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Chapter 49-Part 1

Ji Ran followed behind Shen Zhi, looking apologetically at the staff standing opposite them, as they had already come out of the haunted house. The staff member was still wearing a snow-white outfit, with a particularly eerie makeup on their face, which, coupled with the eerie green light inside the haunted house, doubled the terrifying effect.

But at this moment, he was holding his stomach, looking helpless.

Shen Zhi squeezed Ji Ran’s hand and turned to look at her, patiently saying, “My girlfriend acted a bit too fast, I apologize.”

Ji Ran bowed again and apologized, “I’m sorry, it’s my fault.”

She glanced carefully at the staff member, feeling particularly guilty, and said, “Do you want to go to the hospital? I can cover the medical expenses.”

She had been too nervous just now. Her nerves were already stretched to the limit inside the haunted house, and when a figure suddenly sprang out, her immediate reaction was to rush up and hit him.

By the time she realized it was a staff member, the fight was already over.

Fortunately, the staff member waved his hand and smiled bitterly, “It’s okay, it’s okay; luckily, you’re a girl.”

However, this staff member really didn’t expect that such a sweet-looking girl would act so quickly. He still felt the pain in his lower abdomen.

In fact, being mistakenly hit while acting as a ghost in the haunted house was not uncommon.

Some boys even got scared and fought back, but the staff members, having been in the job for a long time, had developed dodging skills. They generally wouldn’t be hit, but today this girl rushed over so quickly that he really didn’t expect a little girl to act so fast.

It was a mistake made in carelessness.

The staff member reassured Ji Ran again, and only then did she dare to leave.

However, after this incident, she really didn’t have the mood to continue playing. So the two of them casually strolled around the park until they sat down on a bench in the amusement park square.

At this moment, everyone was busy playing in the amusement park projects, and there were hardly any people in the square.

Shen Zhi went to buy milk tea and snacks, while Ji Ran sat alone on the bench, took out her phone from her bag, and after some hesitation, turned it on.

As soon as she turned it on, countless messages and missed calls came through.

The latest text message was from Pei Yuan, asking Ji Ran to call her back immediately, or else she would call the police right away.

Seeing the words “call the police,” Ji Ran pursed her lips and decided to make the call.

Sure enough, a few seconds after she dialed out, the call was immediately answered. Pei Yuan’s tone was unpleasant, “Ji Ran, what’s going on with you now? Running away from home, too? When we got divorced, I let you choose, not to indulge yourself like this. And what about your test scores for the monthly exam? You ranked second again this time. Don’t tell me it’s because of our divorce; I don’t want to hear that excuse.”

“I’m sorry, Mom,” Ji Ran said in a subdued voice.

At this moment, Shen Zhi, who was standing next to the takoyaki stall, turned his head to look over. Even though Ji Ran knew he couldn’t hear from this distance, she still stood up slowly and walked a short distance away.

Pei Yuan seemed still angry; she continued, “If you can’t get along with your dad’s family, I’ll come pick you up this weekend. What are they? Are they worth more than your own future?”

Pei Yuan didn’t even care about Jiang Liqi and her daughter. Her family background was comparable to Ji Qingli’s, and her work ability even surpassed his. She wasn’t like Jiang Liqi, a woman who needed to rely on men. So she absolutely couldn’t tolerate Ji Ran being influenced by this mother and daughter.

Ji Ran remained silent.

After a long time, she whispered, “I don’t want to transfer schools, and I won’t let them influence me in the future.”

Pei Yuan pinched her brow and whispered, “Is that woman pregnant?”

“Did Dad tell you?” Ji Ran asked.

“Does he have the nerve to tell me?” This was indeed Pei Yuan’s own speculation. She also understood Ji Ran’s temperament to some extent. She wouldn’t react so strongly to trivial matters.

Although Ji Qingli didn’t directly tell her, Pei Yuan guessed it from his evasive tone.

This was the first time they had spoken on the phone since their divorce. Knowing that Ji Ran had run away from home, Pei Yuan was so angry that she blamed Ji Qingli on the phone, to which he surprisingly didn’t retort.

Pei Yuan sarcastically said, “Your dad is really something, isn’t he? He’s not even embarrassed.”

Actually, what Ji Ran cared about the most wasn’t Jiang Liqi’s pregnancy, but the fact that she immediately asked Jiang Yi to come back to live as soon as she got pregnant, and Ji Qingli actually agreed.

Ji Ran had a taste of Ji Qingli’s soft spot in her previous life.

But facing it again now was still quite uncomfortable.

Ji Ran said, “I’ll handle this myself, you don’t need to worry.”

“How do you plan to handle it?” Pei Yuan asked indifferently. In her opinion, instead of getting involved with those kinds of people, it was better to come back early.

She said, “Are you really going to keep entangling with them?”

Ji Ran whispered, “I won’t let them influence me. I just hate losing.”

She didn’t want to get entangled with them. She just hated losing.

Even though family affection couldn’t be defined by winning or losing, in her previous life, she lost to Jiang Yi in Ji Qingli’s eyes, which gave her the capital to be arrogant.

In this life, she wanted Jiang Yi to understand thoroughly that there were some things in this world that couldn’t be taken away by force.

Pei Yuan remained silent for a long time on the other end of the phone before whispering, “Ranran, you have to understand that your time is precious. Some people in this world are worth your time, and some are not.”

When she heard these words, Ji Ran looked up at Shen Zhi, who was slowly approaching, not far away.

She knew that the person worth her time was right in front of her.

After hanging up the phone, Ji Ran walked over, looked down at Shen Zhi, and said, “Do you want to go on that?”

She pointed to the Ferris wheel, which was not far away. The huge Ferris wheel was slowly rotating, and many couples were waiting to ride it.

Shen Zhi looked back at it and stood up without hesitation.


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