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Chapter 83: Don’t Be Afraid

Mu Ye’s foot immediately created thorns made of earth where he stepped.

Mu Ye quickly jumped away and instantly cast a spell. He could instantly cast the spells of both apprentice and advanced magicians, but for the spells of a grand magician, he needed to chant an incantation.

However, if he chanted an incantation, it would reveal that he was a dark magician.

Moreover, the four people on the other side consisted of three grand magicians and one advanced magician, making him completely powerless to resist.

He threw spells recklessly towards the four people, dodging their attacks in a desperate manner.

She would come for him. He couldn’t be robbed; he couldn’t be eliminated.


Mu Ye was hit by a spell, crashed into a tree, and spat out blood with a “pu” sound.

A woman rushed up immediately and said, “Mu Ye, hand over the crystal nucleus from earlier, as well as the jade pendant.”

Each person had a jade pendant with their own aura. If the jade pendant was taken away, they would be eliminated.

Mu Ye clenched his fists tightly, his eyes slightly lowered. Was it still not enough? No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t change his fate of being trampled upon by others.

“Since you won’t hand it over willingly, don’t blame me for snatching it forcefully.”

The woman took out a dagger and was about to move forward when the air distorted. The woman instinctively dodged, rolling awkwardly on the ground.

Sword qi struck the tree, and the large tree that the two people could surround immediately broke apart.


A green figure landed in front of Mu Ye. Su Hua’s mouth curved slightly, but there was anger in her eyes. “Daring to rob his things, it’s simply seeking death!”

With the Evil Wind Sword in her hand, Su Hua attacked the man in front of her directly with a jump, while saying to Mu Ye behind her, “Don’t be afraid.”

The four people hurriedly dodged, throwing spells recklessly towards Su Hua, but they were cut off one by one by Su Hua’s sword.

“What kind of sword is this?”

The four people looked at each other, excitement gleaming in their eyes.

Whatever kind of sword it was, as long as it could cut off magic, it was a good sword.

In an instant, the three people in front began to confront Su Hua, constantly throwing magic at her.

Meanwhile, the strongest one, Yu Hai, began to chant a spell.

“Oh great Emperor of Light, please devour our approaching enemies – Wrath of Gaia!”

In an instant, the earth shook, and trees around them were uprooted. A strong wind swept through, and countless earth elemental storms swept towards Su Hua, enveloping her.

“Yao Hua.” Mu Ye, not far away, widened his eyes, with an imperceptible fear in them.

Was she going to die?

Yu Hai’s face turned pale. The attack just now was magic he launched beyond his level.

At this moment, he had exhausted all his strength and leaned weakly against a tree, his eyes fixed on Su Hua, who was surrounded by earth.

The other three also retreated to Yu Hai’s side, staring intently.


A huge explosion sounded.

The sturdy earth wall cracked open in the middle, and then the earth wall smashed to both sides with a strong wind. The three people grabbed Yu Hai and quickly jumped back.

“She…she actually came out.”

You should know that Su Hua is a grand magician, while the attack magic Yu Hai just launched is only usable by a beginner magic scholar. Although this magic would be greatly discounted by his strength, it should still be more than enough to deal with Su Hua.

The green figure broke out of the earth, floating in the air. The strong wind blew; her skirt fluttered, but the figure remained motionless.

Su Hua looked at the four people not far away, showing a wicked smile, “You’ve finished your performance, now it’s my turn.”

“Oh great Fire God King, in the name of the covenant, lend me the power of the apocalypse; burn all the evil in the world with the flames of light—Roar of the Fire Dragon!”


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