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Chapter 38

Pei Ziqing frowned. “How did you appear here? Sister forbids you to leave the mansion, you should have stayed obediently inside!”

“You heartless brat, I went to great lengths to escape just to help you.”

Pei Ziqing looked at him expressionlessly for a moment, then suddenly chuckled, “What are you here to help me with? I’m just here to investigate the character of Zhuang Monan, gather some of his misdeeds, so that if he tries to deceive Sister, I can expose his true face to her.”

Yun Wu paused for a moment, then burst into laughter as if he had heard a joke, laughing wildly.

But Pei Ziqing instantly became nervous and whispered, “Are you crazy?! Do you want to attract Zhuang Monan’s people here?”

However, Pei Ziqing quickly realized that something was wrong.

There was so much commotion here, yet it didn’t attract anyone, even though Zhuang Monan was surrounded by skilled people.

Yun Wu laughed, “What do you mean by skilled people? These people are nothing but ants in my eyes.”

Yun Wu looked down at him with a smirk and said, “You don’t need to conceal your inner desires in front of me. Because I can see through your thoughts clearly.”

After all, this little guy was cultivated by him.

“You want to possess your sister and make her see only you in her eyes and heart. You like your sister, dream of pinning her under you, having fun with her, flipping clouds and rain, and enjoying a carefree life…”

Pei Ziqing’s expression changed abruptly, crazed and twisted emotions surfacing in his eyes as he roared, “I don’t! How dare you insult my sister!”

Yun Wu laughed loudly, “Have you insulted her any less in your dreams?”

“In front of me, Young Master Pei, you don’t need to pretend anymore. I won’t tell anyone about your thoughts.”

“As long as you admit to having these filthy thoughts, not only will I help you kill Zhuang Monan, but I’ll also help you get your sister.”

How about it? Do we have a deal?”

The dirty and filthy thoughts buried deep in his heart were blatantly exposed, leaving Pei Ziqing trapped in the swamp, struggling, wavering, and breathing heavily…

Yun Wu stood leisurely on the side, enjoying his struggle.

The young man closed his eyes, took a few deep breaths, and when he opened his eyes again, he was unusually calm.

“Why are you doing this?” His voice was somewhat hoarse.

Yun Wu sneered, “Enjoy life while you can. Desires are not ugly, it’s the human heart that’s ugly. What harm do those thoughts, dirty and filthy in the eyes of others, bring to others?”

Pei Ziqing said softly, “It will harm my sister.”

He could like anyone, just not his sister. Liking her would be immoral, it would be incestuous.

Moreover, his sister didn’t like him. She always treated him like a child.

Yun Wu shook his head, “You’re foolish, yet sometimes clever. But when I say you’re clever, I feel like you’re just a blockhead. Where is your sister’s bottom line? Have you probed it over the years?”

“How do you know that you definitely can’t have her?”

“Is your sister like a woman bound by worldly morals? What she did in the past had nothing to do with morality.”

Pei Ziqing was stunned.

Suddenly, Yun Wu grabbed the back of his collar and lifted him up.

“What are you going to do?”

Yun Wu said leisurely, “Take you to kill someone.”

Pei Ziqing knew he was secretive, but he didn’t expect him to be so bold.

He successfully avoided all the surveillance set by Zhuang Monan around him, infiltrating the enemy’s territory as if entering an uninhabited place.

The two stopped on the rooftop, directly below was the room where Zhuang Monan rested.

“What kind of person are you, after all?” Pei Ziqing asked.

Yun Wu smirked with a profound meaning, “Soon, you will know.”

Pei Ziqing pursed his lips and said, “Even if you help me, I won’t kill Zhuang Monan. Sister wouldn’t like me with blood on my hands.”

Yun Wu squinted his eyes and chuckled, “No, you will like this feeling.”

Inside the room, where people haven’t gone to bed yet, there was a conversation between two individuals.

Pei Ziqing couldn’t hear clearly, but Yun Wu suddenly became excited.

“Young Master Pei, Zhuang Monan is currently discussing your sister with his most trusted subordinate. Do you want to hear what they’re talking about?”

Without giving him the right to refuse, Yun Wu directly lifted one of the roof tiles and pressed his head over.

Inside the room, young master Zhuang had changed out of the luxurious brocade that symbolized his status, dressed as an ordinary merchant, but still couldn’t hide his charm.

With hands behind his back, he was talking to a middle-aged man with lowered brows.

Pei Ziqing concentrated on listening.

“Young Master, since the City Lord of Snow City doesn’t know what’s good for her, why don’t you choose another path? The eldest daughter of the City Lord of Yuyang is fond of Young Master. Young Master can entirely…”

Zhuang Monan raised his hand to interrupt him, “The City Lord’s daughter doesn’t have the power of the City Lord. Yuyang City won’t fall into the hands of a son-in-law in the future, but it’s different for Snow City. Besides, this is a marriage designated by my father.”

The subordinate said indignantly, “But the City Lord of Snow City is so ungrateful. Young Master even abandons his face willingly to marry her, and she dares to refuse.”

Zhuang Monan’s expression showed neither joy nor anger, “She’s just a woman. A little effort to please her is enough. Moreover, Snow City is remote and more suitable for what I plan to do.”

The subordinate expressed some concern, “But the City Lord of Snow City is quite beautiful. I wonder if Young Master can be ruthless when the time comes?”

At this moment, Zhuang Monan, who was gentle and mild during the day, showed a hint of ruthlessness in his eyes, “Those who achieve great things cannot avoid getting their hands bloody. Once I take control of Snow City, I will treat the people kindly and build a monument of merit for her. I won’t let that woman die in vain.”

Upon hearing this, Pei Ziqing’s overwhelming anger eroded his rationality.

They were plotting to kill Sister and take over Snow City?

How dare they!

Pei Ziqing forgot about the power gap between them. He smashed the roof tiles with a punch and jumped in from the roof.

With bloodshot eyes, he glared at this pair of despicable master and servant.

“What a hypocritical fake gentleman, plotting to take over Snow City by pretending to marry my sister!”

He walked step by step, and a frenzy of murderous intent raged in his eyes.

Zhuang Monan was shocked, not because he feared Pei Ziqing, but because he was amazed that he could penetrate his heavy defenses, eavesdropping on them for so long without making any sound!

Zhuang Monan quickly calmed down, and the killing intent on his body did not hide, “Since you’ve heard what you shouldn’t have heard, I can’t let you live!”

With that said, he raised his hand to use a killing move.

But the next moment, Zhuang Monan was horrified to find that his body seemed to be bound by some force, unable to move at all!

Zhuang Monan opened his mouth wide, but before he could say a word, Pei Ziqing, who rushed forward, pierced his heart with a claw.

A splattering sound.

Pei Ziqing pulled out the blood-red heart from his chest. With a loosened grip, the heart fell to the ground, splattering him with blood.

The vitality in Zhuang Monan’s body quickly dissipated, and his eyes also dimmed rapidly.

Those wide eyes still held lingering fear and unwillingness.

He hadn’t had a chance to achieve great things, and he died miserably at the hands of a small figure…

“This person’s heart is actually red; I thought it was black.”

Pei Ziqing’s tone was calm, but his bloody hands trembled uncontrollably.




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