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Chapter 114-Part 1

That night, many people saw the police arrive, handcuffing a black-clad man with his head down and leaving. Some sharp-eyed spectators recognized the man with his face covered as Sun Xu, and instantly disbelief and shock surged.

“Is that Sun Xu? Am I seeing things? How did he get arrested by the police?”

“I heard that the cast and crew of ‘Dawn’ were having a gathering upstairs; Xiao Qian, Jiang Nian, and several actors, directors, and producers were all there. Why would Sun Xu show up here… Could it be to find Jiang Nian?”

“Oh my, how could he have done something to get arrested by the police?”

“Why didn’t I realize how disgusting Sun Xu was before? I even licked his boots. Gross, so disgusting!”

“Weren’t you crazy about him before? Chasing after him for so long? How come he’s disgusting now? But I have to say, Sun Xu is slick, but he’s actually quite handsome. It’s a pity he’s so fake.”

Unfortunately, they only managed to capture Sun Xu’s back and profile. They tried to take more photos of his face, but Sun Xu vehemently avoided them by burying his head in his collar and shrinking into a ball. They could only watch helplessly as Sun Xu was taken away in a police car.

But this didn’t hinder the spread of the incident. Besides the fans and workers who came to the film and television city, most of them were also associated with the entertainment industry, knowing some ins and outs.

The news of Sun Xu harassing Jiang Nian and being taken away by the police wasn’t a small matter. Selling it to the big gossip accounts could earn a hefty sum, especially if it was an exclusive. Sun Xu might be down, but he likely earned quite a bit during his heyday. Even though he wasn’t as popular now, he still had millions in assets. If someone else had broken the news before him, it wouldn’t have been as valuable.

So, almost immediately, news about Sun Xu spread online again. After being quiet for so long, his reappearance was due to him harassing Jiang Nian and being taken away by the police. This surprised many and drew sarcastic comments. People speculated about what bad deeds he had done to involve the authorities. Some even went to the police to verify if the arrested person was indeed Sun Xu.

Of course, there were also those who spoke up for Sun Xu, questioning what a blurry photo could prove. They believed it was just a case of scapegoating him for anything. Just because Jiang Nian was having dinner upstairs, it didn’t mean the arrested person had to be Sun Xu, right? But they were quickly proven wrong. The police gave a clear response: the person arrested at the hot pot restaurant was indeed Sun Xu!

Sun Xu’s former agent had already received Sun Xu’s call for help. He was hesitating, but when he saw “Sun Xu Arrested” trending at the top, he sighed helplessly.

He thought Sun Xu would find a way to make Jiang Nian change her mind, but he didn’t expect him to be so foolish! It was truly difficult for him to turn things around now. Since he had lost his utility, why bother putting in more effort? He left the matter to the lawyer and blacklisted Sun Xu, which was perhaps his last act of kindness.

Wang Jingjing, who had been taken away for questioning, also saw the news. She sneered and cursed, “Idiot!”

She didn’t expect that, even with her rebirth and foresight abilities, she would still be played by Jiang Nian! What’s more frightening was that this time, Jiang Nian hadn’t been defeated by her but had used her as a stepping stone to climb up to someone like Xue Hang! She deeply regretted arguing with Jiang Nian at the charity banquet.

If it weren’t for this accident, Xue Hang wouldn’t have noticed Jiang Nian and wouldn’t have offered her such help.

All these things hadn’t happened in the previous life, but the outcome was the same. She and Sun Xu became the scapegoats once again.

Wang Jingjing couldn’t help but tremble when she remembered the miserable days of her previous life. In any case, she didn’t want to live that kind of life again…

That night, countless people saw Sun Xu being taken away by the police, but very few saw Xue Hang protecting Jiang Nian as they left from the back door.

His protective posture, the coldness on his face, and the fierceness in his eyes inevitably made people tremble with fear, fearing they might provoke him. Of course, the tenderness and worry in his eyes when he looked at Jiang Nian couldn’t deceive anyone.

At this moment, everyone smartly avoided mentioning Sun Xu and instead turned their attention to Jiang Nian. They were all shrewd; how could they not understand that Xue Hang was angry because of Jiang Nian? Sun Xu was truly persistent; if he had made a mistake, he should have hidden and waited for the public to forget before trying to make a comeback.

How dare he provoke Jiang Nian now! With Xue Hang blacklisting him, who would dare hire him in the future?

The directors and producers expressed their concern for Jiang Nian and criticized Sun Xu. After confirming that she wasn’t injured, they sincerely suggested that she take a day off tomorrow if she wasn’t feeling well to rest and recuperate.

Even Xiao Qian said, “Don’t overthink it. Just rest well. The crew can wait. We can adjust tomorrow’s scenes.”

He also couldn’t believe that Sun Xu would be so audacious, resorting to violence when pleading didn’t work. How did they not see this before? Indeed, you never really know someone’s true nature.

How could Jiang Nian rest? Nowadays, work is her second-most important concern after Big Gold.

Moreover, her benefactor was watching her, so how could she take a day off? That wouldn’t be a good work attitude! She couldn’t disappoint her benefactor…

Jiang Nian quickly expressed her loyalty: “It’s okay, it’s okay, I’m fine, I can continue working tomorrow, I’m fine!”

…Xue Hang felt like his headache was getting worse. He glared at Jiang Nian with a cold face, feeling a bit sorry and guilty after glaring at her.

He never imagined that his gentle suggestion would be remembered by Jiang Nian for so long and be strictly adhered to.

It was almost treated like an imperial decree! But maybe she was thinking too little of him. Faced with such a terrible person and situation, could he really blame her for resting?

He spoke up, gently saying, “Rest tomorrow. It’s okay to delay things for a day or two.”

Jiang Nian blinked and looked at Xue Hang. Was this small matter really worth giving up work and missing the chance to get Big Gold?

Xue Hang, with a stern face, said, “Rest!”


Since the benefactor had spoken, she would rest. Only when she was in good shape could she work better and earn more Big Gold!

Xue Hang: “…”


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