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Chapter 38-Part 2

Like the group of pharmacists from the Qi family, if it were her, she would try every means to find leverage to threaten them to leave the Qi family or use advanced medical prescriptions to lure them, but she would never kill people so cleanly.

Tang Xin couldn’t help but frown at the thought of a room full of corpses, her dislike for Xu Jiahui growing stronger.

Seeing that the master’s expression wasn’t very good, Yan Hao spoke up, “We’ve given you the ointment, the deal is over, please leave.”

Xu Jiahui showed a knowing expression; perhaps they were trying to get rid of her now to have some alone time?

“Pleasant cooperation.”

After Xu Jiahui walked away, Tang Xin could finally speak her mind. She said indignantly, “There’s nothing pleasant about it.”

“Do you need me to chase after her and handle her discreetly?” Yan Hao asked abruptly.

Tang Xin shook her head.

“Qi Xing isn’t that simple. Him actively trying to befriend you means he’s up to something. Xu Jiahui went too far, but it’s a good distraction to shift Qi Xing’s attention.”

While Tang Xin indeed intended to use Xu Jiahui, hearing about her ruthless killings still filled her with disgust.

If it weren’t for her promise, she would have wanted to eliminate her on the spot after she promised to let Xu Jiahui off the hook last time.

“I understand,” Yan Hao said calmly, understanding Xu Jiahui’s value in being used.

“Qi Xing can be dealt with slowly. If you don’t like Xu Jiahui, killing her is the way to go. Someone like her is a threat to anyone alive.”

Casually resorting to killing looked like a vengeful personality.

Tang Xin hesitated for a moment and refused, “Forget it. With her alive, Qi Xing will hate her to the bone and can’t wait to deal with her. There’s no need to dirty our hands.”

“Xu Jiahui is cunning and ruthless. With her as Qi Xing’s opponent, we can act cautiously and be safer.”

“She keeps saying she did all this for me—ridiculous! I didn’t poison her and pressure her into killing. Isn’t it just an excuse to use me? If she had any good intentions, she could have done some insignificant tasks for the medicine. Or even more ruthlessly, just ignore me.”

“The enemy of my enemy is my friend. That’s how the saying goes, but ‘friends’ like Xu Jiahui should die sooner rather than later. I’ll tell Zhao Min later; let him inform Qi Xing through a few channels.”

Zhao Min received Tang Xin’s message and learned about the massacre at the Qi family, feeling quite emotional for a while.

Xu Jiahui was willing to stay nameless and work hard for Qi Xing. How many times have people talked about her behind her back?

Those with some decency would envy Qi Xing at most, having a confidante by his side, deeply devoted to him.

Some people, however, spoke ill of them, thinking a man and a woman must have an improper relationship.

But there was one thing in common.

They believed that Qi Xing’s ancestors were stirring up trouble, leading to meeting Xu Jiahui.

Zhao Min thought, Could it be that the ancestors were causing trouble, leading to Xu Jiahui annihilating them?

In the future, others probably won’t envy Qi Xing anymore.

Just as he was thinking about how to subtly pass the message to Qi Xing, Zhao Min raised his head and saw Qi Xing standing in front of him.

Accompanying Qi Xing was his father.

How did these two get together?

Zhao Min had a bad feeling in his heart.

Zhao Min’s father waved to the drugstore staff and sat down beside Zhao Min with a smile, praising, “Ah Min, I didn’t realize when I was at home, but you’re quite capable in business, a good seedling indeed.”

Zhao Min silently complained. Except for his worthless brother, who had his father ever looked at directly?

He modestly replied, “Just lucky, lucky.”

Father Zhao face turned serious, “You have talent; why didn’t you tell me earlier? If I had known, I would have focused on nurturing you. Fortunately, it’s not too late now. I’ve found a few famous teachers for you to learn from. You can learn from them first, and leave the pharmacy business to Ah Liang.”

Zhao Min narrowed his eyes slightly.

Ah Liang was the name of his worthless brother.

Wasn’t his father trying to grab the peaches with an empty hand? Leaving most of the Zhao family business to Ah Liang, was it still not enough?

Zhao Min’s eyes wandered secretly, scanning Qi Xing. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. This matter was probably related to him.

“I’m dull-witted. Even if I study hard, I won’t learn anything. Ah Liang is different, he’s been smart since he was a child. Father, you should let him study.”

Zhao Min paused and smiled innocently, “Moreover, I’ve already left home to stand on my own two feet, so it’s not right to take too much advantage of the Zhao family.”

In the early days of the opening, he didn’t hesitate to ask him for people and money. Now, he said he’s left home, so it’s not right to take too much advantage of the Zhao family?

Father Zhao’s face darkened, and he asked coldly, “Even if you’ve left home, you’re still surnamed Zhao.”

“I remember,” Zhao Min replied with an unchanged smile.

His surname was Zhao, but agreeing to hand over the thriving pharmacy was a completely different matter.

“If you completely cut ties with the Zhao family, how will you handle people seeking revenge from above?” Mr. Zhao’s tone was part threat, part persuasion.

“We are blood relatives, what relationship is closer than that of family?”

Zhao Min couldn’t be bothered to say more, and replied directly, “If Father came today just to discuss this matter, you can leave without further ado.”

Seeing his son being so obstinate, Mr. Zhao’s face showed anger as he abruptly stood up.

So, Zhao Min, you’ve grown wings and your courage has increased. Let’s see how things unfold.

Qi Xing also stood up, wearing a smile on his face.

To persuade Mr. Zhao, he had paid a considerable price. But everything happening now told him that he was right, and the price he paid was worth it.

Whether Zhao Min offended Mr. Zhao, thus losing his place in the Zhao family, or Zhao Min compromised and handed over the pharmacy to Zhao Liang to manage, the Qi family would have a chance to catch its breath, perhaps even turn things around.

As Mr. Zhao and Qi Xing were about to leave, they heard Zhao Min’s lazy voice from behind.

“The Qi family has had such a big incident. I thought Mr. Qi would be too busy to spare a moment, yet he still has the leisure to meddle in other people’s affairs.”

Qi Xing turned around, “I don’t understand what Mr. Zhao means.”

“I received news that the Qi family was wiped out by Xu Jiahui. How about it, Mr. Qi, didn’t you know?” Zhao Min pretended to be surprised.

Since he had already offended the two, it didn’t make a difference how severely he offended them.

Qi Xing suddenly chuckled, “Mr. Zhao really knows how to joke.”

Wiped out? Or by Xu Jiahui? How could that be possible?

“I’m not joking. I did hear such news,” Zhao Min said seriously, “If Mr. Qi doesn’t believe it, you can hurry back home and see for yourself. I also hope it’s just a rumor.”

If it were a lie, what benefit would Zhao Min gain from deceiving him? As soon as he returned home, the lie would be exposed.

Feeling slightly uneasy, Qi Xing bid farewell to Mr. Zhao and hurriedly left.

Zhao Min snorted lightly. Qi Xing had done too many unethical things, so it’s no wonder he was getting his comeuppance.



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