunxin.

“Yunxin, I apologize on behalf of Shiling. She speaks her mind bluntly. Don’t blame her. There’s nothing between me and Prince Hao. Please don’t misunderstand.”

“I’m not interested in Prince Hao. Please don’t disturb me in the future.” Meng Yunxin said it coldly and then pulled the round-faced girl away.

“You—” Cao Shiling was furious. “Chuchu, look at her; she’s so arrogant.”

Meng Yunchu suppressed the killing intent in her eyes and gently said to Cao Shiling, “It’s okay, Yunxin didn’t mean it. Let’s go.”

The people on the square quickly dispersed.

Su Hua clicked her tongue in disappointment, feeling very sorry that they didn’t start fighting.

“Let’s go.”

When buying clothes, Su Hua finally saw Mu Ye’s true appearance.

The young man had fair skin, as if he never saw the sunlight, giving him a sickly pallor. His features were delicate, with sharp angles, and there was a faint gloominess between his brows, which was unappealing. However, his eyes were clear and beautiful, like those of a handsome man stepping out of a painting.

“A jade-like person beyond the world, a young master with no equal.”

Damn, a villain actually looks more beautiful than me! This goddess refuses to accept it!

Sure enough, the host’s focus was always so different.

Mu Ye seemed like a natural clothes hanger. No matter what clothes he wore, he could still display his temperament.

Su Hua bought him many clothes, almost emptying the entire store if Mu Ye hadn’t stopped her.

“What a waste.”

He didn’t know when he would wear all those clothes.

“It’s okay, it’s not a waste to buy them for you.” Anyway, she was rich.

De’er snorted.

After spending a day outside, the two returned to the academy.

[Ding, Random Mission: Spend ten thousand gold coins within half an hour. Gold coins have been deposited into your inventory. Please claim them yourself.]

Su Hua accepted the mission in her mind, and the gold coins fell into her space.

“You, come here.” Su Hua waved to a man.

The man couldn’t believe it and pointed to himself. Seeing Su Hua nod, he ran excitedly to her.

“Classmate Yao, do you need any help?”

After more than a month of school, everyone in Xuanyun Academy knew about the rich Su Hua.

She often spent money at school to buy things for students. Some things were obviously cheaper outside, but she insisted on buying them at higher prices from students. Even if they offered her the normal price, she refused.

It could be said that she was peculiar.

He still remembered the most peculiar time when she offered a hundred gold coins for each compliment about Mu Ye.

“What’s the most valuable thing on you?”

Excitedly, the man took out a small porcelain bottle. “It’s the Great Strength Pill, but I only have ten of them.”

The Great Strength Pill was the most common pill, with a market price of only five hundred gold coins each.

“Ten thousand gold coins; do you sell it?”

The big man immediately nodded and said excitedly, “Sell, sell, sell.”

This Su Hua was simply the rich young lady of the landlord. Last time, his friend was chosen, and she spent ten thousand gold coins to buy something worth only a thousand gold coins, making him extremely jealous.

So now, when he went out, he also carried something with him, afraid that one day he would be chosen but have nothing to exchange.

Unexpectedly, he was chosen by Su Hua today.

[Ding, Congratulations to the host for completing the mission and gaining ten points.]

Throwing the small bottle into her space, Su Hua continued to walk towards the library.

Others looked enviously at the big man, then looked at what they were prepared to exchange, silently putting them back into their spaces and waiting for next time.

“Stop reading, let’s go eat.”

Mu Ye reluctantly put down his books and got up, being pulled out by Su Hua.

“We’re going to go out for experience tomorrow, so we need to prepare some things.”

In just over a month, Mu Ye’s magic level had risen to that of a grand mage, while Su Hua had become an intermediate magic scholar. Both of their progress was remarkable, but Su Hua concealed it with special items.

A tree stands out in the forest, and the wind will destroy it.


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