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Chapter 251: The Male Lead Raises a Cat (68)

Thinking of herself meowing incessantly with that spring-like voice, still continuing to lick her face for cuddles and affection without any awareness, Shen Mubai wished she could immediately dig a hole and bury herself alive.

Now that the truth was revealed, Shen Mubai lay despondently under the bed, silent to the outside world.

Jiang Yiran had a faint smile on his lips, but his voice remained calm and natural.

Listening to the other party enticing her with food or something, although tempted, Shen Mubai couldn’t help but remember her actions these past few days, so she stubbornly turned away again.

Finally, Jiang Yiran had to speak up: “You have three seconds. If you don’t come out…”

Shen Mubai, feeling cowardly, although not knowing what the cat litter officer was going to say next based on past lessons, reluctantly crawled out, gritting her teeth.

Jiang Yiran picked her up, not blaming her but gently soothing her back with his slender hands, carrying a faint hint of tenderness.

Unable to bear it, Shen Mubai used her furry paw to pull her face up. She was too ashamed to face the cat litter officer anymore; she’d rather die.

Jiang Yiran’s soothing yet slightly chilly voice sounded from above, “Don’t be afraid, I’m here.”

Shen Mubai’s body stiffened upon hearing this sentence. She quietly raised a paw and looked at her cat litter, her eyes filled with panic, “Meow? You’re not going to take me to be neutered, are you?”

As if understanding her implication, Jiang Yiran rubbed her head, lowering his voice. “How could I bear to.”

With the cat litter officer’s assurance, Shen Mubai finally felt relieved.

In the following days, Jiang Yiran found various ways to comfort her, often rubbing her belly.

Although Shen Mubai felt embarrassed, she had to let go of her dignity.

Perhaps afraid that she might feel uncomfortable, Jiang Yiran frequently took time off, sometimes even rushing back in the middle of class.

Shen Mubai was deeply moved by this. She rubbed against her cat litter affectionately, tears welling up in her eyes, feeling so close, even thinking that spending her life like this wouldn’t be bad.

Whether she might try to find a tomcat was completely beyond her consideration.

The estrus period lasted for five or six days, and finally, it passed. Shen Mubai’s appetite increased significantly, and she no longer had the appearance of stubbornly refusing to eat.

Then came the days of being fed and cared for by the cat litter every day. Sometimes, when tired, she would go to the tatami to bask in the sun and sleep, and sometimes she would use all her tricks to act coquettishly and let the other party take her to school.

Life was carefree.

During the final exams, Jiang Yiran performed as usual and calmly answered the questions. Once again, he ranked first in the grade.

As winter vacation approached, despite having a coat of fur, Shen Mubai still felt cold. At night, she wished she could turn into a cotton coat and stick to her cat litter officer.

Winter was a good time for hot pot. Shen Mubai ate some beef meatballs, golden needle mushrooms, and potato slices, but after that, her stomach couldn’t fit anything else. She couldn’t help but gaze at the cat litter officer on the opposite side, who was leisurely enjoying his meal.

Seemingly aware of her intense gaze, he raised his head, and, in a calm voice, said, “Good girl.”

Shen Mubai meowed and turned away, pretending to ignore it.


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