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Chapter 38-Part 1

In the main store of the Qi family, several customers impatiently sat in the lobby, chatting with each other.

“Where did all the people from the Qi family go? I’ve been sitting here for a long time, not even being greeted by anyone, not even having a cup of tea to drink.”

“The quality of their medicine is not as good as others’, and now their service is starting to decline. Maybe the Qi family doesn’t want to do business anymore!”

“If it weren’t for the sake of convenience, who would want to buy medicine from the Qi family? Now it’s even worse—just sitting here wasting time. With this time, I could have lined up to buy medicine from the Zhao family!”

Several people complained one after another, except for one person who sat silently with his head down.

“I say,” the person interrupted the others’ complaints, slowly speaking up, “don’t you guys find something strange? It’s one thing not to treat customers well. But with all the medicines fully stocked on the shelves and no one watching in the lobby, isn’t the Qi family afraid that customers will take the medicine, not pay, and just run away?”

The others looked at each other in silence. Being pointed out like this made them feel the situation was indeed suspicious.

Another person cautiously spoke up: “I thought from the beginning, don’t you guys feel a strong smell in the pharmacy? It’s quite like the smell of blood.”

“I smelled it too; I thought it was just my imagination,” someone immediately echoed.

The group of people looked at each other, and there was silence in the store for three minutes.

Suddenly, one person burst into laughter, breaking the deadlock: “The camel that dies of starvation is bigger than a horse. This is the Qi family, after all! Maybe they’re making new medicine; it’s not mature yet; that’s why it smells strange.”

This person laughed heartily, but unfortunately, no one echoed his sentiment.

So, as he laughed on, he awkwardly stopped.

“What’s the point of speculating? There are eight of us here; why don’t we go in together and see what’s going on?” the person who first raised the issue suggested.

With five level fours, two level threes, and one level two, they should be able to handle any sudden situation.

The group nodded in agreement and entered the Qi family’s store together.

The further they went, the stronger the smell of blood became and the more uneasy they felt.

When they finally entered the Qi family’s residence, they couldn’t help but stop in their tracks, turning around and running out frantically.

Mountains of corpses and seas of blood, like hell!

The pungent smell rushed madly into their nostrils.

No one wanted to look back for a second glance, let alone stay here any longer, and they all ran away one after another.

Wang Feng secretly watched the dessert shop, frowning from time to time. Catching a level two by a level five should be easy; why all the fuss?

He thought for a moment. Wasn’t Xu Jiahui also a level five? Yet she fell into the hands of an unknown pharmacist. Probably to distract attention from the drug powder and make it easier to act.

The more Wang Feng thought about it, the more it made sense. Patiently waiting for a while longer, not long after, the unknown pharmacist was escorted out of the dessert shop by a male guard, seemingly having succeeded.

This was a great achievement!

Wang Feng couldn’t help but think that Xu Jiahui failed twice while he succeeded once. That proved he was more capable than Xu Jiahui.

As Wang Feng was daydreaming about his bright future, he suddenly heard someone call his name from behind.

Slightly puzzled, he turned around, thinking, “Why is she here too? Is she trying to steal the credit?”

What greeted him was a dagger thrust straight into his heart.

“Thud—” With a sound, Wang Feng collapsed.

Even in death, his eyes remained wide open. He couldn’t understand why Xu Jiahui would attack him.

Xu Jiahui leisurely pulled out the dagger, tidied her hair, and smiled at Tang Xin.

“Shall we talk somewhere else?”

Caught off guard by the sudden turn of events, Yan Hao, not needing to act anymore, released his master.

Tang Xin, with a stern face, found a quiet, deserted place, as instructed.

Her original plan was to capture the newcomer, feed him poison, and make him obedient.

With Xu Jiahui and now another mole, the plan was just beginning. In the future, she could lure even more people to turn against them.

Wasn’t advantage accumulated bit by bit?

She hadn’t expected Xu Jiahui to suddenly appear and cleanly deal with the situation.

Though she was confident Xu Jiahui would stand by them for the scar removal ointment, in her estimation, Xu Jiahui beating Qi Huan would be the best outcome. More likely, Xu Jiahui would secretly reveal the Qi family’s confidential information to them.

Casually killing someone—what was that about?

“What do you have to say?” Tang Xin’s expression was not very good.

Xu Jiahui smiled. “Didn’t the divine doctor say that as long as I do something that displeases Qi Xing, I can exchange it for the scar removal ointment?”

Tang Xin was taken aback.

“That’s correct.”

Xu Jiahui, feeling pleased, continued, “I have wiped out the Qi family. How many boxes of ointment do you think that’s worth?”

Yan Hao’s face turned cold, taking the initiative to stand between the two, showing signs of caution.

Xu Jiahui didn’t mind.

Tang Xin suspected her ears were playing tricks on her. “Wiped out?”

“Exactly.” Xu Jiahui smiled triumphantly and said, “Qi Huan, the Qi family’s pharmacists, and the employees in the main store are all dead. Just now, I killed Wang Feng too. That means, apart from the staff in the branch stores, Qi Xing himself has no one left to use. Fortunately, his true core members are in the main store. With such a big mess, the staff in the branch stores shouldn’t dare stay at the Qi family anymore.”

“I wonder what Qi Xing’s expression would be when he comes home and sees bodies everywhere. I really want to see it with my own eyes.” Xu Jiahui murmured.

Tang Xin’s brows couldn’t help but twitch.

Taking a deep breath, she threw eight boxes of scar removal ointment at Xu Jiahui.

“As promised, this is the ointment I promised you.”

Xu Jiahui was overjoyed. With so much ointment, her face would definitely be healed.

Though the divine doctor threw them casually, she only caught six boxes, dropping two onto the ground. Unconcerned, she picked them up and put them in her pocket, praising, “The divine doctor is true to her word, I didn’t do so much for nothing.”

For her?

Tang Xin raised her eyebrows and sneered, “Don’t blame me for things you did yourself. I just said that seeing the Qi family in trouble would make me happy. But how you do it is your decision.”

Xu Jiahui said with a sheepish tone, “I did this hoping that you, divine doctor, would be satisfied and happier.”

Tang Xin remained silent. She couldn’t approve of Xu Jiahui’s actions.

Unless provoked, she wouldn’t retaliate fiercely.

For instance, in the Tang family, Tang Ning blatantly wanted her life, so she retaliated without hesitation.

Although she was stopped by the steward, and didn’t succeed.



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