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Chapter 49-Part 2

When they walked over there, Ji Ran was almost done eating a box of takoyaki. When she threw away the box, it was their turn to get on. As they sat inside, their cabin slowly climbed up, surrounded by glass windows, offering a panoramic view outside.

The scenery that was originally close gradually moved away until it ascended gradually, and the entire view of the amusement park was gradually included in their sight.

Inside the cabin, it was very quiet, and no one spoke.

Suddenly, Ji Ran, who had been looking out the window, whispered, “Shen Zhi, can you wait for me?”

Shen Zhi turned his face, his long black eyes quietly gazing at her, as if waiting for her to finish speaking.

Ji Ran realized that expressing her feelings proactively was actually quite difficult. It was about wanting to tell him everything on her mind, both useful and useless.

But when it came to her lips, it felt like she was being blocked.

Ji Ran nervously picked at the strawberry-shaped bag on her lap, took a slightly inconspicuous deep breath.

She had said half of it already.

Just be straightforward.

Her bright black eyes stared at him straight, her big eyes restraining the frequency of blinking, looking at him seriously as she said, “Can you wait for me to grow up a bit?”

“Hmm?” Shen Zhi absentmindedly responded.

He still seemed not to understand, so Ji Ran didn’t beat around the bush and asked directly, “Can you wait for me to grow up a bit, and then date me?”

Finally, Shen Zhi’s expression seemed to freeze. His black eyes stared straight at her, and after a quiet moment, he whispered, “What did you say?”

Ji Ran pursed her lips. Should she say it again?

Just as she hesitated, the man who was originally leaning against the back of the seat suddenly sat up straight, looking at her, and asked, “How old are you now?”

Ji Ran instinctively said, “Next month is my seventeenth birthday.”

Shen Zhi felt a bit like swearing. That meant there was still more than a year until she turned eighteen.

He felt a bit restless.

But gradually, there was a bit of joy. He had already clearly felt this girl’s thoughts recently. It was like they were separated by a very thin layer of paper, which could be pierced with a light touch of his fingertips.

Finally, this layer of paper was pierced.

But he didn’t expect that he would have to wait for more than a year. It was like finally getting the gift you’ve been dreaming of, but then Santa Claus tells you that you can only open it next Christmas.

What the f**k…

Who could stand it?

Finally, Shen Zhi still suppressed his impulse and said in a suppressed voice, “It’s okay, just eighteen.”

He had known Ji Ran since she was less than ten years old. Even though they had been separated for a while, fate still brought her back to him.

He had waited for so long—just one more year.

Hearing him say this, Ji Ran suddenly leaned forward, tilted her head, blinked her eyes at him, and whispered with a slight smile on her lips, “When I said ‘grow up a bit’, I meant after twenty-five.”

Damn it.

Even Shen Zhi felt like swearing. He looked at the mischievous smile on the girl’s face and couldn’t help grinding his teeth, but he kept holding back. Until Ji Ran couldn’t hold back anymore and burst into laughter.

He looked at her with a slight annoyance, but he really couldn’t do anything to her.

Until Ji Ran slowly approached, closer and closer, so close that Shen Zhi’s eyes began to change slowly, and the next moment her lips finally touched his.

It was Ji Ran’s first time taking the initiative to kiss a boy, and she felt particularly at a loss.

So the boy’s heart rate skyrocketed, with intense and powerful heartbeats that could be felt through his chest.

Finally, Ji Ran realized what she had done and tried to step back, wanting to end it.

But at that moment, Shen Zhi reached out and embraced her, silencing her lips with his, no longer hiding his desires as before.

Ji Ran’s hand lightly grasped his arm. The cabin wasn’t completely sealed; they could still hear the faint breeze outside and feel the continual chill seeping in.

But now, both of their body temperatures were rising, and they couldn’t even feel the cold.

His palm supported the back of her head; his movements were gentle, but his tongue swept over her lips, lightly intruding and entwining with hers.

It was a kiss so ambiguous that it reached the pinnacle.

It made both of their bodies tremble slightly, uncontrollably.

Until this long and intimate kiss ended, Shen Zhi gently loosened his grip, and the girl in his arms had already been kissed until her eyes were moist, her big eyes glistening.

Ji Ran was too shy to even lift her head.

At this moment, the Ferris wheel had reached its highest point. The whole world was quiet, as if only she and he remained, with no one else to disturb them.

It’s said that at the peak of the Ferris wheel, one can make a wish, and heaven will hear your voice.

He really didn’t want to wait any longer. He was someone who didn’t want to wait even a second.

No one knew how long he had waited; a girl more precious than the entire world was right in front of him.

He really wanted to grow up to the point where he could openly and honestly stand by her side.

Finally, he reached out and gently held her hand, softly kissing her fingertips, and whispered, “Ranran, from today onwards, you have to be responsible for me.”

I’m willing to wait for you, but you’re mine too.





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