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Chapter 84: The Correct Way to Snatch the Jade Pendant.

The surrounding temperature seemed as if it could scorch people, spreading outward in a radius of ten meters from Su Hua as the center, all ablaze with red light, from bottom to top, from inside to outside, as if intending to snatch away people’s breath.

A fire dragon emerged out of thin air from Su Hua’s head, roaring angrily as it swiftly charged towards Yu Hai and his three companions.

In the eyes of the four, there was thick fear; the fire dragon’s roar was a magic that only an intermediate magic scholar, seven levels higher than them, could unleash.

And Su Hua was just an advanced magician; no matter how much she surpassed her level, she couldn’t possibly surpass seven levels!

In a state of fear, one would forget everything, just like a person who, upon seeing a car approaching them, would be paralyzed with fear, unable to move, only able to watch as danger approached.

That was the situation for the four at this moment.

Yu Hai tightly gripped the jade pendant in his hand, watching the fire dragon, which was now right in front of him. Suddenly, a white light flashed, and Yu Hai was teleported away, while the other three were devoured by the fire dragon, instantly turning into charred corpses.

The hot air slowly descended, with charred trees all around and thick smoke billowing up.

“Cough, cough.” Mu Ye couldn’t help but cough from the smoke; his eyes were still filled with shock.

Su Hua waved her hand, eradicating the bodies of the three, before turning to help Mu Ye.


Seeing Mu Ye swallow the pill, Su Hua took out several bottles of pills from her spatial storage. “Keep these.”

Mu Ye didn’t refuse; as long as it could keep him alive, even if it came from an enemy, he would accept it, especially from Su Hua.

“Let’s leave here first.”

Knowing Mu Ye had something to say, but the commotion here was too great; soon, both magical beasts and students would rush over.

Su Hua took Mu Ye and leaped away. After they left, a man’s figure appeared. If Su Hua were there, she would surely recognize him as the male protagonist.

Long Ao looked at the scene of destruction before him, then twitched his ears, and his figure disappeared once again.

“My god, who was fighting here? Such powerful fire elements.”

Meng Yunxin felt the residual fire elements, furrowing her brows slightly. That woman seemed to be a fire magician.

After Mu Ye rested, Su Hua took him to snatch the jade pendant.

However, the way to snatch it was like this:.

Su Hua, with an imposing manner, blocked several students. “Ten thousand gold coins for one piece of jade pendant. Who wants to sell?”

The students: “…”

I’ve even taken out my sword, and you show me this?

“Anyway, you can’t win, so you might as well earn ten thousand gold coins. You can buy a lot of pills with that.”

“…”Though it makes sense, it is still heartbreaking.

The heartbroken students obediently handed over the jade pendant to Mu Ye and then went to Su Hua to collect their gold coins.

“How many?”


Su Hua nodded and grabbed his hand.

“Let’s go find more people.”

A total of two hundred students participated in this expedition, which lasted for seven days, yet only thirty-two obtained even a quarter.

Mu Ye did advise Su Hua against her spendthrifty behavior, but Su Hua said, with money comes willfulness.

Mu Ye quietly calculated in his heart. If he were to buy up all the jade pendants, the money would be more abundant than the reward the academy gave.

Many of the students who were teleported out by the jade pendant were silently exchanging their experiences.

“How did you come out?”

“Yao Hua bought the jade pendant from me for ten thousand gold coins, so I sold it.”

“Me too.”

“truly worthy of being a tycoon.”

“If this kind of activity happens a few more times, I’m going to be rich.”

Su Hua was unaware of the situation outside; at this moment, she encountered the female lead again.

Hey, is there a medicine to remove the cannon fodder physique for sale?


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